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Best Wishes for 2013!

Well another year is over. I will remember it as the year Horse magazine published an article about me saying that I don’t go to the pub as often as I used to….ever the professional Lamy!

On the dressage side we had lots of wins, riders at the BD Summer Regionals at Prelim, Novice and Elementary, and rosettes at the Area Festivals. The girls and boys have got some great scores this year; it is great to see the 70% club getting new members – 70% is no mean feat and puts you out there with the professionals. There have been a few horses sold and possibly a couple more looking for homes next year but hopefully also some new babies to work with, very exciting!

Tinka Borde Hill PN 6thTinka had a great year jumping five double clears in her BE100s and picking up several placings. Her dressage is getting better and better with results at BD good enough to qualify for the Winter Regionals were she registered. Who would have thought it, even the Stinka made it into the club! A winter of homework and hopefully they will be ready for BE Novice next year…and to think Martin thought he was retired!

Ehren at Stilebridge BDPoor Lily was eventually diagnosed with Kissing Spine, resulting in surgery in June. She is slowly recovering with lots of lunging and physio. Ehren joined us in February, what a lovely sweet horse she is. She amazed me with a 75% result this year, my personal best. Hopefully we can put her teeth problems behind us and look forward to 2013.

Millie WrightRosie is happy and looking forward to meeting a new handsome husband next year. Ivy has been in the dressage ribbons and is still very feisty despite her 21 years. Tiny has been as active as ever, including a 7th place at the Milton Keynes three day event, lots of team success for Dartford and District RC and a cracking 84% dressage score with her loan mummy. Back in June Lexie gave birth to the cheeky brown pony ‘Millie’….I feel sure she is going to be a little monkey! I have found Lexie another husband for 2013, all I need to do now is find a sponsor!!

We have added a few new venues to the clinic list but carried on with the favourites; Carmen Court during the summer and Bedgebury during the winter. The clinics continue to grow in popularity and seeing the progression of horses and riders over the years is just fantastic. We also have three early dates for XC schooling organised too.

Morgan and Smurf, HOYS 2012Clinic regulars Morgan and Jules both qualified for HOYS Search for a Star classes; Morgan in the Working and Ridden Hunter, and Jules in the Riding Club Horse. Both combinations have come on enormously and make me very proud. Morgan also won Adult Intermediate Rider of the Year, Equitation Champion and Open Working Hunter Champion at the National Side-Saddle Championships. Top effort!

On the Pony Club side I was chuffed to bits that Lilly Ward passed her B Test Riding (having already done her Care), Morgan passed both her B Test Riding and Care, and I passed my probation to become a Pony Club B Test Examiner….phew!

Beccy taking camp very seriouslyIt was a crazy summer squeezing everything in; some people having lessons at 6.30 am – who says horsey people are mad?! Of course we can’t forget Adult Camp at Bedgebury….another brilliant weekend full of laughter. No-one who was there will ever forget the session on the peanut ball with Lena Pearson-Wood, just hilarious. A month or two afterwards I had an email from Ira who came to camp having never jumped a fence before. Her superstar pony Honey and her had won their first little one day event. Wow!

I can’t close the year without thanking Louisa for our constant supply of fantastic photographs. I am starting to think they have far more to do with the popularity of the clinics than my teaching!

I am very much looking forward to what 2013 has in store. Bring it on!

Happy New Year to you all,

Janine and Martin

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Merry Christmas!

So not a huge amount of activity with the weather going from freezing cold to wet and gale force winds. Most of us have gone into hiding but Morgan is still out there trying out her Elementary moves recently at Eaglesfield, winning the class with Smurf and taking second place with Henry. Good job!  Then a trip to Hadlow winning the Prelim with Henry on 72% and the Novice with Smurf on 71.1% Oh yeh!

News from Tiny and Clare; she jumped three clear rounds and was on the winning RC team qualifying for the Novice SJ at Hartpury. Tiny the showjumper! Get her!

Ehren has had her bone chip removed from her gum, and also seen a chiropractor to make sure all was OK as she hasn’t been feeling herself for a while. It wasn’t….she had a rotated pelvis, twisted wonky back and a sore poll. Poor pony! So some massage too and we are now hopefully getting back on track. Bit disappointed that we won’t be able to take part in the family dressage challenge, it’s the perfect time of year for seeing grown men weep!

Martin and I were both very saddened to hear that Kenneth Clawson passed away. Over the years we were lucky enough to have lessons with him with Lexie, Rose and more recently I attended EHOA camp at his place with Harry. He was a lovely guy and I often use things in my teaching and training that he taught us. A caustic sense of humour, I remember him saying “I’m sorry Janine did you say you were an instructor?!” in front of everyone when I had no idea how many horse strides there are in 60m. He was never Lexie’s biggest fan either, always wanting her more rideable “hmmm….a little black mare is only one step away from a little chestnut one”. He will be very much missed.

All the clinic dates are set for 2013 and are on the Clinic page of this website, also XC schooling has been organised; two pre-season dates and a date in April for everyone.

Daisy and the wonderful Benji at BedgeburyWe were very fortunate to be under cover at the recent Bedgebury jump clinic; it rained and rained and rained. I think we will be giving all the horses water wings and flippers for Christmas, we are that wet at Carmen Court. The clinic was a very busy one again with horses all jumping really well. Unfortunately Mary lost the argument about turning left or right and fell off and banged her head, so there was an ambulance outside the arena for part of the lunchtime session. I think the sight of it made the already nervous riders in the next group feel a hell of a lot worse. Great advertising! The staff at Bedgebury were amazing though; finding the horse’s clothes, rugging him up and putting him in a stable. When Mary eventually stopped talking nonsense she found her pony all warm and happy munching hay in a stable, with all his things neatly put away.

So that just leaves me to wish you all a lovely Christmas, may Santa bring everything you asked for!

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Stacey and Queenie at BedgeburyThe November jumping clinic at Bedgebury was absolutely jam packed with 24 riders booked in. Everyone had a great time and the six hours flew by. The December one is looking like it will be fully booked too despite being right on top of Christmas.  I am expecting tinsel and santa hats!

Mark and Harvey had a great day at Hadlow dressage winning the Prelim with 70% and second in the Novice, also with 70%. All buoyed up from this success they then made their affiliated debut at Eaglesfield BD bringing back a yellow ribbon in the Prelim with 67.39% Not a bad effort boys!

Tinka and Martin, Bedgebury BDMartin and Tinka headed off to Duckhurst BS and were there six hours jumping two classes! She jumped two lovely double clears (on a ticket so unfortunately no ribbons) but he won’t be looking forward to doing that again! Far more civilised was a trip out to Bedgebury BD with the dressage fraternity coming home with a red and orange ribbon in the two Novices, including another score for the 70% club in the Qualifier. Were they actually registered I think they would have qualified for the Winter Regionals….will there be Samshield hats and Konigs on his Christmas list I wonder?!

Debbie also had a good day at Eaglesfield BD, winning the Elementary overall. This is amazing as Debbie rarely rides Jazz with her back being so uncomfortable now. He is such a superstar.

Our horsebox refused to run so Ehren didn’t go to either of her planned outings but Mike from Foundation Farm had it going again in time to get her to the vets to have the bone chip removed from her gum. She is now having an easy couple of weeks while that heals and any soreness settles down.

Morgan and Henry made their Elementary debut, I have high hopes for that little man and we have started training some medium movements!

Carl Hester was an excellent speaker at the National Convention. His straight forward and logical approach to everything was really easy to follow, and Valegro (‘the Professor’) was something else. Yes of course he is a very talented horse but also what a lovely chap. For me, it was so very refreshing to hear someone from dressage in this country keeping it simple. Why people want dressage to be complicated is beyond me. He said “I get criticised for over simplifying things, but come on….it isn’t difficult!” Hah, ‘Simples!’ Interesting that his hottest horses are living out at night (even in winter), they all hack twice a week, and a message for all of us about being patient “it took Escapado three years to learn flying changes – it was all flying and no changing!”We have all had times when you think a horse is never going to get something; Harry’s jumping was quite a sight to behold in the beginning! There was so much that you could relate to from this year’s convention; another message being the importance of your relationship with your team. Those guys quite clearly have fun, now that is my kind of role model.

The weather has turned very cold, things have slowed down slightly, and Christmas approaches.  If Ehren is up and running again I may challenge my husband to an Ehren v Tinka dressage challenge during the holidays….a family day out with a competitive twist 😉

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