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Stacey and Queenie at BedgeburyThe November jumping clinic at Bedgebury was absolutely jam packed with 24 riders booked in. Everyone had a great time and the six hours flew by. The December one is looking like it will be fully booked too despite being right on top of Christmas.  I am expecting tinsel and santa hats!

Mark and Harvey had a great day at Hadlow dressage winning the Prelim with 70% and second in the Novice, also with 70%. All buoyed up from this success they then made their affiliated debut at Eaglesfield BD bringing back a yellow ribbon in the Prelim with 67.39% Not a bad effort boys!

Tinka and Martin, Bedgebury BDMartin and Tinka headed off to Duckhurst BS and were there six hours jumping two classes! She jumped two lovely double clears (on a ticket so unfortunately no ribbons) but he won’t be looking forward to doing that again! Far more civilised was a trip out to Bedgebury BD with the dressage fraternity coming home with a red and orange ribbon in the two Novices, including another score for the 70% club in the Qualifier. Were they actually registered I think they would have qualified for the Winter Regionals….will there be Samshield hats and Konigs on his Christmas list I wonder?!

Debbie also had a good day at Eaglesfield BD, winning the Elementary overall. This is amazing as Debbie rarely rides Jazz with her back being so uncomfortable now. He is such a superstar.

Our horsebox refused to run so Ehren didn’t go to either of her planned outings but Mike from Foundation Farm had it going again in time to get her to the vets to have the bone chip removed from her gum. She is now having an easy couple of weeks while that heals and any soreness settles down.

Morgan and Henry made their Elementary debut, I have high hopes for that little man and we have started training some medium movements!

Carl Hester was an excellent speaker at the National Convention. His straight forward and logical approach to everything was really easy to follow, and Valegro (‘the Professor’) was something else. Yes of course he is a very talented horse but also what a lovely chap. For me, it was so very refreshing to hear someone from dressage in this country keeping it simple. Why people want dressage to be complicated is beyond me. He said “I get criticised for over simplifying things, but come on….it isn’t difficult!” Hah, ‘Simples!’ Interesting that his hottest horses are living out at night (even in winter), they all hack twice a week, and a message for all of us about being patient “it took Escapado three years to learn flying changes – it was all flying and no changing!”We have all had times when you think a horse is never going to get something; Harry’s jumping was quite a sight to behold in the beginning! There was so much that you could relate to from this year’s convention; another message being the importance of your relationship with your team. Those guys quite clearly have fun, now that is my kind of role model.

The weather has turned very cold, things have slowed down slightly, and Christmas approaches.  If Ehren is up and running again I may challenge my husband to an Ehren v Tinka dressage challenge during the holidays….a family day out with a competitive twist 😉

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