Janine Lamy

Kate Lawson

“I found Janine on the British Dressage website three years ago, initially for my cousin. When I saw how much Bonnie and Oliver were improving I decided to gate crash the party. 

My horse Caffrey was already competing at BE Intro level, but his show jumping was very hit and miss.  Having weekly lessons, attending clinics and Janine coming to shows with me (off her own back, in her own time and expecting no payment), it helped us to achieve a win at Tweseldown finishing on our dressage score of 31, double clear at BSJA British Novice and Discovery, and dressage always in the low 30’s. 

Unfortunately poor Caffrey had to be put down in February 2010, but with Janine’s dedication, enthusiasm and support we had more success and fun in the last 18 months of our time together than we had had in the previous 4 and a half years.  Before having Janine, Caffrey was for sale, after Janine the three of us were a team!

I’m looking forward to taking Janine horse shopping with me next year to look for our new team mate!!”

Kate Lawson

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