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No landing gear

Well the dressage divas have certainly been out in force. Bonnie and Oliver posted two wins at Brook Farm BD, in a Novice and an Elementary. I am really pleased with the improvement in Oliver, and what better way to end their season. He now has over a hundred points.

Then Louisa and Strider won their Prelim at Eaglesfield BD – his second affiliated test and second win. No complaints from me! Also at Eaglesfield were Debbie and Jazz – they did a fantastic job to win the Novice with 70% (and I had the audacity to point out what could have been better!) and were second in their first affiliated Elementary. Not only that but in winning another Novice they have qualified for the Winter Regionals (hoo-hah!).  Next was South of England BD where they also won both Novice tests, including another with 70%. Wow! I started looking for banana skins and became sure that Harry would buck me off to level things out!!

I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than producing young horses. I have helped with Strider and Jazz from the beginning (Jazz was just backed, Strider we’ve done from a two year old) and now we are really seeing some great results. I’m so chuffed. The girls have done me proud with their boys.

So onto my favourite ginger person…..Lily has been to the barbers! She’s been getting quite hot so I thought we’d start by introducing her to the noise and feel of the clippers. She was so good I whipped off her chin and chest. Dude! We’ve also been doing our Sally homework with our ‘special needs’ double reins and it really seems to be doing the trick…we have another lesson next week..

Then it happened….It was Harry’s first jump since his break and we were jumping a two foot rail…he’d already jumped it a couple of times but for some reason he totally missed it and wrapped his front legs around the pole. With no landing gear and all the agility and athleticism of an elephant on skis, we travelled ten metres across the school on his knees and belly. Miraculously still onboard, all I could think was how much trouble I would be in if we went through the school fence! What a donut that boy is. I think we’ll hold on the Mensa application. He shook himself off, spat out the sand that he had scooped up in his lower lip and waved his front leg at me. He’s wacked the back of his knee so bandages and ice followed by light duties for a while. Groan. I knew I was cruising for a fall, but I didn’t see that coming!

Sunday was the Coakham Bloodhounds opening meet. I can no longer bury my head in the sand and pretend it is still summer. It’s freezing cold in the mornings and we’ve started hunting. Worse than that, this weekend the clocks change. Urf.

Wednesday this week was our wedding anniversary. I find this quite amazing, but it’s been fifteen years. I teach teenagers that weren’t alive when we got married. I can feel a mid-life crisis coming on. If you find me wandering around town wearing make-up, perfume and stilettos please return me to the Red Lion where they will medicate me and send me home….

With Harry skiving Lily had a lesson with Char today. It must be about three months since I’ve had a flatwork lesson and it was well overdue. Since Lily’s teeth problems I have been having issues with the contact but it turns out that if I ride from leg to hand and release the death grip I have on the reins there is very little wrong with the contact at all! U-hum….

Some good news from Rose, she was inspected this week and is carrying a foal. Everything crossed that all goes well this time….

And last of all Sally Forster (who bred Lily) has a super four year old mare for sale by the same stallion. She’s been assessed by International rider Emilie Chandler as having enough scope to go at least BE Intermediate and is a lovely bold, people person. She’s been quietly backed and is now looking for a competition home. Sally doesn’t have the facilities to show her but if there’s interest she can come to me for a bit. Lots more info if you know someone that’s looking….(or maybe someone that will buy her for us?!?!)

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Lily the mule

Well I have got the winter jumping clinics organised, and am delighted to report that they will be held at Bedgebury Park. This is a great venue and I’m really looking forward to being able to run them there. See clinic page for dates. There will be one a month from November through to February; concentrating on exercises, technique, rider position, gridwork etc.

Lily has blotted her copybook. At four Lily knows everything. “I don’t think I want to walk over that mud”…”No, I’m not going up there”….”I’ve told you, NO!”.. Lily said no, mummy said yes. Discussion lasted twenty minutes. Mummy 1, Lily the Mule 0. Don’t you love young horses!

Thankyou to everyone that has sent me testimonials and pictures for the pages of this website. I can assure you that my school reports never read like that! I shall be paying off the bribes for some time…

Hannah Bartholomew had a great final event at Pulborough ending up 2nd in her BE90 section. We think this leaves her as the winner of the South East Eventers League ‘Seahorse Grassroots First Timer’ ranking for 2010 but are waiting for confirmation as I write….

We had a fantastic day with two groups schooling at Bonfleur Cross-country last Sunday. We were very lucky with super weather and great ground. Everyone enjoyed themselves and all the horses jumped really well with Martin really earning his lunch by having a lengthy discussion about forward movement over a hole in the ground with Tina Freedman’s Morgan. It was a weekend for challenging discussions with ginger people!

Talking of which, Lily went to Sally’s for a lesson on Monday and I was really pleased with how relaxed she was having not been out for ages. She’s still wanting to zoom at jumps, running onto the bridle and then being very touchy about the contact. My homework is to ride with two reins. One to the bit as normal and the other attached to the noseband. Will let you know how this goes. Sally did say that Lily looked an absolute picture, much stronger and better balanced and was very much worth taking the time with….all good to hear.

The highlight of my social calendar on Wednesday night – our Pony Club parents evening! Martin had come up with a cunning plan, holding it in the pub next door to where we live, so this did soften the blow somewhat. A slightly emotional DC said his goodbyes to the North West Kent branch after 35 years as member, committee member, treasurer, and District Commissioner. He’s leaving the branch in the capable hands of Fiona Scott (she admitted to longer NWK service than Martin, she’s just worn better!) and he’s moving on to be the Area 11 Representative. Whilst at an Area meeting this Friday, Mrs Janet Stakemire asked him if he was the Martin Wright that Valerie Joliffe taught to ride. He was a little shocked as he can only ever recall the two of them together at the Edenbridge and Oxted show, back in his Working Pony days, aged eleven!!  

Today was the last Carmen Court jumping clinic for the year. I’m really pleased with how popular these have become. This time it was the last group that gave me the most trouble. The North West Kent Pony Club retiring DC and the new DC, taught by their Chief Instructor – I bet that doesn’t happen very often!! Mind you, the retiring DC didn’t listen to a word I said….

PS Harry is back. Not sure who the imposter was but Grumpy Boy has returned.

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Humble Pie

I’m constantly amused by the search engine terms used to find my site. I’m wondering if it’s a little known fetish “ginger people horse jumping”? And I really can’t see that the people searching for “chubby girl laying over hay bales” were looking for me or my website….

A quiet time for my horses but plenty of my clients are out and about – last weekend I went to Patchetts to support Bonnie and Oliver in their BD Area Festival. While I was there, Martin took Otto to the Coakham Bloodhounds Sponsored Ride, and Debbie was at the Sunshine Tour Championship Show at Great Bookham. All horses behaved well but Jazz really produced the goods with a 7th in the Novice, and becoming Grand Tour Reserve Elementary Champions and taking home £75 worth of prizes! Not bad for a wee six year old, he’s had a cracking year.

I was absolutely thrilled to receive a call on Sunday this weekend to say that one of our Pony Clubbers Sally Stoddart was placed 5th in her Intro section at Borde Hill. In soaking wet horrible conditions she was clear inside the time over a course that will have been quite a bit bigger than anything she has ridden previously. I can remember a few years ago her cautiously dropping back to trot on the course at Eridge and yours truly has never let her forget it, so to blast around Borde Hill inside the time in the mud is a fantastic achievement. Some friends of ours, Bill and Angela Boniface, were also at the event and lent Sally their old number bib. How did she repay their kindness? She was sick all over it!! Yeuck!    

To add to that Hannah Bartholomew, also at Borde Hill, won her Intro section. She has had an absolutely fantastic year and I’m sure has to pinch herself sometimes when she looks back at how things have gone. BE100 next year I’m sure…

My own horses may not be out competing at the moment but I am always delighted to hear the results of others, and the girls are no exception – they made my birthday weekend, I am so chuffed for them!

I’m going to have to eat humble pie as Harry has come back into work very quietly so far. I am amazed. I feel sure he’s lulling me into a false sense of security but I will enjoy it while it lasts…

I have spent the week trying to organise a venue for winter clinics and also find somewhere to hold a three day summer camp. I hope to have them sorted soon. I have organised a cross-country school next Sunday for two groups at Bonfleur near Maidstone. Fingers crossed for a dry day.

How exciting has the World Equestrian Games been? Five medals as I write this – unbelievable!

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