Janine Lamy


Janine runs monthly jumping clinics on a Saturday at Carmen Court from April to August each year, and at Four Elms from October to March. There are also monthly Friday clinics at Eaglesfield Equestrian Centre.

These popular sessions give a wide variety of riders the opportunity to work through typical problems away from home with instruction and without the pressure of competing. They are proving an effective tool for competing combinations.

They are also a valuable opportunity for less experienced partnerships or young horses to jump round a course of fences and see different fillers.

Sessions are available for groups or individuals as required, and any level of rider.

Dates for Saturdays at Carmen Court for 2018 
– 21st April 2018
– 19th May 2018
– 23rd June 2018
– 7th July 2018
– 25th August 2018


Friday clinics at Eaglesfield Equestrian Centre (11am – 1pm)
– 23rd February 2018
– 23rd March 2018

Winter jumping clinics at Four Elms Farm Equestrian Centre 
The Saturday Winter Series under cover are available to all :-
– 3rd February 2018
– 3rd March 2018
– 6th October 2018
– 3rd November 2018
– 1st December 2018

XC Schooling
Pre-season XC schooling  (80cm+) 
– Saturday 27th January 2018 (LMEQ)
– Saturday 10th February 2018 (Munstead)
– Sunday 18th February 2018 (Tweseldown)
Spring XC schooling (any level) 
– Sunday 8th April 2018 (Bonfleur)
– Sunday 6th May 2018 (Comphurst)
Wednesday late afternoon / early evenings at Lodge Farm, Matfield 
– 4th April 2018
– 2nd May 2018
– 6th June 2018
– 4th July 2018
– 1st August 2018

Wednesday All Day Clinics (SJ morning and XC afternoon)
– 23rd May 2018 (Parwood)
– 13th June 2018 (Tweseldown)
– 18th July 2018 (venue TBA)


For clinics please book your place with Janine (07973 780820). When that has been confirmed please pay for instruction using the buttons below, making a note of which clinic you are paying for.

Payment for Show-Jump and Worker clinics:
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Payment for XC schooling (does not include the cost of venue hire):
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