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In the club

So, what have we been up to? Well two Saturdays ago I had a small group XC schooling at Littleton Manor. The going was great, everyone went really well and we even managed to persuade Otto to get his feet wet for the first time, almost wiping out one of Lucy Thompson’s clients in the process!

Sunday we were up at 4am to take all three to Munstead for the pre-season combined training. As I loaded Harry I could only apologise for wedging him between the Groomsbridge Girls. We knew that this was a big day for Lily and Tinka, their first experience of a big lorry park, working on grass, those little white boards and a busy warm-up….but actually needn’t have worried. Lily went on to win her dressage with 68.5% and Tinka, bless her, wobbled her way through her dressage test and also jumped very greenly around the 80cm course a couple of times – she takes it all on! Laura Powell stopped worrying that she didn’t yet have stud holes when Martin told her that his horse doesn’t yet have shoes!  Harry meanwhile was yelling his head off back at the lorry….and when I got on him it took a good ten minutes to get him out of the lorry park. Much spinning, rearing and calling to his ‘bitches’. We survived the dressage (it takes riding a test on grass to remind me HOW to ride a test on grass!) and jumped a super clear in the showjumping. What a good boy.

We were delighted with all three but I was particularly impressed with Lily who I had expected to be slightly hysterical about the whole experience. Bearing in mind I had fallen off three days previously I thought it best to ride in my jumping saddle, but there was no need. That’s our Lily….bumbles along being a good girl then has these rare (and often painful!) blips. Possibly should have noted that her mother is called ‘Misdemeanour’….think perhaps that was my clue. Lamy being slow on the uptake again!

That Friday Louisa and I were off to Stilebridge BD with Harry and Strider. Louisa is now a proud member of the 70% Club with a win in the Prelim – hurrah! Harry was a good boy, still struggling with softness but consistently getting 65% in both Novices to pick up two 3rds. Oh, and I had better admit to forgetting to halt at the start of the second test. Doh, let’s not tell Char! You can see how impressed the parents were with my efforts (see pic!).

Then last Sunday we had two big groups at Bonfleur XC schooling. A great day was had by all. Both Facebook and the Tack Room Frolics forum have been flooded with pictures and video links. I think it would be fair to say that everyone really enjoyed themselves, even Stacey who got a swimming lesson, much to the hilarity of her friends!

On Monday all three said ‘Ahhh’ to their Uncle Nick (Coles). It’s a perfect time of year for the dentist, now we can start the season knowing all is well. I wouldn’t be very helpful if I had sharp teeth! And then yesterday I took Lily to Bedgebury to use their school and pop a few fences…

Coming up we have the Carmen Court Christmas meal (!), clear round SJ for Lily, lessons with Char, and then Harry has his first day out of the season at Munstead BE100. After that we have a bit of a break as Marge goes into Horsebox Hospital for two weeks…catch up with you all in April!

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Pigtails and freckles

On Saturday last week we had the final winter jumping clinic at Bedgebury Park. First up were the Groomsbridge Girls (travelling with a big gap between them!). I was delighted with Lily – she travelled well, was quiet to tack and untack, jumped what she was pointed at and overall much more grown up about everything. Tinka’s attitude to fillers and a course of showjumps was amazing. Totally unfazed. She really is a cocky whatsit! There were three other groups, which included some new faces which is always really nice. I also jumped Jazz who was beside himself having not jumped since October. You certainly wouldn’t have thought he was a dressage horse, and I am only thankful that Sharon Hunt wasn’t about while I was hooning around the arena jumping Jazz who was part helicopter part stag – not a good look!!

Then on Sunday Harry and Martin had their last Coakham meet of the year at Brookers Farm. Harry was rather bright but totally in his element and jumped like a star over some very impressive hedges. He has thoroughly enjoyed his hunting, the boys have had a party!

On the Tuesday Louisa and Debbie were both at Eaglesfield BD, picking up a 2nd in the Prelim, a win in the Novice, and another 2nd in the Elementary. My dressage clients are getting fantastic results but I am starting to feel a little under pressure. Maybe when I take Harry out I’ll head off a long way away and in secret?!

Talking of dressage divas, Martin and Tinka had their first dressage outing on Saturday. You all know how much I love doing the babies and this is no exception, although she is Martin’s project. Seven weeks before this outing she arrived unwilling to accept any contact and didn’t understand canter at all. On Saturday she tried her very best, was easy to have out and came home with a second rosette and 68% in a Prelim. I am SO chuffed with her progress. Big Lamy grin!

Tuesday both Harry and Lily went to Sally’s for a lesson. I was rather apprehensive as it’s the first time I’ve taken them together and my trusted help was at her accounting course that day, but needn’t have worried as they were immaculately behaved. I was really chuffed with how relaxed Lily was. Sally said that both of them were like different horses this year. Lily is both physically and mentally more mature, so we are able to crack on with asking more from her. Harry too got the thumbs up, now looking better balanced and more athletic. Hunting has done him the world of good. She also admitted to thinking “and what exactly are we supposed to do with this” the first time she saw him – poor Harry! The rider on the other hand was in front of the movement on Harry, behind the movement on Lily, twisted, not looking where she was going and didn’t even have her foot in the stirrup right. Ahem….plenty of homework then!

Then it happened yesterday, and not the way round I had been expecting….I fell off! Before my dismount I had nearly been knocked out, had done something most horrid to my thumb and had a bloody nose. And no, it was not Harry. It was his sister having a ginger pigtails and freckles moment.

Then today, Char came up to give the horses a flatwork session. I was delighted with them both. Harry is nearly back to his former Totilas self, and Lily is making big steps forward. Yesterday (thankfully) seems to have been forgotten….

Tomorrow I have a group XC schooling at Littleton Manor and Sunday is our pre-season Combined Training outing for Harry at Munstead. In our infinite wisdom we decided to fill the lorry and take the Groomsbridge Girls too, so we may have our hands full! Harry has more dressage planned at Stilebridge BD (oops, now I’ve told you!) and we also have another XC school planned to see if I can get back into the swing of riding across country before Munstead BE100 at the end of the month….phewee!

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