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I am delighted to say that we have summer clinic dates for jumping around a grass arena sorted at Bedgebury. The dates are:
                – Sunday May 22nd
                – Saturday July 23rd
                – Saturday August 13th

Even more exciting is that we have finalised the dates for our Adult Camp, also at Bedgebury from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th June. This will include a little bit of everything, is sure to be great fun and I am really looking forward to it!

Martin and I have been really struck by how much like Ivy Tinka is. The other day she was spotted on her knees with her bum in the air trying to get the longer grass from under the fence – it’s like having a naughty pony to stay! Martin is thoroughly enjoying playing with her. She has picked things up really quickly, is now jumping fences from canter and is almost ready for her first dressage test. They went off to Lucy Thompson’s for a lesson last Friday, her first trip out and the end of her fourth week. She loaded, travelled well, did everything that was asked of her in a howling gale and came home as if to say ‘yeh, and?’ Lucy was very complimentary about her technique over a fence and commented on what a lovely bold horse she is. She also got very excited about what super foals she would produce…no, no, no, no, no!

On Saturday I headed off to Patchetts early in the morning to support Debbie at the Regionals. When I say early, I mean it was still dark when Debbie got on to warm up! And do you think the cafe was open?! Harrumph. It’s always the same at the Regionals, stress-heads everywhere! I include Jazz on this list, but they ended up a creditable 12th. Not bad at all.

I had four dressage divas at Eaglesfield BD on Tuesday. All girls did me proud. Debbie led the Novice with an amazing 73%, he really did try his heart out. Normally Natalie would be a bit cheesed off coming second with 69% but now the qualifying rules have changed it doesn’t matter so much. They also notched up a second, third and fourth in the Elementary between them. Smiles all round!

On Friday my two had flatwork lessons with Char. Harry’s flatwork is a bit remedial since he started hunting but we are doing our best to keep him supple until we have time to get more done in the school. Only one more meet! Lily got absolutely soaked through in the rain. We are working on getting her to accept more leg and relax her body more. Canter in particular is a little tense. A more rideable Lily would be good!

As if Thursday and Friday wasn’t wet enough, we cross country schooled at Munstead yesterday in the most hideous weather conditions you could imagine. It hammered down with rain all day, it came at us sideways and it was also very cold – what a bunch of raving lunatics we must be. Tinka proved to be a very brave little cookie, not even looking at the water or drop fences. What an attitude, and only after five weeks work. Harry was a bit of a handful bouncing about like Zebedee, but jumped like a star. Having not hunted at all this winter his mother was a little rusty and will need another trip out before our first event in order not to let the side down. And I am more convinced than ever that I’m going to get bucked off soon!     

We have the last Bedgebury jumping clinic of the winter Saturday, both Tinka and Lily will be in attendance – whether having the Terrible Two out together proves to be a sensible idea is another matter. I will let you know!

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