Janine Lamy


Ivy was put to sleep at 25 years old in the Summer of 2016. She was 15.2 hands and by Senang Hati and a real character.

She joined us as a rather humourous just backed five year old – one of the first things she did was buck me off in trot! She started eventing as a young horse until soundness problems prompted early retirement. She was then put out on loan for a quieter life but gradually over the years it became apparent that early retirement was no longer on Ivy’s agenda.

Ivy loved all her loanees but with her favourite, Laura Reeves, Ivy represented Sevenoaks Riding Club at all levels progressing from Junior Novice through to Senior Open. Over their six years together they were regulars at Lincoln in the Dressage and Equitation teams and were placed in both the Individual and the Team Senior Open Eventing Championships at Offchurch. This partnership also had a wobbly start with Ivy putting a twelve year old Laura in her place – right over the sandschool fence!! They never looked back though and had the horse-rider relationship of a lifetime.

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