Janine Lamy


Tiny is 26 years old this year, and is by Kuwait Beach out of a Welsh cross TB mare. Cool as a cucumber to ride but an utter stress-head in the stable, she earned the nickname “The Welsh Windbag”.

She came to us as a gangly four year old and evented at the lower levels very successfully as a young horse. Typical for Tiny, her first try often her best – she was 2nd in her very first event (a Pre-Novice at Little Downham), consistently placed at PN and jumped a double clear in her first Novice. However she never really had the nerve for Novice onwards so we switched careers to the rather odd mix of hunting and dressage.

In typical Tiny style, and in very few British Dressage outings,  she was placed in the Winter Regionals at Prelim and also competed there at Novice, qualified for the Nationals through the Area Festival, and qualified for the Medium Regionals at her first attempt!

She was also a fantastic hunter for Martin; forming a third of the Coakham Bloodhounds “Flying Greys” for four seasons.

Tiny had an amazing eight years on loan to Clare Drury where she competed for Dartford and District Riding Club, going to the Nationals every year. Unfortunately she did a check ligament at the end of summer 2016 and is now enjoying her retirement.

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