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Merry Christmas!

So not a huge amount of activity with the weather going from freezing cold to wet and gale force winds. Most of us have gone into hiding but Morgan is still out there trying out her Elementary moves recently at Eaglesfield, winning the class with Smurf and taking second place with Henry. Good job!  Then a trip to Hadlow winning the Prelim with Henry on 72% and the Novice with Smurf on 71.1% Oh yeh!

News from Tiny and Clare; she jumped three clear rounds and was on the winning RC team qualifying for the Novice SJ at Hartpury. Tiny the showjumper! Get her!

Ehren has had her bone chip removed from her gum, and also seen a chiropractor to make sure all was OK as she hasn’t been feeling herself for a while. It wasn’t….she had a rotated pelvis, twisted wonky back and a sore poll. Poor pony! So some massage too and we are now hopefully getting back on track. Bit disappointed that we won’t be able to take part in the family dressage challenge, it’s the perfect time of year for seeing grown men weep!

Martin and I were both very saddened to hear that Kenneth Clawson passed away. Over the years we were lucky enough to have lessons with him with Lexie, Rose and more recently I attended EHOA camp at his place with Harry. He was a lovely guy and I often use things in my teaching and training that he taught us. A caustic sense of humour, I remember him saying “I’m sorry Janine did you say you were an instructor?!” in front of everyone when I had no idea how many horse strides there are in 60m. He was never Lexie’s biggest fan either, always wanting her more rideable “hmmm….a little black mare is only one step away from a little chestnut one”. He will be very much missed.

All the clinic dates are set for 2013 and are on the Clinic page of this website, also XC schooling has been organised; two pre-season dates and a date in April for everyone.

Daisy and the wonderful Benji at BedgeburyWe were very fortunate to be under cover at the recent Bedgebury jump clinic; it rained and rained and rained. I think we will be giving all the horses water wings and flippers for Christmas, we are that wet at Carmen Court. The clinic was a very busy one again with horses all jumping really well. Unfortunately Mary lost the argument about turning left or right and fell off and banged her head, so there was an ambulance outside the arena for part of the lunchtime session. I think the sight of it made the already nervous riders in the next group feel a hell of a lot worse. Great advertising! The staff at Bedgebury were amazing though; finding the horse’s clothes, rugging him up and putting him in a stable. When Mary eventually stopped talking nonsense she found her pony all warm and happy munching hay in a stable, with all his things neatly put away.

So that just leaves me to wish you all a lovely Christmas, may Santa bring everything you asked for!

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