Janine Lamy

Bonnie Kerr

“Janine has trained me and Oliver (aka Fatty) for 3 years now and WOW! What an improvement! I bought him in 2006 as a green and wobbly 6 year old, I struggled to get to grips with him for a year and made little progress, we couldn’t even achieve left canter lead …….cue Janine! I remember having “be more demanding” ringing in my ears during our first few lessons but we progressed more in the first few months with Janine than in the entire previous year; affiliating BD achieving scores around 65% in Prelims and was placed 5th at the Pet Plan Area Festival held at Patchetts EC.

Janine’s teaching not only improved Fatty’s way of going but (and probably more importantly) also my understanding of the rationale behind the exercises we do to improve the overall picture and the importance of having the correct basics to begin with, making me a better and more independent rider. When things haven’t gone to plan, she helps to put everything in perspective which boosts my confidence!

Fatty and I really have come a long way, which is all due to Janine’s support and training. Since our first year with Janine we have qualified for the Pet Plan Area festivals at Novice and Elementary the last two years running and more recently have scored 67% in an Elementary test followed by 69% two weeks later…. Quite an achievement for a slightly rotund Irish plod!

I would not hesitate to recommend Janine. She cares greatly about what she does; taking the time to support and help me both at home and when out competing and never pushes beyond our capabilities.”  Bonnie Kerr

From Bonnie’s mum – “I have known Janine a few years now in my capacity as chief groom, secretary, Mother of Bonnie. They (daughter and Oliver) have been back to basics, had the highs and the lows but the trend is always onwards and upwards.

Janine is cheap to keep i.e. doesn’t drink tea or coffee and is always punctual, great sense of humour and takes her job very seriously. Her only requirement is a chair to park on if possible. Janine thought nothing of giving up her Sunday to support us at Patchett’s Regional Festival recently.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Janine, an intelligent, knowledgeable, capable person who never pushes beyond the rider’s capabilities. Her website is entertaining and informative, certainly worth a visit. Next task is to get the aging mum back in the saddle again!!!”  Lynne Hoche

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