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A enter in working trot

Well it has certainly been a busy summer!

Ehren’s gum seems to be growing back well and hasn’t caused her any problems yet that I can see. It doesn’t look pretty but certainly hasn’t put her off her food, and due to her decreased workload she is looking rather fat! She has had an easy time of it recently but had a lesson with Char last week and I was pleased that she thinks we are slowly progressing in the right direction. Well I say ‘we’, I mean Ehren is. As usual I got a right grilling. It seems I am now riding with my shoulders around my ears. There is photographic evidence and you are not seeing it!

Lily has now done four weeks walking and is on her second week of trotting on the lunge and has been allowed some very restricted turn-out. True to form we either see ‘Lily Lazy-bones’ or the charming ‘Pigtails’. Trotting can be oh-so-boring or wowee exciting and with Lily there is no grey….. She saw her osteo today for the first time since her surgery (now 10 weeks ago) and he felt that everything was progressing in the right direction and ‘looks promising’ so keeping everything crossed.

There has been Pony Club camp, lessons around the clock and numerous jumping clinics. It is hard to believe that the last Carmen Court clinic of the year is not that far away and we then start the winter series at Bedgebury. I am already in the process of organising 2013 dates.

We mustn’t forget the BD Southern Regionals at Oldencraig. Jasmine and Reggie were a little tense and this was reflected in their marks. There were no mistakes though, Jasmine was delighted to be there, and they will be all the better next year. The swans in the lake arena caused some chaos and much discussion on the BD Forum pages. It isn’t every day you have to ride a test with a swan flapping its wings hissing at you! I should go back to the earlier test though. Morgan was first up….picture the scene if you will. Up early and off to Oldencraig, cautiously excited as I really felt that they had a chance of being placed and maybe even qualifying if everything went their way. What would the day bring I wondered? The time has come, Morgan is in the arena, the moment is here, the bell has been rung, the stomach does a little groan. Right, here we go…but no, no! Morgan no! I look at her mum, eyes like saucers in disbelief. Oh crikey, Morgan is heading down the centre line to start her test from C! Erm, Morgan my dear, the judges are behind you. Oh pants! Brain meltdown and elimination followed. She wasn’t alone. Philippa, who finished up 6th in the Prelim, was in before Morgan. She too got lost, her brain went to mulch, and was heard in a schoolgirl voice (and school was quite a few years ago) admitting to head judge Helen Webber ‘I don’t know where V is’. Oh how we laughed!

News from Dylan. He went to his first ridden show with Michelle and was placed 2nd in his Mountain and Moorland class and qualified for the Balanced Horse Feeds Championships, what a clever boy! Mark and big-boy Harvey were placed at the Sevenoaks ODE at Lodge Farm, they have had a great year and really improved their jumping. Laura and Fizz were also there and jumped a rare clear round in the SJ proving that all her hard work in this phase is really paying off. Debbie and Jazz also decided to have a go at some showing and qualified for the Balanced Horse Feeds Show Hunter Championships. And thankfully Morgan made up for her ‘Regionals Whoopsie’ by having a fantastic National Side-Saddle Championships. They ended up Equitation Jumping Champion, Open Working Hunter Champion and Adult Intermediate Rider of the Year. Top job!

Tinka has been jumping like a star. They headed off to Borde Hill for the unaffiliated PN and stormed round to finish 6th. Then it was off to Firle BE100 where they jumped their fifth double clear of the year and were just outside the placings for 11th. Five double clears in seven events is no mean feat and just shows her class in her first season at BE100. When she arrived 18 months ago knuckling down to school-work was not a priority of hers. These days she just wants to show the world how wonderful she is. Unfortunately there was a teeny weeny slip of the halo….with owners and groom out of sight she forgot herself for a moment and quite spectacularly bucked Martin off in the carpark on the way to the XC…..naughty brown pony! She is so much like Ivy…

Great news from North West Kent pony clubber Lilly Ward. She passed her B test riding this week. She had put a lot of effort into her preparation and deserved to pass. I am very proud of her!

Is it time for a holiday yet?!

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SatNav for Martin!

It has been a while since we had room for a schooling livery but just recently we had a lovely little Welsh Section D going by the name of Dylan stay. He was the perfect saint and despite his mother saying he couldn’t canter, wouldn’t bend, was a lazy so-and-so etc, he went out of his way to prove her wrong and didn’t put a hoof out of place. The only problem I had with him was his width, by day two I was walking like John Wayne!!

Great news from Jules; she has joined Morgan by qualifying Libby for HOYS. She has qualified for the Search for a Star Riding Club Show Horse class. Go Girls!

Lily has been a superstar on box rest but it did start to take its toll on her hind legs which swelled right up and are now bandaged. It was already time to start her walking so Louisa and I are now trudging around the arena with her twice a day for twenty minutes. I did put it to Louisa that if she won’t provide me with a horse-walker, she should be doing all the walking!

Ehren had gone for two months without any sign of pus coming out of her gum, but unfortunately it made a re-appearance three weeks ago. So off to the vets we went for x-rays again, hopeful that we would find something else but half knowing we might be extracting a front tooth soon. What I didn’t expect was that we would be extracting TWO front teeth that afternoon! So that’s it, Ehren’s modelling career is over. Her promotional work for Colgate is a thing of the past. Let’s hope the infection hadn’t spread anywhere else and it isn’t too much of a pain maintaining the ones that are left!  It comes at a very busy time for me so I will keep her ticking over for a few months and hopefully start competing again in October.

Tinka and Martin headed off to Carlton for the BE100. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go with them, but I left Tinka’s owner Sally Forster in charge for the day. We had thought after all this time without a run Stinks might come out a bit green but she was on fantastic form pinging around a XC course that caused quite a lot of trouble. I last allowed Martin to go eventing by himself five years ago. He went to Goring for the ON with Lexie and was leading until he took the wrong fence on the XC. It’s a bit like going through the start before the bell, not the sort of thing you do twice. Uhum.  Well Tinka thinks she jumped her fourth double clear of the year. She would have been 0.1 behind the leader if he had taken the correct step out of the water……

On Tuesday this week we were lucky enough to head off to Greenwich for the eventing showjumping. It was a lovely day, but rather surreal watching them jump with a rather grey gloomy Canary Wharf in the distance. My previous life appeared in the backdrop with my current one in front of us. Bizarre!

Today Tinka has been flouncing with the dressage fraternity at Hastingwood BD. It was like something out of The Omen. He trotted down the centre line in the torrential rain and as he passed X there was a huge clap of thunder and lightning! Bless the Little Winky, she was an utter star, ever determined to prove to Ehren that she is best at EVERYTHING she stormed straight into the 70% club with two wins. She got 72.27% in her Prelim and 70.69% in her first Novice. What a superstar!

Coming up I have our branch Pony Club camp and numerous jumping clinics around and about. Morgan and Jasmine are waving the flag for Team Lamy at the BD Southern Regionals, and Tinka goes to the unaffiliated Borde Hill 100.

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