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Empty Pockets

Hurrah! At last, after nine weeks I am back in the saddle. And….are you ready for this…..roll on the drums……that includes a walk onboard…..none other than…….Lily – “DA DA!!”

Now that I am getting up at 5.45am to muck out again, I’m starting to wonder what on earth I thought I was missing. If anyone offered to do it for me now I’d bite their hand off!

I’m really pleased to be back out teaching. Apart from the fact that I was getting rather low on beer tokens, it’s been great catching up with everyone and getting started again. Let’s hope we can crack on with it now. I am especially pleased to be starting Lily again. She’s now lunging off the bridle with a saddle on and stirrups down, and yesterday Louisa led me around the arena in walk. She didn’t even blink!   

I am delighted to have been asked to teach again at the Chislehurst and District Riding Club summer camp. It will be my fifth year and I really look forward to it. It’s a great camp – I get the most fantastic lunch every day (I have no idea how they ride after eating all that!), everyone there wants to learn and have fun, and most importantly they are all really supportive of each other. I will really miss it when they swap me for another instructor.

A fat, hairy, and muddy Harry was booked into the barbers last Sunday. One minute he was relaxed in his stable, the next he was a little woozy and Martin was removing his fur…brrr! He was typically angry when he sobered up. You remember Father Jack from Channel 4’s Father Ted?!

Before it snowed I had planned to jump Harry and Debbie Reeves’ Jazz at Duckhurst but I’ve had to be sensible and patient.  Harry is getting back into the work vibe but is still rather remedial after his two months of doing very little and is not ready to go out. I’m sure he’ll be better in a few weeks after I’ve reminded the big fella what his arms and legs are for. Jazz also hasn’t jumped in months and now has an infection in his knee. Fingers crossed everything is OK there and we can get him jumping again in February. Debbie has lots of dressage plans for him, but I’m hatching a takeover plan!

Hopefully next time I write we will have been XC schooling and I will have made a decision about when Harry and I will be ready for our first event. At the moment I feel horribly under prepared with none of my winter training plans coming to fruition. Schooling him at Munstead will be a bit of a fact finding mission. Everyone must be very keen to get going again as I have two large groups booked. I’m really looking forward to it – just keep doing the sun dance!

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Hey jerk, you work!

More snow, horses barely ticking over in walk exercise, all plans long forgotten…

We gave up on the Nurstead meet. Although the hounds have been exercised on foot and they’ve hunted them on quads down on the Pevensey marshes, with the horses lacking fitness and snow still sitting on the ground it was thought best to cancel (like everything else!).

I am trying to stay productive by keeping the paperwork up to date, writing up teaching notes etc. but always seem to get dragged away by Facebook….and then there’s the daytime television that seems to become important. Is Sissy really going to make Jimmy do that?!

Harry has returned to the phase we previously called ‘feral’. I recall the dealer called it ‘coltish and unpredictable’. Bringing him back into work is going to be a nightmare. “Hey jerk, you work, this guy’s got better things to do…” He’d hate a Wham quote. Serves him right…I was thinking of threatening him with one of those spotty Joules rugs if he doesn’t change his attitude – how the others boys would laugh!

Thankfully the horses all look pretty well. They are only turned out for a few hours in the morning to stretch their legs so are living on bales and bales of hay. Harry looks particularly chubby and will be signing up to Weightwatchers when this weather finally turns. I don’t suppose that will do much for his mood…

I’ve agreed to do some jumping clinics for Chelsfield Equestrian Centre. They are aimed initially at the less experienced, but we’ll see how popular they become. These are booked for:
                – Sunday 18th April
                – Sunday 27th June
                – Sunday 8th August

News from the girls. Ivy is becoming a boarder at St. Leonards – Mayfield school so that she can spend more time with Romy. It’s hard to believe that she’s 19 this year, I can remember that fat little dumpling arriving on the yard like it was yesterday. Also news from Rosie – she’s apparently looking very well, is happy in her meadow with other mums-to-be, and not at all bothered by this weather. Only four months to go!  

I hope to be able to write about Lily’s progress or Harry’s training sometime soon. Fingers crossed! In the meantime I only have pictures of Carmen Court in the snow to offer you…

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An unnecessary freezing of water

What a nightmare this weather is. First of all Jack Frost does his worst, and then the snow, and more snow, and everything stops…..

It wouldn’t be so bad but Santa ignored my request to give all my clients waxed surfaces and indoor schools…pah! What a frustrating time of year.

The Coakham Bloodhounds meet at Nurstead on the 3rd had to be postponed. With a lot of new jumping planned it will be very disappointing if we aren’t able to hunt there this year. Last year was cancelled for the very same reason.  We’re crossing our hooves that we’ll be able to try again on January the 17th, although I’m not sure the horses will be fit enough now.

I also had to cancel our session at Eaglesfield on Friday. There were three groups all keen and ready for some jumping but it was not to be. Hopefully I can organise another date.

In the brief spell in between snow I did manage to ride. After seven weeks it was no surprise that the breeches were a little on the snug side! But hurrah, back in the saddle! Then it snowed again…

Harry is busting out of himself. I took him for a walk in the snow-school yesterday and he didn’t know where to put himself. Upwards, sideways, almost anything other than forwards, so this morning we decided he better go in the paddock for a few hours. Once unclipped, he stood by the gate bucking, farting and leaping about on the spot for about 4 minutes. How I look forward to riding him again…

Did you all see Jean-Francois Pignon at Olympia? What an amazing horseman. I love the idea of Lily coming when I whistle! A challenge for half owner Louisa I think!

 On the positive side we have two pre-season XC schooling dates booked for Intro level upwards:
                – Munstead, Sunday 14th February, 1pm, £35
                – Littleton Manor, Sunday 28th February, 1pm, £40
Hopefully we will have lost the snow by then and can blow the cobwebs away!

In the meantime, that boy needs a haircut….

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Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had a super Christmas and saw in the New Year in style. My first job is to thank everyone for my lovely Christmas presents – what a generous bunch you are!

Due to the weather and my slowly mending body I’ve been bored and off games for weeks, but we did manage to catch up with some friendly faces at two of the OSBWK foxhound meets over the festive period. Boxing day we saw everyone off at Chiddingstone Castle, and on the 28th we were at Ash Manor for the Childrens’ Meet. It’s lovely to catch up with people you don’t see so much during the winter and great to see so many of the children I teach through West Kent Meopham and North West Kent pony clubs out for the day. It just made me more determined to get myself and the horses going again!

It’s the time of year for reviewing plans and goals. It’s a good way of making sure we are on the right track, analysing the past season, putting together training plans and keeping the ball rolling. I hope you’re ready for the conversation when I see you!

Plus, I hope that you have all noted the 2010 rule changes. The two most obvious ones being BD – gloves must be of light colour, and BE – proper protective headwear must be worn for the dressage phase at BE80, 90, 100 and 100+.  Don’t get caught out, I for one need a new pair of light coloured gloves as mine are full of holes!

We’re looking forward to the Coakham Bloodhounds meet at Nurstead on Sunday. Having spent two days walking the country this week Martin says the going is fantastic. Fingers crossed that Jack Frost stays away….

Looking ahead, we have clinic dates fixed for Carmen Court 2010 for April through to October (see Clinic page), and Martin and I will be doing a jumping Lecture / Demo at Chelsfield Equestrian Centre on 21st March. Hopefully we’ll see some of you there.

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