Janine Lamy

Ellie Bryant

“Janine is a great instructor. She explains how to improve your riding in a way you understand. Some understand things through a technical way which is not the way I am able to learn, so Janine therefore puts me into real life situations in ways to help me or simple things.

 Janine gives you techniques which will help both on and off of the horse. Also this will help for the time being and the future. Janine also accommodates your horse. She gives tactics which don’t change your horse but help them gain in confidence.

 When I have a lesson with Janine every time I feel my confidence excels. I have two completely different horses and every time I get off one and get on the other my mind gets a bit confused but Janine has explained a perfect theory which helps my mind get used to the change. Janine has given me some great tips for when warming up both at a show and at home. Janine is calm consistent and always reliable in her way of teaching.”  Ellie Bryant

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