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Team Lamy win!

Ehren at Step Aside BDAs part of getting Ehren out to some different venues we headed off to Royal Leisure for Step Aside BD. Let’s say right here at the beginning it was not the rider’s finest day (hangs head in shame).  Ehren was a little tense and jittery in the first warm up but not as worried as her previous outing which was great. She then was quite rightly rather shocked to have two (?!) men on crutches at A during her test, what on earth?! Getting her relaxed and enjoying the experience is my priority at the moment so I made the decision to use my voice and give her a pat or two, therefore losing two marks which was fine. Unfortunately I then went wrong, losing another four marks! Thankfully the good bits at the C end helped us earn 68.08% and 3rd even with 6 points deducted. The next test was indoors and she was quite a lot more relaxed, doing a much nicer test and winning on 68.93% Confession time though…. I forgot the first halt (groan) and so lost two marks (is this getting like Groundhog Day?!) To add insult to injury I even took a wrong turn on the way home!!  My mistakes aside, I was really pleased with how she coped and dead chuffed with how the second test looked on the video. Still lots to improve of course but she has come a long way. I am becoming very fond of Ehren, she is a little star and such a sweetie.

Then in contrast to the calm of Thursday was the hustle and bustle of taking The Stinka to Merrist Wood for the JAS on Saturday. She hadn’t quite got her head around this class in January so we took the opportunity to jump in two classes this time and it very much paid off. She was really starting to look for the next fence and think ahead.  I do love it when a plan comes together!

Family challenge winner!Martin and Tinka Stilebridge BD So then the big day came. The Martin v Janine dressage challenge at Stilebridge BD….dum dum darrrr! It was absolutely freezing, it snowed, and frankly anyone there must have been certifiably bonkers. Then there was Ehren. Did I say ‘little star’ and ‘sweetie’?! Uhum. What a total pain in the neck she was travelling with a companion for the first (and last!) time. She tried to climb out over the partition when Tinka was unloaded, she spent the whole day yelling her head off, she even started napping and rearing – my sweet little girl turned into a monster! Not surprisingly her tests were very difficult to ride, Tinka was distracted by all the noise, and the other competitors sharing the warm-up with me couldn’t wait for me to go home! We certainly did not bother the leaders but the challenge was only between the two of us and Ehren came up trumps. Team Lamy were victorious! One of those days that is so hideous you spend it laughing. Nutters!

Also at Stilebridge BD showing us what dressage is supposed to look like was Morgan. She got 70.43% in the first Prelim for second with the little Henry, won the second Prelim with 70.91% on Smurf, and won her Restricted Novice on Smurf. A clear case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ if ever there was!! She also won her Prelim at Bedgebury BD with Smurf, and picked up a 3rd in the Novice. Fingers crossed they can keep plugging away and get their Regional qualification before their busy side-saddle season starts again.

It’s very early days but I have been sitting on Lily and riding her around the yard. All fingers, paws and hooves crossed but only time will tell. I plan to take it very slowly and see how we go.

Coming up I have a Char lesson with Ehren, there is another busy Bedgebury jumping clinic, Tinka goes to the pre-season Combined Training at Munstead, then woo-hoo Tweseldown BE100 is the week after for Tinka, Ehren has some more checks on her teeth issues, I am off to the BD Judges Convention, Ehren has some more dressage practise at Bedgebury and Stilebridge, and Tinka finishes the month at Munstead BE100. And breathe!

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The girls having a leg stretchWhat nasty weather. So there was the snow a few weeks back…..I didn’t teach a lesson in fifteen days, the supply of beer tokens got worryingly low! We were very fortunate that there was much less snow at the yard than at home and it melted fairly quickly so we managed to keep the horses ticking along without too much problem. Unfortunately our Munstead XC schooling had to be cancelled as Heath Farm were still under three inches. How dull. Instead we took Tinka to Royal leisure BS. Seems nobody else was very interested as we were nearly the only people there!

Later that week I headed off to Wildwoods for a check of my straightness and posture on Trojan the mechanical horse. This is always very worthwhile, I do hope Ehren can tell the difference!

Cute!I cannot tell a lie, the Bedgebury jumping clinic this month was absolutely freezing. A great day though with some new faces which is always lovely and some serious ‘wow, what a long way you have come’ moments. Two of the coolest tiny ponies joined us, although the young horses were not at all sure what they were! Really great to see such young jockeys coming and showing us how to do it. However none of this bonhomie was enough to make me feel warm and fluffy. I don’t think I warmed up for another two days!

Ehren Bedgebury BDUnfortunately my Char lesson was cancelled so we headed off to our first party in four months at Bedgebury BD without anyone ‘sorting us out’. Ehren was particularly unhappy in the warm-up having a nervous breakdown every time anyone came within ten metres of her, and pretty spooky generally. In her defence she hasn’t been out for four months and it was absolutely freezing and blowing a gale. To add insult to injury my boots and my new saddle were making a squeak like a tortured mouse! Now Ehren isn’t an explosive extrovert. If she is worried she goes into herself and will suddenly halt and panic! Despite her lack of rideability she managed some mega smart bits but the lack of relaxation meant some pretty awful bits and four or five unplanned halts! Lucky for us the weather was having a pretty dire effect on everyone else so she still managed a 1st and a 2nd in the Open sections of the two Novices. Thank goodness for the good bits!

Tinka and Martin schooling at LMEQYesterday we went XC schooling to Littleton Manor in icy cold rain and fetlock deep mud. Lovely! Given the conditions it was a fairly basic ‘knock the rust off’ session to get us going for the year but everyone coped very well. Since then the weather has got dramatically worse of course and we have snow again. Think we can count our lucky stars we got that done when we did…

Something that always keeps me interested is how people find my website…..a few days ago it was someone searching ‘Janine fart’…..not much I can say to that!

Coming up Ehren has a trip to Step Aside BD on Thursday, Tinka is off to Merrist Wood for the JAS again, and then there is the big Martin v Janine dressage challenge at Stilebridge….dum dum darrrr!

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