Janine Lamy

The dog’s doodahs

Saying goodbye to Harry was horrible as you would expect. He was quite the character and rather a large presence on our part of the yard. He is somewhat noticeable in his absence!  Fortunately I can rely on my clients to keep my chin up….

After a fairly long break (Oliver had trashed his fetlock by getting stuck in the field gate), Bonnie went to Essendon & Epping Forest BD to do a Novice test and see if they were back to form. Oh yes, finally made it into the 70% club and won the Open section! Top effort. It is always rewarding to see the underdog do well; you do not need a warmblood to succeed! 

Lily has been trying out a different bit, the Sprenger Duo. Harry loved the Nathe as a five year old but Lily just chewed through it like a crocodile with a baby buffalo. However…the Sprenger is three weeks old and is still intact! She feels much less fragile in it, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. We headed off to Bedgebury last Friday to school around the SJ course, the first time out show-jumping in seven months. When we arrived she was convinced we were hunting and was shaking so much her legs were wobbling! I did wonder how she would be after all her recent ‘Daddy Days’ (time with Martin sends us all a bit crazy…) but once we started in the arena and she realised it was a boring ‘Mummy Day’ she relaxed and jumped really well.

Tinka schooled at Bedgebury too, but on the Saturday. She was absolutely beside herself with excitement; grunting like a piglet, and snorting and bucking! She is hilarious. Eventually she calmed down and ended up popping round a course set at 1.10m as if she did it every day of the week. She looks really promising for next year. At 5 years old she is such a cocky whatsit, I swear you could put something quite ridiculous up and she would give it a go. She thinks she’s the dog’s doodahs.

The rest of Saturday was a busy Bedgebury clinic day – we were full to the brim with loads of spectators too. As it gets colder the free tea and coffee that Bedgebury provide is very much appreciated! There were some noticeable highlights – Jules and her young mare Libby came to their first Carmen Court clinic in September and were really green. At Bedgebury two months later Libby jumped like a star. Jules has made a huge improvement to the canter which meant Libby was far more rideable between fences, and wow did she get up in the air! The other one to catch my eye was Lara’s Finley. He first came to Carmen Court last year as a young horse and although very genuine he was a little lacking in power and strength. He looked amazing on Saturday. He has found his springs!

On Sunday Louisa and I headed off to Hartpury for the BD National Convention with the Bartels family. This is always an interesting weekend and this year very much reminded me of fellow Dutch team rider Anky van Grunsven’s convention. For slow down, pull. For go faster, kick. Never give two aids at the same time. Get the horse relaxed. Is it straight? Is it off your leg? Seems like a simple approach but I can assure you it wasn’t easy for the guinea pig riders. Tineke (Mummy Bartels) was seriously disciplined – ‘Do it again’ and even ‘I am the bitch’!! A circle needed precision riding and she did not settle for almost round ‘I want a circle not an eclipse’ and heaven forbid if you lost the shoulder! I wonder what my clients would make of this approach……?!

Monday this week we headed off to Duckhurst, somewhere Lily has never been before. She was more relaxed than at Bedgebury and I was surprised that she wasn’t even vaguely spooky in the arena. We finished up jumping around a course of little fences on a lovely light contact with a super rideable canter. I became aware that I was smiling. Unheard of!

Coming up we have some dressage practise for Lily, a trip out to visit Rosie and her son in their new home, another schooling session over the coloured sticks at Duckhurst, and the next Bedgebury clinic. Pleeease, no snow….

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