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I feel like I need to start this blog with an apology for not writing sooner. Whoops, we’ve been super busy and had a fantastic summer but the seasons have definitely changed and it’s time to look forward to different things. Winter is for training!

Bomber having fun

The Bomber has been up to all sorts; keeping it varied so that she doesn’t get bored with covering Ehren’s maternity leave. We were 2nd in the BE80 at Stratford Hills, have jumped round some BS British Novices at Felbridge and Cobham Manor, and have been taking advantage of the hacking and hills at Speedgate. She qualified for the Elementary Area Festival Final through Pachesham, has qualified for the Freestyle to Music Elementary Winter Regionals with great scores of 71% and 75%, and has done her first two mediums gaining around 68%. Unfortunately, the Area Festival Final at Parwood didn’t quite go to plan with her getting very overwhelmed in the arena, but she has never seen anything like it and my plans to have a practise run there were all thwarted. Moving forward I couldn’t be more pleased with how she’s going. She’s nearly got her changes both ways and I have my fingers crossed that we might try an easy Advanced Medium before the end of the year. Not bad for a funny little Irish pony that looks like she’s been built with spare parts. This time last year she was just coming back into work after a year off. She’s such a good girl and tries so hard…

Millie Little Downham BE100

Millie has had runs at BE 100 at Stratford Hills, Brightling Park, Chilham, Horseheath and Little Downham. Her dressage has come on in leaps and bounds thanks to some help from Damian Hallam, and she picked up 3rd at Horseheath. In her first three seasons of BE she has never had a XC penalty, how many horses can boast that? Her show-jumping on the other hand is not so easy. She will be practising this skill over the winter!

Comphurst Camp

We had two brilliant adult camps during the summer at Lodge Farm and Comphurst. They were both during glorious hot days, and we were utterly spoilt with evening BBQs to accompany our pony fun. Director of Nutrition at Simple System, Jane van Lennep, kindly came to both giving nutritional advice and interesting lunchtime talks. These were really well received giving riders plenty to think about, and challenging questions for me ever since!

Rodders – thirsty work!

We’ve continued with all the usual SJ and XC clinics, and I taught at another camp for Downe Hall Stables which was also great fun. Rodders is back in work and he joined in two of the XC clinics at Chilham Park and Hurstwood. Rod hadn’t been asked to go through water at that point and we knew it would probably be a bit of an issue for him. At Chilham we had agreed that he would just stand nearby and watch but he volunteered to go in, keen to follow the others. This caught us so much by surprise that we hadn’t really warned anyone what might happen next. Of course, as soon as he was up to his knees in moving water he panicked. He leaped and charged at full pelt straight for our friend Liz and her pretty bay mare. She had a fence behind her and was completely trapped. It very much looked like they were both going to get a ducking and she admitted to thinking ‘if I’m going down so is Martin’ and went to grab him as he arrived in a tidal wave of pond water!! For once the planets aligned and Martin managed to turn away without using them as a crash barrier. Rod stood stock still shaking like a leaf but did finish by going in and out happily several times. It was no surprise at Hurstwood though, when he planted at the edge of the water point blank refusing to even discuss it. Again, eventually he finished going in and out numerous times. His mother was never a huge water fan when she was younger so I expect he will do as much water schooling as Millie does SJ practice!

Baby Eryk

Now of course last time we spoke Ehren was due to head up to the maternity ward at Groomsbridge Stud with Sally and Tom Forster. I’m happy to say that in the middle of morning stables one July Friday, she gave birth to a beautiful chestnut colt. He’s confident and cheeky, and his name is Eryk. They came home after two weeks and have been the centre of attention ever since. Ehren is being such a fantastic mum. She’s really relaxed and chats away to him whenever he isn’t sure of something.

I have now completed the Centre 10 Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches Advanced Course. A brilliant course with podcasts and webinars to really make you think. I thoroughly recommend to other coaches and look forward to being able to offer support to interested riders.

Rod SJ schooling at Four Elms

Yesterday we started the winter series of SJ clinics at Four Elms, next week young Rodders will be making his dressage debut, then there are also monthly SJ clinics at Eaglesfield and East Bysshe starting. BomBoms will get out to flick her toes amongst the white boards and has lots of winter training planned to help us move up a level and we are in the middle of accepting applications for Team Lamy Wright Supported Riders 2020; a new initiative that we are really excited about. More about that next time!

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BarryBerry has work to do

BarryBerry starts work for Team Lamy-Wright

Crikey, where to start?! We were lucky to get a few days away at the Badminton Grassroots where we collected BarryBerry. Barry is wearing my XC colours (well someone should!) and has got straight on with his Wobbleberry duties. Three Team Lamy Wobbleberries have completed the challenge so far; first up was Chloe at Keysoe, then Chloe, Ingrid and Catherine did Borde Hill where the organisers made a real effort to support them and gave them special prizes for completing. Fortunately they had also put all WBs together so I could support them in all three phases. They were all awesome, really rode their socks off and deserved to complete their challenge. Seeing them through the finish line was quite something! These people are pushing themselves, training hard and achieving such amazing things. In my gang alone one had given up riding after her horse was killed out hacking on the road, the oldest is 71 years old, and one is so anxious she is actually sick. I have nothing but admiration for them #kickingcancersbutt

Great Wobbleberry training day at Comphurst Farm

So no surprise we have been even more busy than normal with clinics. We had a great one for Wobbleberries at Comphurst. A lovely day in the sunshine with SJ in a grass arena in the morning, some time with Martin talking through how to do a BE entry and what to expect on the day, an amazing lunch provided by Comphurst’s owners Tanya and Will Reid during which I did a short chat on the psychological side of things, then some speed training with Tanya, and some XC schooling with me. We’ve also had the usual Carmen Court monthly clinics, XC schooling at various venues, and another all day clinic at LMEQ.

During this time the Black Bomber has been very busy! Firstly, there was Tweseldown for the BE90. She was quite beside herself warming up for the dressage which is most unlike her but still managed to pull out a 29.0 dressage. The SJ collecting ring was a little chaotic and Martin was being nagged to jump 20 minutes before his time. Unfortunately this seemed to cause a short circuit in the SatNav wiring and he went from Jump 1 to Jump 6. Donut brains!! Luckily the lovely judge let him start again from the second fence and they jumped a lovely clear and were allowed to go XC hors concours. The XC course has had quite a revamp and looked amazing but asked a few questions and caused a fair bit of trouble. The Bomber was rather looky but she did keep going and jumped clear meaning that she would have finished on 29.0 and been in second place. I was really pleased that she had been allowed to run as it was a very educational day for her. Good BomBoms!

She then went to Borde Hill for the BE90 and had another really consistent day jumping like a star. She finished again on her dressage score of 29.0 which was good enough to win her section. Wowee, you should have seen her swagger off the lorry to tell Ehren all about it!

So with two wins, a fourth and a ‘would-have-been-second’ in her BE90s this year we thought it was time to try a BE100 so we headed off to Berkshire College. She got 29.0 dressage, two poles SJ (in a very tight spooky arena that really didn’t suit her), and jumped a super clear XC taking all the straight routes for 0.8 time finishing on 36.8. Very proud!

Ehren at BlueBarn BD

Ehren has been a bit out of sorts. The list includes struggling with her spring seasons, needing a saddle revamp, having another bad reaction to her flu and tetanus vaccination, then just when I thought we were getting back on track the dentist found a fractured tooth, and there is always the need for work on her poll after seeing the dentist….! Hopefully with that lot sorted we can get some consistency in her work again and crack on with getting her confidence back. I have been schooling her away from home with this in mind and also took her to BlueBarn BD for the Advanced Mediums to get her out again. One the plus side she did feel more relaxed and confident, and coped with the warm-up arena much better than she has in ages. However (!) there was this pesky stripe of light on the floor at K. All these stories she has heard from the Bomber about ditches the size of the Suez Canal and she was convinced it was a hole in the floor. So we gathered two 1s, two 2s and a handful of 4s gingerly walking across it when we should have been in canter. At one point I was in extended canter heading right towards it, the sun had gone in finally and I dared to breathe a sigh of relief. Silly me, as I was about three feet away it suddenly reappeared ‘ta-dah!’. Bless her. Really do need to find her some brave pants from somewhere…..

Millie’s first event

Then talking of wearing brave pants, young Millipede went to the Riding Club ODE at Coombelands and trotted round the 80cm like a total pro and finished in 10th place. Awww…..the first homebred does her first event, such a good girl.

Naughty horse fancied a dip at LMEQ!

Coming up we continue with lots of XC schooling and clinics. We have another all day, this time at Tweseldown and the first Adds Farm camp of the year. Little Lexi has another BE100 at Rackham, Ehren will be out and about and will maybe make her music debut somewhere (although this may prove a little too uplifting!). The Wobbleberries continue their training and BarryBerry continues to provide support (maybe he is the man to sit down and chat with Ehren?)

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Lily steals the show

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that you all survived the festive period and are looking forward to cracking on into 2016. We have kept very busy.

Little Lexi practises her dressage

Little Lexi practises her dressage

Little Lexi had her last hunt of the season with Martin at Larkins Brewery in Chiddingstone in some seriously heavy mud. It is fair to say she has the bug! Larkins is a big hedge day and she was well up for it. Interestingly hunting has improved her canter no end, not something I had envisaged happening. Plus, it seems to have opened her up over a fence. She has looked pretty scopey the last couple of times we have jumped her which is very exciting. Just still the problem of taming the brain! Her plan this year will remain the same; get out at BE80 and BE90 and start her eventing career.  Fingers crossed; she certainly is physically a completely different horse.

I am back to pretty much normal workload now (although I haven’t yet jumped), which means I have taken the reins back on Ehren. No surprise she has become a little confused about life and will just be gently prodded in the right direction to the Regionals in February. Never has an Ehren Regionals plan come to fruition yet so this one will be no different! She will hopefully go out at Medium this year, probably with Area Festivals in mind and then maybe the Winter Regionals again. Currently she cannot ever remember being taught half pass. I love her to bits but she really is simple.

Lily thrashes all of us at BlueBarn

Lily thrashes all of us at BlueBarn

Lily is back in work with a vengeance after her sarcoids were removed. She won both prelims overall at BlueBarn BD with amazing scores of 72% and 76% wiping the floor with the rest of us. There is rumour of a Horse and Hound “against the odds” appearing on the dressage pages next week! She also popped to Duckhurst BS for her first jump since September, and jumped really well. She will probably start the season with a BE90, and then go out at BE100. If everything continued to progress we would consider a Novice for her towards the end of the year. I will be sedated and hiding under a horse blanket in the lorry.

The young Millie will be coming home sometime around March to start her ridden life. She will be restarted, introduced to some hacking and gently work towards some low level dressage and jumping outings. She will probably XC school quietly at the end of the year, but won’t be doing too much of anything.

We are continuing with the Four Elms series of winter jump clinics and have five XC schooling dates that take us from January to April. I also have two camps planned at Adds Farm in the summer. I am always happy to put things on by request if enough people are interested.

This week I went on a great course with Charlie Unwin “Developing the coach as psychologist”.  Always very interesting. Coming up we have check-ups booked with both saddlers and the chiropractor. I am hoping to have my first jump since hurting my knee in September, and there is lots of pre-season practising planned. First XC school of the year looms in a fortnight!! Let’s go!!!

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Bring on 2014!

Well another mad year is nearly over….

Ehren has continued to be a superstar. At six years old and in limited outings she qualified for both the Hickstead Masters and the Summer Regionals, including an amazing 75.52% in her Novice qualifier at Chester Hall BD in May. She then went on to qualify for the Winter Regionals in two trips, has started her first Elementaries and is nearly out of Novice points. She has only left home fourteen times!

Other dressage divas have continued their run of form. Morgan Schive and Debbie Reeves have qualified three horses for the BD National Winter Championships at Prelim, Novice and Elementary. Jasmine Forsdick has made her mark at Medium with Kevin. Those of you that know these guys will know what a great job Jasmine has done, a real turnaround and proof of what a mixture of hard work and a ‘can do’ attitude will achieve. There have been lots of other successes both at BD and unaffiliated. So many combinations have done so well and improved so much. Some new entries to the 70% club, and some others striving to get there! At the other end of the scale, two schooling liveries Dylan and Dita went home and made their dressage debuts with their mothers. Both brought home red frillies, wow!

We had quite a few schooling liveries this year. They were all lovely house guests and always welcome back. I thoroughly enjoy playing with other people’s ponies for a few weeks and seeing them go home to their owner a little more polished than when they arrived. I will never cease to be amazed by the reaction to their previously cardboard stiff tack being clean and supple, as though I am some miracle worker. No, it is called saddle soap. You lot should try it sometime!!

On the eventing side Martin and Tinka had a fantastic year for The Groomsbridge Stud. She started the season at a horrendously wet Tweseldown BE100 with a 3rd, she won at Iping BE100, was 7th at Chilham BE100 and finished the year jumping round a Novice at Goring before heading home for a winter holiday. We are all very much looking forward to competing her next year. Clinic regular Jules Izzard also had a great season with her young horse Libby with placings at several BE80 and BE90s. They are new to eventing and doing a fantastic job. I have been lucky enough to be at some of the events and see them compete, always makes me very proud as I remember their first wobbly jumping clinic!

All the jumping clinics remain very popular, and adult camp too. They are always a lovely supportive and fun environment. I get a huge amount of pleasure from texts on a Sunday night telling me how well Pony X jumped that day.

Tiny is still having a great life with Clare Drury competing for Dartford and District RC, recently jumping like a star at the BRC National Championships for team 4th. Ivy is still as mad as a fruitcake and being pampered with the Reeves family. I sold Rosie to Lauren as she is very much loved there, fingers crossed for a lovely foal for them next year. We are hoping Lexie will have a foal by the Jumbo sired Med Night Mahout next year too. Her yearling Millie goes between looking like something a child has drawn with a crayon and looking quite smart. Who knows how she will end up! The most recent recruit Little Lexi has been chilling out but it’s now time for her to start work, and currently living in Tinka’s stable is the Groomsbridge Stud’s four year old Jasmine who came to be backed and is looking forward to her dressage debut after Christmas.

Following her Kissing Spine surgery last year, Lily is back in work with Martin onboard. There have been ups, there have been downs and boy there have been tantrums! She broke his nose, she threw them off the bank at Lodge Farm backwards, and she kicked her way out of Lucy Thompson’s arena leaving fence and nails scattered everywhere. She got attacked by a dog, and with customary aplomb she put that in its place too. Lily is not for the faint hearted but boy is she a character! She is slowly learning to tolerate Martin’s rough ‘boy-style grooming’ with the grimace of a child whose grandma has just reached to the bottom of their handbag for a tissue to lick…and her field antics recently went global! She has made huge progress this year when her future was seriously in doubt. Fingers crossed for the Ginger Rocket.

Something for you that Martin stole from a book “What the world needs is a little less sense and a little more faith”. If you believe you can do it, you will be amazed by what you can do.

On that note, we both wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Janine and Martin

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Costa del Brrr

Well I think Hartpury must be the coldest place on earth! Louisa and I went to the British Dressage  National Convention last Sunday. It was -8 degrees when we left home and didn’t rise above -4 degrees all day. The poor people sitting on the short side of the arena with no heaters looked like icebergs! This year the convention was with Klaus Balkenhol, aided by the Bechtolsheimers, and was excellent. The message was about patience, listening to what the horse is telling you, taking time to get understanding and importantly, correctness before extravagance (there is hope for Harry after all!).

So on the theme of being patient and giving things time, Lily is on a brief winter holiday. It’s freezing cold, we are under a foot of snow, the forecast is still pants and she has that splint bumbling away. So she can chill until the weather improves…Costa del Brrr for Lily!

I’ll not beat around the bush about this – when we got back from Hartpury it became clear that Martin had shared the bed with another. I’m not one to air my dirty linen in public (if you pardon the pun!), but there was evidence. Now I’m pretty laid back but some things are a no-no. Martin, the dogs sleep downstairs!!

Then one of the highlights of last week was Tuesday. How far can you push Lamy without her going crazy day! It had started to snow but I got to the yard to get the horses done without too much drama. Unfortunately I chose the M25 as my route home, a mistake of giant proportions! I was stuck for ten and a half hours. TEN AND A HALF HOURS!! It’s just as well the dogs weren’t with me, I may have eaten them! Not only was I as hungry as Harry, I was even considering whether a Dubarry would double up as a portable toilet! Only the radio, Facebook and texting kept me sane. And I never thought I would hear myself say that…

More drama on Wednesday as my dad was carted off to Darenth Hospital following a minor heart attack. An angiogram shows his pipework is seriously clogged up, and as I write this he is at St Thomas waiting for heart bypass surgery on Wednesday…Now this is going to horrify anyone who has had help of a Sports Psychology nature from me, but I am making no apologies. On Wednesday I will be wearing my lucky socks.

I managed to lunge Harry today and what a feisty boy he was! Let’s cross our fingers, paws and hooves for some sun to melt this horrid white stuff. I haven’t earnt a penny since it arrived and I am worried that the Red Lion will close without my patronage!

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