Janine Lamy


Rose is now 12 years old. She was bred by Natalie and Takeaki Tsuchiya and is by Catherston Liberator.

Rose is not without ability. When we got her going she qualified for the BD Spillers Novice Combined Training Championships on her first attempt, won around £100 BSJA and qualified for the British Novice second round in five outings. She also picked up four-time changes in the space of a month yet never really took to the dressage arena!

Unfortunately Rosie was not really suited to an eventing home and we eventually we made the difficult decision that the effort outweighed the reward and she left home in May 2009 for stud where she started a new career as a broodmare for Stud UK Euro.

Rosie was paired her up with the stud’s stallion Branco Van Overis and she gave birth to a super colt last year called Liberator UK. She was then put back to Branco and has moved to a private stud with her colt just down the road in Paddock Wood where hopefully she will produce more lovely babies for her new family!