Janine Lamy

Good Times

November – Mark wins the Bronze section and Doo wins the Gold section of the Prelim at Eaglesfield BD, baby Millie wins her prelim at Hadlow Dressage, and Lottie wins her prelims with me at Stilebridge BD. The prelim dressage divas are out in force!!

October – Ehren wins her Advanced Medium at Step Aside BD and qualifies for the Regionals, then goes on to win her Advanced qualifying for the right to compete at PSG. Gulp! The Black Bomber finishes her season with yet another double clear and 2nd place at Littleton Manor BE80. The girls are on form!

September 2016 – Ehren wins the Petplan Equine Area Festival Medium Bronze class at Oldencraig qualifying for the BD Winter Championships. Amazeballs!

August 2016 – The Black Bomber and Martin win their BE80 at Horseheath leading from the front on a 22.0 dressage and double clear inside the time. Go Bombie! Sarah Hartley has her first placing with a 9th at Firle BE90. They have worked so hard! Jules Izzard is back out with a whoosh and a bang on Libby with a win in the Borde Hill UA90 and 7th in the Firle BE90. Busy busy busy!

July 2016 – Lottie reaps the rewards of hard work with a win and a score in the 70% club in her Prelim at BlueBarn BD, Lily storms around Eridge BE90 to finish on her dressage score and come 3rd, and regular clinic rider Hente Dorhout-Mees finishes on her dressage score of 33.8 in her second BE100 at Chilham. Great month!

June 2016 – Ehren gains in confidence at Advanced Medium to win both her classes at BlueBarn BD. Good girl Ehren!

May 2016 – Stacey and Mark have been out and about winning prelims at both Stilebridge BD and Speedgate BD to prepare for the Hickstead Masters Semi-Final where Mark did brilliantly to finish 10th.

April 2016 – Lots of placings for the eventers at the first few events of the year but the dressage divas have been out winning – we have Lottie winning three Prelims at Oldencraig BD, and Ehren winning two Mediums at Oldencraig BD and an Advanced Medium at BlueBarn BD and Cobham Manor BD. Then Big Lexie was 9th at the BD Winter Nationals in the Elementary Restricted Music. What an amazing achievement!

February 2016 – Stacey won the Prelim Bronze section at Eaglesfield BD, Doo won the Prelim overall at Stilebridge, Big Lexie and Beverly won the Elementary Restricted Freestyle to Music at the Merrist Wood Regionals and then went on to become U25 Champions in the Elementary at Bury Farm. Wowee!!

January 2016 – Lexi won the Prelim overall at Eaglesfield BD, and Lily refused to be outdone and won the Prelim overall at Hadlow BD!

December 2015 – Stacey won the prelim at Eaglesfield BD, and Morgan won the Elementary; this time on Smurf and got a great 70% club score and write up in Horse and Hound. Go girls!

November 2015 – While I am in sickbay Stacey won her first ever go at affiliated Novice at Stilebridge BD on Queenie, and Morgan won the Elementary at Eaglesfield BD on 12.2h Henry – one for the natives!!

October 2015 – Andrea and Blue win their prelim at Stilebridge and go into the 70% club and qualify for the unaffiliated Hickstead Championships, Heather and Okie win the Speedgate unaffiliated Novice Championships, Little Lexi wins the open Prelim at Eaglesfield BD, Ehren wows her mother with two wins overall in the Elementaries at Stilebridge BD with 74.48% and 76.25% qualifying for the Winter Regionals, Lily manages a dressage win at Hadlow BD in the prelim, and Morgan and Smurf qualify for the Winter BD Championships via the Area Festival at Oldencraig in the Elementary. Crikey! Meanwhile clinic member Suzanne Ashwell is 3rd in the BE90 at LMEQ, and Heather and Okie also win a SJ class at Speedgate. What a month.

September 2015 – Regular clinic attendee Gill Miller was 9th in the BE90 at Munstead, and Ehren continues to gather points for Regional qualification with another win at BlueBarn BD in the open Elementary qualifier.

August 2015 – Ehren wins both the Open Elementaries at BlueBarn BD, Lily is super consistent with a 5th at Firle BE90 and super news from (big) Lexie and her loanee Beverly.  They won the Open Freestyle Dressage to Music at the Pony Club Championships and then went on to win the ride-off becoming the Pony Club National Freestyle Dressage to Music Rider 2015!!! Wowee!

July 2015 – Lily continues her form with a 6th place at Brightling in the BE90, cool bananas! Meanwhile both Morgan and Smurf and our (big) Lexie and her new mum Beverly qualify for the Open Dressage at the Pony Club Championships! Not a bad summer!

June 2015 – I ride young horse Lottie in her first competition at BlueBarn BD for Jasmine Forsdick and she brings home a red frillie!

May 2015 – At Hickstead Ehren gets her qualifying points for the Elementary Open Regionals, Lily storms around Borde Hill BE90 for 7th and Tinka does the same in the Novice at Chilham BE for a 9th – woo hoo!

April 2015 – At Oldencraig BD, Ehren won her Elementary and Debbie and Jazz won their Medium. Good job!

March 2015 – Jasmine and Kevin are on fine form with wins in their Mediums at BlueBarn BD and Eaglesfield BD. Snapping at their heels at Eaglesfield BD was Morgan who won the Elementary overall on Smurf with a score in the 70% club. Go girls!

January 2015 – Jasmine and Kevin start the year well with a win in their Elementary at Stilebridge BD; the best I have ever seen them go!

December 2014 – Jules and Libby finish up in the placings in the South East Eventers League despite injury half way through the year. 6th in the Poppinghole Farm Mares and 8th in the Thermal Imaging (Kent) 90 rankings. Not to be outdone Martin and Tinka finished 8th in the Rachel Lamb Veteran Rider ranking….snigger snigger….Morgan and the boys show them how it is done at Eaglesfield BD; winning the Elementary overall with Smurf and getting second overall with Henry. Woo-hoo!

November 2014 – Debbie and Jazz don’t get out so much these days but still managed to win the Medium overall at Eaglesfield BD, what a good boy!

September 2014 – Tinka Stinka Winner! Absolutely thrilled, they won their BE Novice section at Firle. Wow!! The 12.2 hands 17 year old gypsy cob Henry gets the highest score at the South East Dressage Championships for Morgan, 76.56% in the Elementary. Geezer!

August 2014 – North West Kent pony clubber Elize Zelenka passes both her B test care and riding. Another NWKPC member Morgan Schive becomes the youngest ever rider to become National Side-saddle Rider of the Year. Awesome! And from the home team Little Lexi wins her first informal dressage outing with 74.21%  Not a bad month!!

July 2014 – Terri and Dita are comfortably in the 70% club and win their Prelim at Hilders with 75.2% What a super effort!

June 2014 – Jules and Martin have great runs at Borde Hill (Jules and Libby finishing 2nd in their BE90 and Martin and Tinka finishing 3rd in their BE100), Stratford Hills (Tinka coming 10th in the Novice and Libby coming 7th in her first ever BE100) and Eridge (Libby finishing 2nd in the BE90) – both are having a fantastic season! Tiny and Clare stormed round the Milton Keynes three day event and finished 2nd, what a good girl! And bad boy Okie won his combined training at Chilham. Not a bad month….

May 2014 – Stephanie and Bailey have their first win in their Walk and Trot dressage. They are improving all the time! Then Alice makes my weekend with two qualifying wins at the South East Connemara Show in the Performance Class and the NPS Junior Mountain and Moorland. Absolutely fantastic!

April 2014 – Heather and Okie go on to win their Prelim at Speedgate, almost consistent now?! Tinka storms around her first event of the year South of England BE100 double clear, then another double clear at Chilham BE100 to finish 3rd. Very pleased with the girl! Not to be outdone Jules has another very consistent 6th at Chilham in the BE90. Great stuff. Then Leanne takes her new boy Dennis out and picks up lots of frillies including their first win in the Discovery at Felbridge BS. We are on a roll!

March 2014 – Stacey and Queenie are crowned Eaglesfield Senior Dressage Champions 2013/14. What a great achievement, they weren’t even placed in this league last year. I am very pleased with their improvement. Heather coaxes Okie around his Novice test at Eaglesfield and only goes and wins it! Then fantastic news from Jules and Libby as they win their BE90 at Munstead. WINNERS!!! Amazing.

February 2014 – Morgan gets practising for Hartpury with a win at Oldencraig BD in the Elementary with Smurf. Jules hears that she and Libby have qualified for the BE90 Badminton Grassroots Regional Final. Great stuff!

December 2013 – The year ends well with Stacey and Queenie winning a huge Novice class of 18 at Eaglesfield, then Jasmine making her dressage debut 13 weeks after leaving the stud and winning her Intro test at Blue Barn – wowsers!

November 2013 – Ehren wins her first attempt at Elementary. Plenty of room for improvement but pleasing nonetheless!

October 2013 – Ehren behaves like a superstar after a three month break from competing to win both Novices overall at Stilebridge BD with 71.48% and 70.97%, then another win at Oldencraig BD with 70.32% and a qualifying score in the other meaning she has qualified for the Winter Regionals in two outings. Very pleased with the girlie! Jules and Libby finish their first BE90 season with a 5th at a very wet and muddy Pulborough, so very proud of how far they have come.

September 2013 – Jules and Libby crack the XC time and finish 3rd at Munstead BE90, a brilliant result! The dressage divas make me very proud qualifying for the BD Winter Championships from their Area Festival classes in Prelim (Morgan and Henry), Novice (Morgan and Smurf), and Elementary (Debbie and Jazz). Absolutely fantastic, one horse to the Championships would have been amazing, three is unreal!!

August 2013 – Tinka continues her run of form with a 7th at Chilham BE100, Stacey and Queenie qualify for the Great Bookham Sunshine Tour in the Novice Ridden, Ridden Mountain and Moorland and Working Hunter, Debbie and Jazz get an 8th place in their Medium Petplan Area Festival, Morgan and Henry get a 6th place in their Prelim Petplan Area Festival, and Morgan has an amazing National Side-saddle Championships with Smurf; SSA Open Equitation Champion, Amateur Champion, and Reserve Reserve (3rd) Rider of the Year, also winning the Small Hunter, Open Working Hunter and was Reserve Hunter Champion – what can you say?!?!

July 2013 – Fab news from Sue Wheble; not only is she now enjoying this dressage mallarky but won her recent Prelim at Speedgate too! Debbie and Jazz also lead the way, heading up the Medium at Oldencraig BD completing their qualification for the Area Festival. Dita and Terri have also posted their first dressage win, and to cap the month Tinka and Martin storm around the BE100 at Iping to win. Crikey, I believe the expression is ‘amazeballs’ !!

June 2013 – Absolutely delighted that Dylan returns home from his schooling stay and makes his debut dressage outing with Michelle. They only go and win it!

May 2013 – Really pleased for Jules Izzard and Gill Miller who were both placed at Chilham in the BE80 and BE90. On top of this my dressage divas were out winning at Hadlow BD; Mark Powell in the Prelim and Morgan in the Novice with another cracking 70.3%. Not to be outdone Ehren then won both Novices overall at Speedgate BD including an amazing 75.52% in Novice 39 completing her Summer Regional qualification. Wow!!

March 2013 – A great month; Jasmine won a Medium at Oldencraig BD, Morgan won the Prelim with 70.4% on Henry and a Novice on Smurf at Hadlow BD, then won a Prelim on 70.90% and a Novice on 70.37% on Smurf at Bedgebury BD, and Tinka and Martin were 3rd in their first event of the season Tweseldown BE100. Wowee!

February 2013 – After a four month break Ehren was back out with a win at Bedgebury BD in her Novice, and then another win at Step Aside BD in the Novice qualifier. Very pleased with the girl! Morgan too is having a good month with 70.43% in the Prelim at Stilebridge BD on Henry, a win in the other Prelim with 70.91% on Smurf, and another win for Smurf in the Novice Restricted. Whilst on a roll they also won the Prelim at Bedgebury BD!

December 2012 – Morgan wins the Elementary at Eaglesfield with Smurf, then heads to Hadlow to win the Prelim with Henry on 72% and the Novice on Smurf with 71.1%….not bad for a quiet month! Merry Christmas all!

November 2012 – A trio of winners this month; Mark and Harvey win both their tests at Hadlow with 70%, go boys! Following on the boy theme Martin and Tinka win one of the Novices at Bedgebury BD and gain 70% in the other; eventers showing them how! Then Debbie won the Elementary overall at Eaglesfield BD….no complaints from me….

October 2012 – Ehren gets her dancing shoes back on and wins her Novice qualifier at Bedgebury BD. Morgan and the little Henry do a great job to be placed 7th in their BD Prelim Area Festival at Pachesham, then Smurf goes one better with a 6th in the Novice and winning his warm-up test. At a later Bedgebury BD Morgan and Henry do a fantastic job to win their Prelim with a cracking 72.60%, and Karen and Nina show just how far they have come by winning their Walk and Trot test at Cobham Manor. Busy month!

September 2012 – Morgan makes me very proud and passes both her B Test Riding and Care.

August 2012 – Martin and Tinka make a rare BD trip out to Hastingwood and storm straight into the 70% club with two wins. In torrential rain, thunder and lightning they get 72.27% in their Prelim and 70.69% in their first Novice. Fantastic! They also are placed 6th in the Borde Hill PN and jump their fifth double clear at Firle BE100. Morgan has a brilliant National Side-Saddle Championships becoming Equitation Jumping Champion, Open Working Hunter Champion and Adult Intermediate Rider of the Year. Top job! NWKPC member Lilly Ward does me very proud by passing her B Test Riding. What a month!

July 2012 – After a short break from competition Bonnie and Oliver return to win their Elementary at Hastingwood BD – top effort! Ehren is a total superstar at Stilebridge BD, only her second trip out, winning her Prelim with an amazing 75.45%  Wowee! Jules follows in Morgan’s footsteps and qualifies Libby for HOYS, this time in the Search for a Star Riding Club Horse class. Tinka jumps her fourth double clear of the year at Carlton BE100 (albeit with a slight deviation from course!)

June 2012 – Morgan Schive had a great day out at Bedgebury BD including winning her Prelim with Smurf on a corker of a score 73% which means that she has qualified for the Prelim Summer Regionals. She then went on to qualify Smurf for the HOYS Search for a Star Working Hunter – top banana! Seriously impressed and very proud!

May 2012 – Ehren delights her mother by winning a Prelim at Bedgebury BD with 72.1% Straight into the 70% club on her very first trip out! Further congratulations to Jasmine Ellis who won her Elementary at Stilebridge BD earning them their qualification to the Elementary Summer Regionals. No-one will wipe the smile of Jasmine’s face for a while!

April 2012 – Huge congratulations to Jasmine Ellis and Reggie for qualifying for the Novice Summer Regionals, they won both their Novice and Elementary tests at Oldencraig BD. Tinka jumps a third double clear at South of England BE100 and finishes 9th.

March 2012 – Congatulations to clinic regulars Julia Izzard and Libby for winning the 80cm pre-season combined training at Munstead in the most horrible conditions! Tinka jumps two double clears in her first BE100s of the year and finishes 10th at Munstead.

February 2012 – Debbie Reeves and Jazz win the Elementary at Eaglesfield BD with a fantastic 73.21%, their first outing of the year!

January 2012 – After persuading sixteen year old Morgan Schive to register with British Dressage she wins both her Novice and Prelim at Bedgebury BD with a cracking 70.45% in the Prelim.  Jasmine Ellis and Reggie win their Novice at Golden Cross BD.

December 2011 – Jasmine Ellis and Reggie win the Novice at Eaglesfield BD with a fantastic 70%. She’s in the club! Bonnie Kerr and Oliver come over to Bedgebury BD from Essex to show us how to do it winning the Novice with 74% Top score!!

November 2011 – After a long break Bonnie Kerr and Oliver win their Novice at Epping Forest BD with 70.42% Welcome to the 70% club Bonnie! Louisa Day and Strider win their first affiliated Novice at Stilebridge BD.

October 2011 – Debbie Reeves and Jazz win their Elementary at Eaglesfield BD. Jasmine Ellis and Reggie win their Novice at Stilebridge BD, they are on a roll!

September 2011 – Jasmine Ellis and Reggie win their Novices at Oldencraig BD and South of England BD. Janet Crumbie and Drummer win their debut Novice Freestyle to Music qualifier at Oldencraig BD – top effort!

August 2011 – Jasmine Ellis is delighted to be placed 10th with Reggie at the Novice Area Festival at Pachesham BD. Morgan Schive wins Junior Side-saddle Rider of the Year – wowee! Janet Crumbie and Drummer won their Novice test at Chester Hall Events BD.

July 2011 – Jasmine Ellis is making great improvements with Kevin to win their Novice at Addington BD.

June 2011 – Bonnie Kerr and Oliver win their Elementary at Harolds Park Farm BD.

May 2011 – After a winning dry patch Gail Le Milliere and Hettie win the Elementary at Chester Hall Events BD – hurrah!

April 2011 – Debbie Reeves and Jazz win their Elementary at Stilebridge BD and are now qualified for the Summer Regionals at Elementary and Novice, what a good boy! Harry puts his dancing shoes on to win the Novice at Bedgebury BD with 71.03% Bonnie Kerr and Oliver win their Elementary at Brook Farm BD. Hannah Bartholomew completes her first BE100 at South of England, fantastic!

March 2011 – Debbie Reeves and Jazz win their Elementary at Eaglesfield BD 22nd March, another Elementary there on the 8th March, plus a Novice with a fantastic 70.77% Louisa Day and Strider join the 70% club with a win in the Prelim at Stilebridge BD.

February 2011 – Debbie Reeves and Jazz win their Novices at Stilebridge BD and Eaglesfield BD with super consistent scores of 69.62%, 71.67% and 73.08%

January  2011 – Debbie Reeves and Jazz win three more Novices at Patchetts BD and Bedgebury BD including another super score of 72.76%

November 2010 – Clothing sponsorship (www.1624equinecouture.com) and Eaglesfield BD wins for Debbie Reeves and Jazz with consistent scores of 70.38% and 71.25% Harry shows them how at Step by Step BD with two wins in the Novices including a 70.38%

October 2010 – Congratulations to Debbie Reeves and Jazz winning three Novice classes at South of England BD and Eaglesfield BD with two scores of 70% so also joining the ‘70% Club’! Bonnie Kerr and Oliver win their Elementary at Brook Farm BD. Louisa Day and Strider win their Prelim at Eaglesfield BD, the same day Debbie won the Novice – World Domination! Hannah Bartholomew finishes 2nd in her BE90 at Pulborough meaning she has won the South East Eventers League Grass Routes First Timer ranking after a fantastic first season…and Sally Stoddart finishes 5th in her first Intro at Borde Hill. Fantastic effort!

September 2010 – Debbie Reeves and Jazz win their Novice at South of England BD. Louisa Day and Strider win both their Prelims at Step by Step BD, and are crowned Hadlow Riding Club Prelim Champions.

August 2010 – Bonnie Kerr and Oliver win the Elementary at Brook Farm BD. Jumping clinic regular Morgan Schive has a fantastic National Side-saddle Championships including winning the Working Hunter Championship!

June 2010 – What a day! Debbie Reeves and Jazz jointly win the Novice at Chester Hall BD with Bonnie Kerr and Oliver – what is the chance of that happening?!

May 2010 – Thirteen year old Hannah Bartholomew does a fantastic job for her first placing with a 7th in the BE90 at Borde Hill.

March 2010 – Debbie Reeves and Jazz win their Novice at Eaglesfield BD.

December 2009 – Debbie Reeves makes her British Dressage Novice debut and wins at Eaglesfield BD!