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The Ginger Bullet

Well the silly season has certainly arrived. I have been really busy with private teaching and clinics and also lots of Riding Club stuff too.

Tinka Chilham BE100Tinka and Martin went to Chilham BE100. After yet another show-jumping clear it became apparent that Tinka was still feeling unsure about ditches after Ardingly. Unfortunately this didn’t become clear until Martin was flying over her head! Off to Lodge Farm for some ditch schooling and with their breakdown in communications sorted they were off to Keysoe BE100 the next day. Another show-jumping clear (I will never be bored of saying that!) but he had fired her up a little too much before the XC and although she jumped all the ditches she was really strong running past a fence . Otherwise she was on flying form so onto Borde Hill BE100 next, fingers crossed she is back on track.

Also at Chilham BE was Jules and Libby who were 5th in their second BE 80, and Gill Miller who was 7th in the BE 90. Great stuff! Libby was as green as grass when she came to her first jumping clinic with me and Gill didn’t believe me when I said she should be aiming for 90s. Really chuffed for them both.

Dita has been progressing really well. It is less like skidding off-course on a shopping trolley and more like the first baby steps towards a walk and trot dressage test. She hasn’t put a hoof out of place.

Having only been back for two weeks we then decamped to Norfolk for another five day break. We were really lucky with the weather and had a super time with lots of doggy walks and visits to the coastal pubs. Can someone please explain to me how Martin can drink as many pints as he likes and if I drink two glasses of wine at lunchtime I look like someone has been blowing up my belly with a bicycle pump. It’s so unfair!!!

Back to work with a vengeance, we had a Carmen Court jumping clinic on the Saturday. Morning slots were to be recommended as it rained cats and dogs in the afternoon.

The dressage divas had a good day at Hadlow BD; Mark Powell and the huge Harvey won their Prelim with Morgan and the tiny Henry in 3rd (would love to have a photo of them standing together!!). Then Morgan won her Novice on Smurf with a cracking 70.3%. She has also (we think) qualified for the Summer Regionals – wooooooooo!

Despite being very underworked due to my holidays Ehren is off to Speedgate BD. This is also a new venue for her. In her few outings over the winter she has qualified for the Southern Hickstead Masters Semi-Final. I have decided to compete there to give her a taste for the bigger atmosphere and busier venues. She won’t qualify for the Summer Regionals this year but it will stand her in good stead for the future.

Tinka is off to Borde Hill for the BE100, then I’m not sure which two choices of Mattingley, Rackham and Eridge. However, bigger than any Ehren or Tinka outing is the unveiling of the Ginger Bullet. We are not sure quite how it will go (no standing martingale allowed!) but Lily is off to a RC ODE at Coombelands. Gulp! She has XC schooled twice and jumped at the clinic at home like a star. Flatwork progress is more tricky but we wouldn’t have ever dreamed of a May event so in itself that shows you how far she has come. It’s a very big training day for Lily.

I have also been trying to persuade Martin that we need some more four-legged friends in our life….. Lexie has already had a date with something posted to her from boyfriend Med Night Mahout….quite the handsome fellow he is. I also had in mind something that might make a nice event pony but progress has been slow….I must find a way around this….I wonder if I can bribe him with a puppy?!

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Whistling like a kettle

I can’t believe a whole month has passed since my last update. We’ve been pretty busy with the horses but have also managed to escape to Suffolk for a few days with the dogs for a lovely non-horsey break.

Over Easter ‘Dylan the SuperDude’ came to stay. He has come such a long way since last summer, Michelle has done a great job and it was very easy for me to give him a two week top-up, tweak the canter and send him on his way ready for his dressage debut. He is a total charmer and everyone on the yard misses his big white face looking over the stable door. My legs on the other hand breathed a sigh of relief; he is pretty wide and walking like John Wayne is never a good look! Check him out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E76k3mWRQI

Tinka and Martin headed off to South of England BE100 for what turned out to be a learning experience…..Martin committed the cardinal sin of listening to the XC commentary and changing his mind on how to ride the ditch to skinny. Tinka likes to be ridden to a fence and Martin didn’t, so it wasn’t the skinny that caused him a problem but the ditch! Ah, so easy in hindsight and we never stop learning. He won’t do that again though!

Dylan and Michelle stay for the jumping clinicWe had the first Carmen Court jumping clinic of the year and for the first time ever I got soaked! A good day though with lots of new faces and everyone going home happy. Even Lily and Martin jumped a few fences…

I think I mentioned that I had handed the reins over to Martin. Although she has been more robust since seeing Jose she still had put the wind up me. I am perfectly happy to admit it. You don’t see it coming, you have no idea what is going to happen next and by the time you catch your breath you don’t know which way is up and your heart is beating hard in your mouth! Within two weeks of him taking over she had broken his nose. The middle bit (septum?) is now loose and he whistles like a kettle!! It was though, a bit of a turning point….in an effort to stop her rearing he has put her in a standing martingale and this appears to be doing the trick. They even went XC schooling to Bonfleur last weekend……fingers crossed that we can show her how much fun life is…..

Lily having fun at BonfleurWe had a brilliant day in the sunshine at Bonfleur on Sunday. I had 18 to teach and we had such good fun. Really great to see so many smiles!

Jasmine and Debbie have been out doing some BD Mediums. I hear news that Tiny and Clare jumped their socks off at the British Riding Club National Championships and their Dartford and District RC team came 4th.  Mark Powell has been out and about flying around posting clear rounds, including a brilliant double clear and dressage score of 30 at the unaffiliated Tweseldown 80 recently – top banana!

Ehren had got quite worried about working with other horses so we changed our plan and worked on developing her confidence at home. I came back from Suffolk ready to get some entries in only to find she had capped her hock doing something silly in her bedroom. Argh!

I currently have a nice five year old Dimaggio mare called Dita in for schooling. She was backed last year I think but has not been in work much since so it’s like riding a shopping trolley at the moment! She seems keen to learn though, is terribly sweet, and I do love them as babies.  Shall keep you posted!

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Loaf and Spurt

Having been mean to Morgan last time, I can admit to being proud of her now. She passed both her B Test Care and Riding this summer. It was the Care that was giving me kittens, but it turns out Morgan is a crammer. I wouldn’t admit it whilst training the girls but my history of preparation for exams is very ‘Loaf and Spurt’. I recall two winter holidays in the sun on the beach reading up for my Shipbroking exams because I had not yet opened the books and had eight weeks to cram in eight months work. Always worked for me, I find it helps you focus!

We have been away on holiday. Firstly we camped at Blenheim in the sunshine, then it was off to Norfolk for some doggy walks and pub lunches. While we were away Tinka had the snots and splutters but appears OK on our return. She went to Lucy’s for a jumping lesson and was on fine form. The jumps have got bigger and ‘The Ego’ was there to show how easy it was.

Just before heading off to Blenheim I went up to Groomsbridge Stud to see Lexie and Millie. Millie has really grown and filled out, and was more confident with these strangers with their cameras. There is a lot of Lily and Tinka in her face, I am not sure you would know that she is related to Lexie at the moment. She’s a right little chunky monkey!

First day back at work we had a Carmen Court jumping clinic in the sunshine. As always a lovely relaxed day with the regulars and some new faces. It was hard to believe that it was the last one, but now the weather has changed I am very pleased to be moving to Bedgebury clinics under cover! I have the dates on my clinics page all the way through to the end of 2013, including the date of camp.

While we were away Tinka-cam arrived in the post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIzhl5x0hZs&feature=g-upl. Her owner Sally had asked me at Firle if I missed jumping and I honestly said that whilst I had an enormous amount of fun with Harry I actually wasn’t that bothered about not jumping at the moment. That was until I saw Tinka-cam! (Martin wears a hat-cam from 3 mins 50 ish). I watched it, watched the lines he took, the super flow and rhythm they had and thought ‘God I miss that’. Suddenly I was reminiscing about Harry and everything that goes into preparing them for an event. I even found myself looking at Irish Geldings in that weeks Horse and Hound…..

Lily is now working pretty hard on the lunge and over poles. She goes back to the vets for her post-surgery check-up in a week or so. Fingers crossed. Ehren had the full two weeks of our holiday off. She is only five, has just recently had her teeth out and I felt would benefit from the break. I hope to get her back on form and head to Bedgebury for some dressage in a few weeks. There is a bit of left-over tooth sticking out of her gum, let’s hope that doesn’t cause me a problem…

While I was away Jasmine has been working with Kevin’s flying changes, something we had just introduced before I left, and to his credit he seems to understand. He went to Oldencraig BD this week and scored a much improved 65% in his Elementary for a blue ribbon. His improvement has been a gradual process but he certainly is going much better at the moment. Jas is thinking of getting some help from Jane Lavington and doing some dressage to music with him. Surely he will trot down the centre line to a James Bond theme tune?!

We took the big step and entered Tinka for the Novice at South of England BE. She did the worst dressage test I have ever seen. She cantered. And cantered. And cantered. She came last. She then jumped a super clear round SJ and had an educational trip in not great light around the long routes on a pretty stiff XC. Three quarters of the way round she had gone a bit green and Martin pulled her up. She will be all the better for the experience we hope and looking forwards to the next one.

Coming up Tinka has Little Downham and Pulborough Novices, Ehren is back to work, Lily is back to the vets and I will have hit the big 40. You hear people say that they feel just the same as when they were twenty. Absolutely! Apart from the incontinence, the whiskers and the need to sit down more often!

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A enter in working trot

Well it has certainly been a busy summer!

Ehren’s gum seems to be growing back well and hasn’t caused her any problems yet that I can see. It doesn’t look pretty but certainly hasn’t put her off her food, and due to her decreased workload she is looking rather fat! She has had an easy time of it recently but had a lesson with Char last week and I was pleased that she thinks we are slowly progressing in the right direction. Well I say ‘we’, I mean Ehren is. As usual I got a right grilling. It seems I am now riding with my shoulders around my ears. There is photographic evidence and you are not seeing it!

Lily has now done four weeks walking and is on her second week of trotting on the lunge and has been allowed some very restricted turn-out. True to form we either see ‘Lily Lazy-bones’ or the charming ‘Pigtails’. Trotting can be oh-so-boring or wowee exciting and with Lily there is no grey….. She saw her osteo today for the first time since her surgery (now 10 weeks ago) and he felt that everything was progressing in the right direction and ‘looks promising’ so keeping everything crossed.

There has been Pony Club camp, lessons around the clock and numerous jumping clinics. It is hard to believe that the last Carmen Court clinic of the year is not that far away and we then start the winter series at Bedgebury. I am already in the process of organising 2013 dates.

We mustn’t forget the BD Southern Regionals at Oldencraig. Jasmine and Reggie were a little tense and this was reflected in their marks. There were no mistakes though, Jasmine was delighted to be there, and they will be all the better next year. The swans in the lake arena caused some chaos and much discussion on the BD Forum pages. It isn’t every day you have to ride a test with a swan flapping its wings hissing at you! I should go back to the earlier test though. Morgan was first up….picture the scene if you will. Up early and off to Oldencraig, cautiously excited as I really felt that they had a chance of being placed and maybe even qualifying if everything went their way. What would the day bring I wondered? The time has come, Morgan is in the arena, the moment is here, the bell has been rung, the stomach does a little groan. Right, here we go…but no, no! Morgan no! I look at her mum, eyes like saucers in disbelief. Oh crikey, Morgan is heading down the centre line to start her test from C! Erm, Morgan my dear, the judges are behind you. Oh pants! Brain meltdown and elimination followed. She wasn’t alone. Philippa, who finished up 6th in the Prelim, was in before Morgan. She too got lost, her brain went to mulch, and was heard in a schoolgirl voice (and school was quite a few years ago) admitting to head judge Helen Webber ‘I don’t know where V is’. Oh how we laughed!

News from Dylan. He went to his first ridden show with Michelle and was placed 2nd in his Mountain and Moorland class and qualified for the Balanced Horse Feeds Championships, what a clever boy! Mark and big-boy Harvey were placed at the Sevenoaks ODE at Lodge Farm, they have had a great year and really improved their jumping. Laura and Fizz were also there and jumped a rare clear round in the SJ proving that all her hard work in this phase is really paying off. Debbie and Jazz also decided to have a go at some showing and qualified for the Balanced Horse Feeds Show Hunter Championships. And thankfully Morgan made up for her ‘Regionals Whoopsie’ by having a fantastic National Side-Saddle Championships. They ended up Equitation Jumping Champion, Open Working Hunter Champion and Adult Intermediate Rider of the Year. Top job!

Tinka has been jumping like a star. They headed off to Borde Hill for the unaffiliated PN and stormed round to finish 6th. Then it was off to Firle BE100 where they jumped their fifth double clear of the year and were just outside the placings for 11th. Five double clears in seven events is no mean feat and just shows her class in her first season at BE100. When she arrived 18 months ago knuckling down to school-work was not a priority of hers. These days she just wants to show the world how wonderful she is. Unfortunately there was a teeny weeny slip of the halo….with owners and groom out of sight she forgot herself for a moment and quite spectacularly bucked Martin off in the carpark on the way to the XC…..naughty brown pony! She is so much like Ivy…

Great news from North West Kent pony clubber Lilly Ward. She passed her B test riding this week. She had put a lot of effort into her preparation and deserved to pass. I am very proud of her!

Is it time for a holiday yet?!

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Introducing Millie

Crikey, where to start?! Well at 8am on Bank Holiday Monday I had my Char lesson. Several problems with that…..firstly Ehren is a creature of routine and at 8am she should be in her field, secondly she won’t be left in her stable by herself, and the third issue was the weather. The Groomsbridge Girls were absolutely delighted to be the babysitters. They had to stay in and watch the German Girl’s lesson, and Tinka was particularly patient, uhum. I don’t think Char was impressed with our efforts either but I was really pleased with how she coped. As usual there was plenty for me to think about, particularly the straightness and not holding her up. Always good to be reminded, and worthwhile to practise in that situation as she was tense like she would be away from home…

Tiny was loaned to Claire Carter for the Dartford and District Riding Club team at the Milton Keynes old format Three Day Event. She finished up 7th individually and also as a team. She looked like she was having the best time! More recently she won a Prelim test with her normal sharer Carly, then her Novice test with Clare with the most amazing score of 84%. Go girls!

Morgan Schive was in the prizes at Bedgebury BD last week. Henry took 2nd in his Prelim and Smurf won his Prelim with a stonking 73% and took 3rd in the Novice. Great effort but totally overshadowed by qualifying for HOYS this weekend! They won the Search for a Star Working Hunter qualifier and were second in the Ridden Hunter qualifier. Having qualified for both classes Morgan had to choose one and chose the workers. I am very proud of them jumping one of only two clear rounds from twenty starters over a pretty meaty 1.10m track. They have worked really hard and come a long way. Huge Lamy grin!

Lily saw her osteopath two weeks ago and the news wasn’t good. He thought her back was much the same as before. Last week she saw the vet and she agreed there was no improvement….oh plop! With very mixed feelings she is off to hospital for Kissing Spine surgery tomorrow. I can’t believe that seven months after saying goodbye to Harry we are cutting chunks out of Lily. My poor little girl. However I am fortunate that she is insured and this at least gives her the chance of recovery.

Somewhere in the middle of all this we had a Carmen Court jumping clinic. The sun popped out to see us, we ate cake, made friends and jumped a bit! It was particularly good to see Tina’s huge smile after jumping her new horse Percy. He’s a right dude!

Martin and Tinka had another session with Damian. We have progress! Last time we had ‘God that mare is full of hot air’. This time they reached the dizzy heights of ‘that almost looks like dressage!’

Then on Tuesday last week Lexie gave birth to a rather large bruiser of a filly. Lexie had been causing the stud some stress for a few days as they knew she wasn’t right. They were monitoring the unborn foal very closely with foetal heart rate scans and suspected a high risk foaling. Sure enough she was a red bag delivery and upside down to boot. Thank God she wasn’t at home! Sally did a fantastic job and Millie was born fifteen days early. I have already received news of her learning to buck and bullying her mother. Enough said!

Then came camp this weekend at Bedgebury….crikey, the stories I could tell! Once again we had an amazing fun time, full of laughter. As always the facilities at Bedgebury make everything easier but we were also very lucky with the weather. We had tears of laughter Friday; Lena Pearson-Wood’s posture session with the peanut ball will be legendary in years to come. Beccy laughed so much she cried. Just as well she enjoyed Friday because her big donut of a horse George attempted suicide in the lorry on Sunday, kicking Martin in the head while he tried to save him. And talking of banging your head, I believe I fell out of bed off the Luton in the horsebox Saturday night….although I am not sure. One minute I was in bed, and the next I was on the floor with the mattress and bed clothes on top of me. All I can remember is that I couldn’t stand up. I was in a right state shivering, sweating, shaking and was on a mission to get to the cottage toilet as I felt so sick. So every five strides or so en route I had a little lay down. Next time you walk up the lane at Bedgebury you can imagine me in the puddles at 3am! Suffice to say Martin didn’t notice I was missing.

Aside from the fun and laughter everyone learnt loads and the improvement and achievements of some made it very worthwhile. Seeing riders doing things they never dreamt of, or growing in confidence over the three days is what it’s all about.

While we were away Jasmine and Reggie had a great day at the Hickstead Dressage Masters Semi-Finals, just missing out on the places. Ivy was in the ribbons in her Novice dressage at Redlands, and Mark Powell was also there winning his Combined Training class. All in all a pretty rewarding weekend.

Bring it on!

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Oil or velcro?

Well firstly the boil thing on Ehren’s gum disappeared so I cancelled the trip to the vets thinking I was saving myself some money. You know what comes next….it came back. So we have an x-ray booked for Monday.

I can report that since I have been wearing the Bioflow wristband I can now stand up straight away when I get out of bed in the morning. Wonders will never cease! And since starting my two exercises there have been several days when I have been able to touch my toes – good grief, you have no idea what an achievement this is!

We had a very busy day with 17 people XC schooling at Bonfleur. I was dragged around the course by a rather excited Jazz in the morning with the first group, then two more groups with me on foot through the day. The weather was amazing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Bonfleur is a great place to school mixed groups.

Ehren doesn’t seem bothered by her gum so I have carried on riding her and I had another lesson with Char on Good Friday. I am happy to report that although there is obviously plenty to work on I did get moaned at slightly less than the previous lesson. However, I can see very clearly from Louisa’s photos that try as I might I am still not sitting on my bum in the canter. I either need to oil my hips or resort to Velcro!

On Saturday last week we had the first Carmen Court jumping clinic of the year, a pretty quiet affair with it being Easter weekend. Several of the horses in the first group were new to me and generally the group was really spooky. This was a perfect opportunity to get them out seeing new fillers and practising our line and rhythm. The second group was full of regulars, always nice to catch up and see how combinations are progressing.

That night we popped up to Groomsbridge Stud near Newmarket to see our friends Sally and Tom Forster, and of course Lexie. Groomsbridge moved to a new base in February and very smart it is too. We met the lovely stallion Sambertino who I have been following and very much like the look of. I have been really impressed with his super smart but trainable offspring. He is such a happy friendly boy in person too. The girls had better not stand still for too long! We also saw two lovely smart three year olds and Sally’s stunning young stallion-to-be Morris but catch of the day was Lily’s little black baby brother. He came to tell me how despicable they have been to him and how he would love to come home with me. All whispered in my ear whilst resting his chin on my shoulder….cute!

I think my mum would say my Groomsbridge friends are a bad influence….uh-oh, Lamy getting in with the wrong crowd again! Martin has set the car engine to cut out within a 15 mile radius of Newmarket and has hidden the lorry keys. Seems a little harsh. I wonder if they do mail order?!

Yesterday we were at South of England with Tinka for the BE100. She was beside herself with excitement from the moment we arrived at the yard in the morning but did us proud to record her third double clear of the year and finished up 9th. It is a real credit to her that with very limited preparation she goes out there and does the job so well. She knows she’s good!

This week Ehren has the trip to the vets, but the following week it is Lily’s turn. Everything crossed for some answers….

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Well life is certainly starting to get busy again!

Ehren has started hacking in company and has been really relaxed. She isn’t too sure about sheep, and even worse baby lambs but she has been very sane and sensible about the little fluffy white things. Tinka and her saw Tina the chiropractor for a routine check-up, and all was well. Then Ehren had a date with uncle Nick the dentist, and what a superstar she was about that too. However (!) I had noticed a little sore in her gum above her front teeth and apparently that is a fistula oozing pus from somewhere. So she may have an abscess that needs the vets to take a look, maybe x-ray to make sure there is nothing untoward going on. Don’t get me started!

However she isn’t at all bothered by it so we took her to Bedgebury to hire the arena last Thursday to see how she would be and start getting her out, seeing a bit of the world. She was very well behaved but very different to the quiet little girl that pootles around the arena at home. I was driving the Mercedes-Benz Sport all of a sudden. All of the controls I have been mastering in the last month vanished and I quickly had to find new buttons! It’s funny how they are all different, and Ehren being warmblood couldn’t be more different to the Groomsbridge Girls who are thoroughbreds. Those girls may be sharp but they would never be spooked by a tap at the side of the arena. Every, yes every single time we went past it I think it must have hissed at her in German. Oh…purlease….get over it!

Tinka then headed off to Munstead for her second BE100 of the year. Her dressage warm-up was a sight to behold, and not really sure how Martin held the test together. She was very excited to be out again and added an exuberant flying change to the test for good measure – ‘look at me!’ We all breathed a sigh of relief when it was over and she then did us proud by jumping her socks off for a double clear to finish 10th. We are really pleased with her progress and she is off to South of England next.

I have had my first Biomechanics/Pilates session and have a couple of exercise to do three times a day for two weeks before going back for a progress report. They require me to turn very slightly one way, then the other a few times. Then a little bit of pressure on both legs for a bit. Am intrigued to see if this makes a difference! I am also sporting a Bioflow magnetic wristband. You must give one of these a go. Mine is made of Copper; it has made my wrist go green, made me feel like I had flu for the first weekend, and gave me a cracker of a headache for ten days…..uhum.

As the clocks have changed and the ground is dry, all the horses at Carmen Court have moved onto ‘Summer Turnout’ meaning different paddocks for everyone and longer days out in the fields. Ehren seems to be slightly institutionalised and was not entirely comfortable out there in that big space despite having horses on every side and being close to the yard. She decided the little ginger in the field next door was to be her comfort blanket. If Lily went too far away Ehren panicked and much to my amusement Lily would keep walking back to the fence, have a little chat, then go away again. I can imagine her rolling her eyes and thinking that this German girl was quite obviously ‘care in the community’ but she is so sweet she kept it up all morning. It was hours before Ehren plucked up enough courage to go the hundred yards to the other side of the field to say hello to Strider, winging her way back to Lily at full pelt to tell her all about it….

This additional sunshine prompted the girls to come into season and my oh my, they are seriously in season! My lovely new Mercedes has turned into a runaway Sherman tank, and you know how much the Germans hate it when you mention the war…

Coming up we have a busy day XC schooling at Bonfleur, I have another Char lesson, an Easter Carmen Court jumping clinic, lots of Pony Club stuff over the holidays, some B test Care examining, then Tinka-The-Ego heads to Ardingly.

I have just noticed that someone came to this website after searching ‘fat slob in the corner of the Red Lion Swanley Village’. Now I know I put a little weight on over winter but really?!

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Terrifying but brilliant!

We had a fantastic morning at Littleton Manor XC schooling last weekend. Lovely and warm, bright blue skies and the going was absolutely fantastic. It was great to be out again, although I have to admit to walking the course wishing Harry and I were having a play. First XC school of the year on a horse you trust is a great feeling. Everyone jumped really well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Smiles all round!

Martin and Tinka then went to Lucy’s for a jumping lesson. The words ‘arrogant’ and ‘madam’ were heard a fair bit but some great exercises that really got her thinking and staying straight. She is such a cocky whatsit!

On Saturday we had our last Bedgebury jumping clinic of the winter. It’s such a shame that I won’t be there much through the Summer but we have clinics starting at Carmen Court in April, a few at a new venue Adds Farm, and I am doing more ‘private groups’ on livery yards too…My favourite quote of the day; “that was absolutely terrifying but brilliant!” Maybe that’s my new advertising slogan?! Janine Lamy, terrifying but brilliant!!

Yesterday Tinka and Martin headed off to the pre-season combined training at Munstead. Oh crikey, what unbelievably hideous weather. It was freezing cold, alternating between icy rain and snow, blowing a bitter wind and seriously wet underfoot. On the left the picture shows the carpark when we arrived, never a good start! On the right, as we were towed out. Yuk yuk yuk. Tinka was very well behaved considering the conditions. An improved dressage test with a couple of mistakes, and a little away with the fairies in the showjumping having two poles, but that improved on second attempt. The first round of the year on grass can be a bit like that and the going was awful! Superstar of the day was Julia Izzard on her lovely young coloured mare Libby who won her 80cm class. Anyone who has seen this mare jump will know she is a really smart horse and definitely one for the future.

Ehren hasn’t slipped her halo yet. So far so good….she has continued to be very sweet and relaxed about life. I have my first lesson booked for a few weeks time, I dread to think what Char will make of my riding after nearly a year without a lesson. It’s going to be ugly!

I mentioned Adds Farm earlier as a new venue for clinics. They have a temporary webpage up on www.holidayswithyourhorse.co.uk to advertise their new horse-friendly bed and breakfast at their lovely home near Crowborough. I have agreed to teach at a camp there that will run from Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th June, described on their webpage as a ‘TLC Break’. Anyone interested in this camp can contact me or Sue. There will be a flatwork session, a jumping session and lots of hacking in the Ashdown Forest…

Next weekend Martin and Tinka head to Tweseldown for the BE100, let’s hope for more friendly weather!

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Daddy’s little racehorse

I know it’s starting to get colder but we had the most amazing bright sunshine at the last Carmen Court jumping clinic. Lily and Jazz did some gridwork with me in the morning, both jumping really well. Jazz hasn’t been jumped since February and was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Then a few groups in the afternoon. As usual it was a very relaxed day, everyone really seeming to benefit from coming out and schooling round a course or doing some exercises away from home. I can’t believe that’s another year over.

Martin took Lily to the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds opening meet. There were nearly 50 out and she was a total star again. She took everything in her stride; jumping ditches, timber, water, and what Martin described as a ‘Junior Hedge’. Doesn’t look that ‘junior’ to me….very proud of my little girl! In our house she is now referred to as “Daddy’s little racehorse”.

While Lily was galloping around the countryside Morgan and Smurf swapped their jumping tack for dressage tack and went to Eaglesfield unaffiliated. Having seen their flatwork in the week I had suggested that maybe they were ready to take the plunge and affiliate him. To prove a point Smurf won the Prelim with 74% and the Novice with 71%…..ooh we do love a winner!

Winter must be approaching as the Eaglesfield BD series has also started. In the first one on Tuesday Debbie and Jasmine were both in the Elementary. Despite having barely ridden in two months due to a bad back Debbie posted a win, only narrowly pipping Jasmine who has only had two rides on Reggie at this level. So a first and a second for Team Lamy – Hoo-Hah! Maybe it was the threat of thumb screws….

Then on Thursday I went to Mount Mascal for a BHS course on how rider position and anatomy affects the horse’s way of going. These courses are always very interesting but I think the biggest thing I took away was probably about my own wonky body and how it affects my horses rather than anything to do with my clients!

Coming up we have a busy half term, the first Bedgebury winter jumping clinic, Harry’s third chiro session, and a possibility of a day out with Coakham for Lily and Martin. Fingers crossed I can actually go and watch this time!!

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Rosie’s Sister Charlotte

Lily saw the chiropractor last week, and all was well in the world again. She even had her debut hunting experience at the weekend, a pre-season day with the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds. Unfortunately I was working all day but her school report was glowing. The photos show a pretty chilled out horse and Martin says she jumped like a star.

 Jasmine is on a serious roll now. Three BD Novice wins in three outings – Yeah Baby! Reggie continues to strutt his funky stuff, last week at Oldencraig BD and this week at Stilebridge BD. Not only are they winning but they have now qualified for the Winter Regionals and have made their debut at Elementary with a yellow ribbon. Wowee!

Another ongoing success story is Katie and her young horse Ginger. I started teaching them in the Spring and it was pretty obvious that they were not a happy couple. The critical point was to move yards, not something I usually suggest but I think sometimes we underestimate the impact different environments have on different horses. What works for one can be awful for another and he was not a happy soldier. So I pitch up as new instructor and after three lessons I say that I think she needs to give serious consideration to moving. My name must be mud with the yard owner, but hey-ho I have pretty thick skin (just as well because the little Picanto is no getaway car!) and anyway, the client and their horse is my concern. I find that people are generally very trusting, it’s my Derren Brown-style subliminal hacking skills “Look into my eyes!!” Three months has passed, Katie and Ginger have gone from strength to strength, recently attending their first training competition, coming 2nd in their dressage. By all accounts the boy was a total superstar all day and Katie couldn’t be more thrilled. What a transformation. Onwards and upwards!

Whilst recently at a Pony Club B test, examiner Penny Sangster was telling me that she remembers the Scales of Training (Rhythm Suppleness Contact Impulsion Straightness Collection) by thinking ‘Royal Shakespeare Company, Imperial Shakespeare Company’. I have always had success using acronyms for remembering things, ‘All King Edward’s Horses’…’Some Old Hens’…they are locked away in my head forever. So what did this year’s North West Kent B test trainees come up with? The fictional ‘Rosie’s Sister Charlotte Is a Silly Cow’….hah! Well that certainly highlights the difference between the East Sussex branch and us but I am very happy that the girls will not forget this, and neither will I. My only concern is that I will at some point say it out loud!

On Sunday I was very much looking forwards to a jumping lesson with Joe Meyer as he was teaching at Carmen Court. Lily has been going so well and had jumped like a star on Thursday but by Friday there were signs that things may not be quite the ticket, and sure enough by Sunday morning Pigtails was in the house. Joe quietly sat in his chair while the ginger one stropped about waving her undercarriage at him and I clung on for dear life. Big groan…I really had hoped we were past this. My immediate thought was that she was uncomfortable in her mouth after hunting at the weekend, but this morning she was so heavily in season she could barely stand, let alone put one foot in front of the other. Looking at some other dates this theory may play out. Lily didn’t come with an instruction manual, we are learning as we go and it seems there are a few pieces to the jigsaw! In the meantime every muscle in my body aches and I have a bruised forehead. Pigtails does a smashing Glaswegian Kiss….

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