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In season Kung-Fu Panda

So the pre-season madness continues. Char has been up a couple of times putting us through our paces. Lily is going so much better at home but I can just imagine how she will be at Poplar Park. Last year she could barely stand she was trembling so much, and was loose within moments of coming off the ramp! We have been having a play with Ehren’s changes which is very exciting, but it struck me the other day that away from home I can barely touch Ehren in the canter. I will have to put my brave pants on first time of asking!

Lily practising at Tweseldown

Lily practising at Tweseldown

We have been XC schooling twice more. We had a great day at LMEQ knocking off some more rust. The girls were all a bit hormonal and clingy but we all survived it. It did remind me why I decided not to take Lexi and Lily to Poplar on the same day. There is enough temptation for Lexi to be bad without Lily egging her on (as we found at Munstead for the combined training). We also went to the new revamped Tweseldown and had a super day despite the freezing wind. The ground was amazing and there were loads of fences suitable for all levels in the new schooling area. Well worth the trip and the people there were lovely.

On the dressage front Stacey and Queenie did really well to win their Prelim section at Eaglesfield BD. I rode Lottie at Stilebridge BD in the Prelim for Jasmine and was really pleased with how hard she tried. She went as well there as she goes at home. Loads of clients and friendly faces were in attendance and plenty of ribbons picked up including a win for Doo. Stilebridge is always a really lovely relaxed day, all credit to Vanessa. Unfortunately we had to withdraw Ehren from the Merrist Wood Regionals as she only made it out of sick-bay two days before. There is winging it and there is eating sand. No thanks! However Big Lexie had an amazing time with 18 year old Beverly winning the Restricted Elementary Music Freestyle and coming 8th in the Restricted Elementary. Wowsers!! Off to the Nationals they go. So very proud of this horse; she has always been a complete superstar. Rodders and Millie have such a lot to live up to. As if this wasn’t enough, they then went on to become U25s Winter Elementary Champion at Bury Farm. They sure are on a roll!

Instead of going to the Regionals with Ehren we took Lily for a SJ lesson with Vittoria Panizzon at LMEQ. What a lovely lady, Martin has some new ideas to try and all very jolly being groom and watching in the sunshine.

Little Lexi Munstead CT80

Little Lexi Munstead CT80

Then our first trip out on grass; the annual pilgrimage to Munstead for the pre-season combined training. Having two in season mares on the lorry was a bit of a schoolboy error. The only way of getting Lexi out of the lorry park was at the ‘working gallop’. Lily was running sideways and backwards in the SJ warm-up she was so excited, and Lexi had no intention of leaving Lily in the warm-up to go and jump her round meaning rather of lot of Kung-Fu Panda impressions. Lily ended the day by putting a stud through Martin’s best boots. Ahem, you can only laugh.

Lily Munstead CT90

Lily Munstead CT90

Today I went to Hartpury for the BHS convention. I am really glad I made the effort as it was very interesting with Nick Turner, Stephen Clarke and Ben Hobday all doing sessions. We have more SJ and XC practises planned for Lexi, outings to Poplar Park and Munstead BE, lots of clinics organised and most scary of all Ehren will hopefully have her first outing in six months. Yikes!

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