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Let’s go!!

Ehren at Stilebridge BD

Ehren at Stilebridge BD

Before Christmas Ehren dipped her hoof back into the world of dressage; only her third outing in all of last year.  She suffered a little from stage fright as I would expect but felt ‘normal’ which was the most important thing. I have completely changed Ehren’s routine, and she has been like a different horse. The old Ehren is back! I almost dare not say it just incase of another setback. Despite everything we are told about what is good for them I have taken Ehren off the grazing and she is living in 24/7. She has not seen a blade of grass since the beginning of November, and she is my lovely friendly relaxed pony again. She is also rideable and trainable. Hurrah! She has been so good that we have started her changes and Ehren being Ehren she is throwing them in whenever she thinks it might be helpful. There is a small box for a brain. If you put something new in, something old falls out. Currently we have lost counter canter, but you know what? I don’t even care!

Little Lexi is behaving like a stroppy teenager, obviously feeling far too well and is on ‘Operation Sweaty Numnah!’ That said she went to Duckhurst and jumped double clear in her first show, so not all bad. She is being pretty ridiculous about anything and everything so I am littering the arena in scary things and risking life and limb turning her into a handy pony.

Lily went to Duckhurst BS and jumped some super confident robust rounds, including a double clear in the Horsequest Qualifier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI_wpl1yUHU. She remains true to form and only yesterday ran off at warp speed down the yard in full tack with Martin behind her like some Benny Hill clip!

Worker clinic at BlueBarn

Worker clinic at BlueBarn

The jumping clinics at Four Elms have remained really popular, plus we have set the dates for Carmen Court from April through to August. We also have five cross country schooling dates organised for the early – spring season. We did a seriously freezing five hours in the cold Workers clinic at Blue Barn outdoors between Christmas and New Year. The course is always great, and good practise for worker people or eventers. On top of that there are occasional groups at both BlueBarn and Eaglesfield. We have not slowed down this winter!!

Jasmine too went to Duckhurst, her first ever show-jumping show and jumped a double clear in the 60cm like she did it every day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3r16sKK8ZeQ  She has such an amazing attitude, a really smart horse. It would be lovely to keep her to do a few events but we are seriously lacking in time and funds, and unfortunately stables too!

Lexie (one of the reasons for a lack of stables) has come back into work like she never had more than a month off. She will always be our superstar but she looks amazing. We thought she might have aged in five years, or be a bit stiff or wonky from three foals but none of it. She is awesome, and appears very pleased to be working again. Once we have jumped her a little more I will be trying to cut Martin’s apron strings and look for a loan home.

I have just had two weeks off to get my paperwork sorted out, and am looking forward to cracking on with 2015. Coming up we have a group schooling at Eaglesfield, a lorry load down to Coombelands for some Arena Eventing schooling, another lorry load to Stilebridge BD, Little Lexi has another Sally lesson, Char is up for flatwork lessons, and we are off to LMEQ for the first XC school of the year. It is then pretty busy with XC schooling, SJ outings and lessons to get them all aimed at the pre-season combined training at Munstead. Their first trip out on grass! Let’s go!!

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