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Tinka Stinka Winner!

Tinka jumping the Intermediate Novice at Pulborough

Tinka jumping the Intermediate Novice at Pulborough

Crikey I am late writing this! Where to start? The end of the summer has been and gone and it is now feeling very autumnal….

Tinka had an amazing day at Firle Place and won her BE Novice on her dressage score.  Wow! When she gets it right she gets it very right. She then went to Goring and South of England for good consistent runs, then finished the season at Pulborough in the Intermediate Novice. She has learnt so much this year and is now qualified for a Novice Regional Final and a CIC* so lots to look forward to next year.  Go the Stinka!

Morgan took Smurf and Henry to the South East Dressage Championships. Henry was to shine on this occasion and took the prize for best score of the day out of 168 tests. 76.56% in an elementary is pretty cool for a 17 year old 12.2h cob! Bless him…

Lily has also now finished her season at Pulborough in the BE80. She has gained in confidence throughout the year and is thoroughly enjoying herself, possibly a little too much! Joking aside it is amazing to see Lily out competing and testimony to how tough she is after everything she has been through. The flip side of this is that she is an unbelievably opinionated ginger. Just as well she is so pretty, something I am often found thinking as I run after her when she is frequently loose!

Little Lexi popping logs

Little Lexi popping logs

Lexi has had a few escorted XC schools, one of which was to Bull Farm. That was an interesting day! Suffice to say that we don’t really have any hills at home and I was suddenly aware that my pony may as well have been on roller skates, she was all over the place!! She then went to Underriver for a Puppy day with Coakham to get her head around hills. She was an absolute superstar but it has become apparent since that it has blown a fuse in her brain and so she won’t be going again until she is older and more established. She had her first jumping lesson with Sally Thurloway on her grass arena and was very good although it was back to real basics which was rather frustrating. Since then we have hired Duckhurst twice and are making progress again with keeping everything calmer.

Little Lexi out with Coakham Bloodhounds

Little Lexi out with Coakham Bloodhounds

We’ve had the first winter jumping clinic at Four Elms and that worked really well so fingers crossed for a future there.

Ehren is in sickbay just by way of a change….groan. When I came back from holidays it was really clear that she still is not right and all the chiro and acupuncture is making a difference but not addressing whatever is wrong. Turns out she now also has fluid on her chest to add to her long list of complaints. Let’s not even go there, she has pretty much been out of work all year. I have come to the conclusion that Ehren and I would never be drinking partners. She is an absolute lightweight!

Not to be outdone, young Billy puppy thought it was a great idea to eat an empty Diet Coke can. What planet?!  Fortunately for him it all seemed to come out the other end with no ill effects other than to my bank balance. Unfortunately for me, someone needed to check its passing…..eww.

Char has been in for flatwork lessons. If you see Martin around and about you need to remind him “to ride more like a girl”. I am not sure “has Janine ridden this horse, I would be interested to see how she goes for her?” went down particularly well. Put it this way I keep finding my knickers are full of horse hair…..! They were very interesting lessons as she hasn’t taught Tinka before or seen Lily in about three years, plus lots to work on with Little Lexi who is getting more and more rideable on the flat. In the first lesson Char said “well she is what she is”. OK, not a fan of my irish pony then! In the second lesson we rose to the dizzy heights of “you know I think this might have potential”. Ooh!!

Tomorrow I need to clip Lily just as I see a reminder saying that my personal accident insurance is unpaid. Not good timing. A&E and Lily are words that hang very easily together…..all going well we then have another Lexi jump lesson with Sally,  jump clinics at Golden Cross and Four Elms, another Lexi schooling session at Duckhurst, more Char lessons and I was thinking about taking Lexi to a dance party to see the white boards and learn the rules. At some point Tinka will go home for a winter holiday and her sister Jasmine will come back to play with Martin…..no rest for the wicked!

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