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Should have gone to Specsavers!

We had a brilliant weekend at Stratford Hills in the sunshine. Tinka jumped double clear and finished 10th in the BE Novice and Jules and Libby did brilliantly to finish 7th in their first ever BE100. We’ve always loved this event and the last three years it clashed with my Bedgebury camp. This year I had strict instructions and contacted the organiser back in the winter to ensure that we could go, and just as well I did!

While we were there Emma Dendy text me to say she had jumped clear round her first BS British Novice, also something of a milestone achievement! These guys have come such a long way. Emma was too frightened to get on Lilly at one point and I can remember leading her around the arena at Bedgebury because she was frozen with fear. Wowsers!

I give side-saddle a go!

Horse ailment charades, what can I say?!

Horse ailment charades, what can I say?!

Talking of Bedgebury we had the most fun at adult camp. As always a weekend of laughter with horses thrown in, and hopefully some learning! Extra curricula activities included a brilliant side-saddle lecture demonstration and have-a-go (and I did!), Simple System Feed came and did a really interesting and thought provoking talk, and we played Horse Ailment Charades. Crikey I haven’t laughed like that in ages…but you know ‘what goes on in camp stays in camp’…..!

Unfortunately Char couldn’t make our planned lesson so poor Louisa has been tied to the school for two weeks taking video and pictures with me stomping around being grumpy about how it all looks and ranting about my riding while she smiles sweetly and keeps her thoughts to herself! I decided I would take Ehren to Stilebridge BD for as much as anything a progress report on how she is going until I can catch up with Char. She was quite awful in the first test (lots of people congratulating me on staying on!) but generally felt a very unhappy pony rather than being silly and I felt sure that it was something to do with the bridle. She did still manage a blue frillie and respectable score in the second test but was still quite tetchy and I just managed a better cover up job. Since then I have been playing with tack and am pretty sure we have poll and jaw soreness so have some more chiro and also some acupuncture booked. On the plus side she doesn’t feel gastric but now that seems better I can see that there are still other problems. This has been going on now (on and off) since she had her teeth out two years ago. I just want my pony back!!

Tinka at Eridge Novice

Tinka at Eridge Novice

Tinka did a great job in the heat at Eridge BE Novice. A much improved dressage test, clear SJ and one stop on the XC completely due to pilot error. Martin was absolutely thrilled with how she jumped. He totally missed his line and holds his hands up – ‘Should have gone to Specsavers!’ British Eventing had just published an article about looking after your owners, so what was new puppy Billy’s take on this? As Tinka trots down the centre line he starts humping Sally’s leg!!!

Lily jumps really well at Felbridge

Lily jumps really well at Felbridge

We entered Lily for the UA Tweseldown 80 and were completely astonished when they cancelled it due to lack of entries. I cannot remember that ever happening. Anyway we decided to reroute to Felbridge for their BE80 combined training and she was a superstar finishing 4th. She did a much more relaxed dressage of 29.5 and had one pole SJ. Very pleased with the girl.

Bailey heads home now after four weeks of Lamy boot camp. He has been quite the gentleman and done his best at everything I have asked. Hopefully Stephanie can crack on with the rest of the summer now and start to enjoy her jumping again.

Restarting Bailey’s jumping

Martin is now very busy with Pony Club commitments so the Groomsbridge Girls will not be competing until August. With this in mind Tinka has gone home for a summer holiday. Ehren hopefully has chiro, acupuncture, and a Char lesson booked. She will go out and party if she feels happier.  There are plenty of clinics planned and another camp at Adds Farm. Hopefully I will have time to do a little more with Little Lexi. Watch this space!

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