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Am I bovvered?!

Rolo hacking round the fields

Rolo hacking round the fields

Rolo restarting his jumping

So where to start? We had the lovely Rolo stay with us for four weeks. He was a very welcome house guest, doing everything we asked of him. He hadn’t done much since last Autumn and turned up in a very bolshy spooky mood. Hopefully he has gone back to the Rolo that Jen enjoyed so much last year and they can enjoy their summer now. In his place we have a larger, wider version called Bailey come to stay with the plan of getting him jumping and progressing his flatwork while his mother is on holiday.

Tinka on fine form at Keysoe N

Tinka on fine form at Keysoe N

Tinka went to Keysoe BE for her first Novice this year. Unfortunately the course had been revamped and was very strong, not at all what we wanted for her first one of the year. She stormed round nearly all the questions but right near the end of the course they had a disagreement at a skinny. Back to the drawing board with bits and steering ideas! They then dropped back down to BE100 at Borde Hill to make sure that she hadn’t lost any confidence. It was hideously wet and caused utter  carnage but The Stinka said “am I bovvered?” and stormed round in the mud to finish 3rd, what a star! Next stop Stratford Hills to try Novice again…

Jules and Libby were also at Borde Hill for the BE90. They had another really consistent performance for 2nd. So proud of these two, they do their first BE100 at Stratford Hills.

To highlight just how well both Tinka and Libby have started their 2014 campaign they are leading four of the South East Eventer League rankings between them! Unreal! I know it’s early days and both are looking to upgrade but wowee, am very proud! Tinka is leading the GG’s Tack BE100 list and the Wow Overall Grassroots list, and Libby is leading the Poppinghole Farm mares list and the Thermal Imaging (Kent) BE90 list. Amazeballs!

Lily was rerouted to a lower key riding club one day event at Coombelands, a perfect event for her. She was top 5 after the dressage, had one pole down being very green SJ, and a fantastic bold run around the XC for a few time faults and an 8th. Just what the doctor ordered. She had been foul at the jumping clinic at home which turned out to be three weeks after Chilham so we now have a black skull and cross-bones marked on our calendar to mark her hormones! Martin still hasn’t quite worked out that telling an angry woman to ‘calm down’ is like lighting the blue touch paper so I will do my best to protect him from himself!!

Adds Farm campers May 2014

Adds Farm campers May 2014

We have been very busy with clinics; several visits to Bonfleur XC schooling, our first jumping clinic at Carmen Court, a couple of SJ schooling sessions at Eaglesfield, then the first of my adult camps at Adds Farm and some XC schooling at Lodge Farm squeezed in!

Ehren has been back in work for two months now and has been hideously spooky. At first I thought it was just lack of work but this week I found myself clinging round her neck with my right knee left of the pommel. It is only a matter of time! At the moment the school fence is being creosoted so there are dark bits and light bits which change as more is painted. I kid you not, this is way too much for Miss Autism to cope with. Frustrating as hell! She also is still not 100% herself so we continue the search for a supplement that sorts out her gastric issues…..

Rodney looking quite beefy at 8 weeks

Rodney looking quite beefy at 8 weeks

Little Lexi is now walk, trot and cantering, starting her first hacks and doing some polework in the school. She is pretty green having not seen poles and wings in such a long time so I am starting to fill the school like a child’s playroom so she has to go through, round and over things. Young Rodney looks a million times stronger and also quite the chunk. The stud have nicknamed him the ‘Foster foal’ as he doesn’t look anything like Lexie! Then there is Bilbo. Our mad lurcher puppy. Another day, another four legged lunatic in the family…….

Bilbo lets off steam

Great to hear of so many of my clients enjoying their Milton Keynes three day event, despite the dreadful wet weekend they had. Top effort from Tiny and Clare who stormed around in the mud to finish 2nd in their class. Go girls! Also fab news from ‘bad-boy’ Okie and Heather who continue to make great forward steps in their journey with a win in the Chilham Combined Training – fantastic effort!!

Coming up we have Stratford Hills BE Novice with Tinka, our adult camp at Bedgebury, Ehren has her first Char lesson in about 7 months (oh dear God that is going to be ugly!), Tinka will also head to Eridge BE, there is a possibility that Ehren will go to Stilebridge BD, and Lily is entered for the UA Tweseldown 80…..

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