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Getting the dining room sideboard through the bathroom window

Young Rodney

Well we have been keeping busy as usual! Lexie gave birth to a bay colt “Rodney”. As usual it was a stressful delivery for Sally and I can assure you all, Lexie’s last. She will be sewn up and never allowed near semen again! Another red bag delivery, and to make matters even worse this time the foal got stuck too. Eventually a rather large boy was dragged out, cracking a few ribs on his way and leaving his mum very sore indeed. In Tom’s words ‘it was like getting the dining room sideboard through the bathroom window.’ Thankfully mum is a tough old bird and Rodders has strong ID ancestry and both are recovering well.

The latest blood tests were good for Ehren so she was allowed to try Gastrogard again. Not for long though, within five hours of being given a pretty low dosage she was lumpy, so now we are sure she is allergic to something in it. According to the drug company she is the only horse ever in the US or here in the UK to have an allergic reaction. Well personally I think that’s as likely as a fish driving a car. I don’t believe it. She is special but she can’t be that special!  I do understand though that if these things aren’t logged with the drugs companies they may not have it documented. Anyway we think her gastric problems are only really a winter issue so I am bringing her back into work now without anything and will see how she goes. Unfortunately it means we will have the gastric issue to solve at the end of this Autumn. This is starting to feel like Groundhog Day!!

Tiny and Clare try their hand in the show ring

Tiny and Clare try their hand in the show ring

Tiny has been masquerading as a show horse. She looks amazing for 19 and is having a great time with Clare.

We had two groups XC schooling at Bull Farm in the rain. It’s always lovely to school somewhere you don’t go to very often and everyone had a great time. Both Tinka and Lily headed to Chilham BE. Lily is a complex little character and needs to feel within her comfort zone, so her first event always had the potential for disaster. She was a good girl all day to handle, did a good dressage test for 31 but bailed out in the SJ of the BE80. She was in season and away with the fairies, went to charge at the fourth fence, then went to stop and skidded into the bottom of the filler sitting on her little ginger backside. I don’t need to explain that once that had happened all was lost! Fortunately she did no harm to her jockey who was able to bring her bold as brass sister out the next day for the BE100. The Stinka jumped another double clear inside the time to finish up third for no other reason than to show Lily what a pansie she was I think!

Also at Chilham were Jules and Libby who produced another consistent result of 6th in the BE90. Jules is planning her step up to BE100 soon and has the Grassroots Regionals to look forward to. Very exciting!

That same weekend Leanne and Dennis won their Discovery at Felbridge BS and have picked up lots of ribbons in recent weeks. When Leanne first came to me it was for flatwork lessons. She “used to jump but wasn’t up for it anymore” and thought she might try her hand at dressage. Well “shall we just try some poles on the floor then”?! I am absolutely delighted to see her having so much fun in the show-jumping ring again. Really really chuffed and wish her the best of luck with her new boy!

Bilbo takes it easy

Bilbo takes it easy

Alice and Magic

Alice and Magic

We then headed for Norfolk for a few days to take a deep breath before our new lurcher puppy Bilbo arrives. While we were away I was delighted to hear that Stephanie had won her Intro dressage with Bailey. He is really coming along now. When he comes to stay this summer we will also start his jumping up again. Something for him to look forward to! Alice and Magic were also out having a fantastic day at the South East Connemara Show. They won and qualified in their Performance Connemara class with a clear round, won and qualified in their Junior Mountain and Moorland NPS class on the flat and jumped a couple of fab rounds in the Novice & Training Stakes. Anyone who is a regular at our jumping clinics will know just how hard Alice works and how much this is deserved. Top banana!!

Little Lexi has been on box rest as her fetlock blew up again. She is like an unexploded bomb. I am now walking her in hand and turning her out in a tiny paddock but she has perfected some serious break-dancing moves, none of which are good for her fetlock! Will keep you posted. She has nearly been with us a year, and looks a much stronger more mature girl now but it would be nice to do something with her!!

Rolo has arrived for four weeks flatwork and jump schooling, Tinka goes to Keysoe BE for her first Novice this year, I have some XC schooling at Bonfleur, we have our first jumping clinic at Carmen Court and some SJ schooling at Eaglesfield , Lily goes to a lower key riding club one day event at Coombelands and Tinka heads to Borde Hill BE. That gets us to half term. And breathe…..

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