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That’s my girl!

Busy busy busy except for poor Ehren who has remained in sick bay. I am crossing everything that she can come back into work this weekend. She has done about three weeks work since Christmas and is now very bored. I think she has eaten her way through a barn of hay in that time and I am worried she will split me in half when I get back on. Little Lexi was also off games but I have just jumped back on and started the process of getting her hacking. There is still some residual puffiness in her fetlock so I need to be careful about how much she does but she went for a solo walk around the paddocks yesterday and Tinka showed her the way round the back fields tonight and she was very perky but very well behaved.

I decided that if I wasn’t riding my two I ought to do something else to keep me fit so have been going to the gym twice a week. I had been pretty proud that I had kept it up. I absolutely hate it and Martin thinks I have lost the plot as it isn’t entirely in keeping with my usual lifestyle 😉  He was much happier when he heard that on Monday last week my version of ‘going to the gym’ was to fall asleep in the gym carpark for an hour!! “That’s my girl.”

We schooled 18 horses round the XC at Bonfleur a few weekends back. Thoroughly exhausting  (anyone want to sponsor me a quad bike?!) but great fun with everyone doing really well and knocking the rust off for the start of the season. Made all the more amusing by Martin bringing Lily’s dressage saddle by mistake. Lots of smiles!

Bee and Rasco having fun

My favourite dark haired bad boy ‘Okie’ won his Novice dressage at Eaglesfield last month and now has a win at Speedgate to add to the CV. He was also remarkably improved XC schooling at Bonfleur. We are definitely making progress but I know there will be some monkey business ahead…

When I bought Little Lexi I was basically being impatient that Lily would take a long time to bring back into work and I wanted a toy. Oh the irony! The Black Bomber has done very little since her arrival and the Ginger Bullet is doing her first BE event this month with Martin! As a precursor to her BE debut she went to Coombelands yesterday and stormed round the Riding Club hunter trial. We were delighted but will continue keeping it cautiously little to make sure she is happy and confident. After everything Lily has been through we are in no rush. I am so proud of her. She has every reason to stick two hooves up!

Lily at her first hunter trial

Morgan had an amazing experience at Aintree bringing in the winner of the Topham Chase onboard the stallion Cos me is Black side-saddle. They looked absolutely stunning and had the most brilliant time. Then she was off to the British Dressage Winter Championships with Smurf and Henry, along with Debbie and Jazz. Of them all superstar hairy pony Henry did the best qualifying for the second round and getting best veteran. He is a little dude!

Morgan in the parade ring at Aintree

News from one of last year’s schooling liveries; Holmes and Sarah won their Walk and Trot test at the Matfield Riding Club dressage. Sarah said she has never won anything before and was absolutely delighted. Great stuff!

On Saturday Tinka and Martin had a fantastic day at the BE100 at South of England. She seems to have come back a more mature horse (although this was not reflected in the dressage arena!) and was totally comfortable jumping double clear without missing a beat. She was only 7 points behind the leader in a very competitive section. Very exciting!

Tinka at South of England

Today Morgan had her regional assessment on the Pony Club Rider Development Pathway for dressage, so I await news on how that went. We were at BlueBarn with four groups schooling over a Working Hunter course. This was a great success with lots of new faces and spooky green ponies working through their paces.

Coming up there is more XC schooling at Bull Farm, Tinka and Lily both go to Chilham BE and Lexie is due to foal. The Lamy-Wright family are then heading to Norfolk for a few days to take a deep breath as we have a new puppy coming in May!!

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