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Screeching in on two wheels

Poor Ehren has been ridden in all weathers these last few weeks with the Regionals in mind. Having had a month of not being at all right then another month off she then slowly came back into work but it had to be in any weather. To be sane she is a 6 days per week girl. Just when I thought we were getting somewhere she then got a lump under her belly, seemingly full of fluid. Three days later it was a lot bigger, then on the fourth day she was covered from head to foot in lumps with swollen knees. Panic!! No option then but to down tools for a few days and take her off the Gastrogard just in case it was an allergic reaction. Two days later we put her back on it at a much lower dose and crossed our fingers. By this time we would no longer just be winging it at the Regionals but screeching in on two wheels! However I made the decision that I would rather she go and experience it for her future even if we didn’t represent ourselves very well. Very pleased I am with that decision as she coped a lot better than I thought she would. There were really nice bits (some 9s, wow!), quite a bit of tension, some spooking and some freestyle movements (3s). She finished up 15th with 67.87%. I was delighted because at times she felt amazing. She has what it takes, just need to keep getting her out and be patient!

Morgan and Debbie have also been out and about in preparation for the Winter Championships at Hartpury. Morgan recently took both boys to Oldencraig BD for an Elementary and won overall with Smurf and was 5th on the little Henry. Jules has good news too as she heard that she and Libby qualified for the BE90 Badminton Grassroots Regional Final. Fantastic!

The lovely Jasmine

The lovely Jasmine

We have said a sad goodbye to Jasmine who worked her way into everyone’s heart while she stayed for five months to be started in her ridden career. She is a lovely sweet unassuming goof of a mare and in her place we have the bumptious self important Tinka back; what a contrast!

Little Lexi restarts ridden work

Little Lexi restarts ridden work

Little Lexi has now done four weeks ridden work and we have slowly built up to walk, trot and canter. She gets better every day and is starting to relax the more we do.

Having got back from the Regionals last night just in time for last orders, we were up in the sunshine today for our first XC school of the year at LMEQ. After the stressy dressage divas yesterday this was literally a breath of fresh air! It was great to be out, even if it was rather wet under foot. Everyone jumped really well and knocked the rust off before the start of the season.

Lily's first XC school of the year

Lily’s first XC school of the year

Coming up we are schooling over a Working Hunter course at Blue Barn, Ehren will head off to Stilebridge for some Elementaries, we have the last Bedgebury jumping clinic of the Winter series, and the Groomsbridge Girls will go and practise their showjumping at Felbridge. Despite the weather we are looking forward to getting started!

I have lots of jumping clinics booked already this year; with riding clubs, at private yards, our own, and even a couple of equitation side-saddle ones. I am aiming to start up more Working Hunter ones too. The schooling livery diary is starting to book up, and I am doing four adult weekend camps this year. There is my Bedgebury one and three more at Adds Farm, all of which are full. With lots of people aiming for the last Milton Keynes three day event we are also trying to schedule lots of XC schooling in the diary. Looks like another busy one!

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