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Tummy trouble?

So what have we been up to so far this year? Well in between getting blown away and flooded we grabbed the opportunity to take Lily to Duckhurst one Thursday evening for their Clear Round. She was an absolute superstar, didn’t look at anything and jumped two fantastic rounds. Makes up for the Blue Barn dressage antics after Christmas!

We’ve had two Bedgebury jumping clinics. I find it hard to imagine there is only one more and then we relocate outdoors. Not liking that idea much at the moment!! Jasmine jumped like a superstar at the last one having really gained in confidence each month. It will be a shame to say goodbye to her when Tinka comes back but hopefully she will go show-jumping with Sally (her owner/breeder).

Being a modern parent I gave Ehren the choice….you can go to Patchetts or Merrist Wood but Mummy and Daddy would very much rather go to Merrist Wood…see what you think. Uhum. Well let’s just say that there was 14% difference in the score and Ehren stomped and shouted “if you want to go to Merrist Wood I am going to choose Patchetts”. So much for modern parenting. The judge seemed to be laughing when I finished (not ideal) and commented on how the dear teenager “showed some character”….hmm…..OK, Patchetts it is then. Now back in 2004 we were at Patchetts for the Winter Regionals with Tiny. On the Thursday morning we had a 9am test, and another on the Friday night at 7pm. Tiny was placed on the Friday and back then you had a mounted prizegiving. This was at 9.30pm.To add insult to injury the Dartford bridge was closed so we had to drive the London route home and Martin growled “We are never ever doing this again”. Touchy touchy touchy. So….I break the news to him, Patchetts on a Friday again. He looks into his diary and says “Oh I am so sorry I am in Germany that day”. Yeh, bet you are devastated……

Unfortunately said teenager has not been herself and has the vets scratching their heads so we downed tools for a few weeks. We have just started her on a course of Gastrogard so fingers crossed that helps, we can get her back on track, and maybe hope that her behaviour at Merrist Wood was all linked with her being uncomfortable. We’ve missed our Patchetts practise and may very well miss the Regionals too. Typical but more importantly I want my pony back!

In between the awful weather I have been dabbling with Little Lexi who is somewhat sensitive and proving quite the challenge at the moment. We are now pretty cool on the lunge, are making great progress in the walk, but trot is rather panicky. Watch this space!

With Martin’s 50th birthday to celebrate we headed off to the much warmer and sunny Gambia. We had a lovely relaxed holiday but now we are back to rain, rain and more rain. Urf.

We were supposed to be XC schooling today at Heath Farm Munstead. Fat chance! Coming up we will swap Jasmine for Tinka, we may or may not make the Regionals with Ehren, there is XC schooling at LMEQ, Working Hunter practise at Blue Barn and the last Bedgebury jumping clinic for this Winter.


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