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Happy New Year!

Well Happy New Year to you all!

We had a lovely Christmas, although are rather maxed out on food and drink right now. Thankyou everyone for my lovely gifts – chocolate, wine and smellies featured highly! However top of the list must be the blingy plaiting bands, hah!

Since we last spoke Lily has become a global internet sensation. I put a video of her rolling in a muddy puddle on Facebook (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwYXfjSzIRM) and it was shared over 1,600 times and went all around the world. This rather caught me by surprise but most people are in agreement, she is a minger! Thank goodness for her Snuggy Hood which really does help cover some of her but I am starting to wish they made a waterproof onesie complete with legs!

We had a jam-packed December jumping clinic at Bedgebury, the last one of 2013. Quite a few new faces and Martin took both Jasmine and Lily. The first group arrived to see me chasing Jasmine around the arena with a lunge-whip. She was absolutely gob-smacked by this arena with a roof and coloured wooden things and was completely rooted to the spot! Bless her, this was only ten weeks into work and not something you would do with all of them at the same stage but by the end of the session she had cantered around a little course clear. Amazeballs!

Ehren has had two Char lessons (always in the dark now to keep rider criticisms to a minimum!) and had a practise run at Patchetts BD to see what she thought of the venue (the Regionals will either be Patchetts or Merrist Wood and she has never been to either). She was pretty sparky and bright in the Novice getting 72.41% and horribly spooky in the Elementary which was in a different arena getting 63.90%. Fortunately the Regional test will be in the first arena but she was still fairly lit up in there and not very rideable! Her next outing will be her practise run at Merrist Wood weather permitting. Martin may or may not be coming with me since he came back from the scoreboard at Patchetts announcing “you don’t know anything about dressage”….so hard to get good grooms.

Stacey and Queenie continue to impress winning their Novice test at Eaglesfield in another big class of 18 horses. I am really pleased with their improvement this year; she has so much to offer and is a shining example of a versatile Welshie.

Unfortunately Lily’s jumping outing to Duckhurst was cancelled because of the flooding but we did take her and Jasmine to Blue Barn for some dressage. Jasmine was an absolute superstar. She is as green as grass and wobbled her way down the centre line but took the whole experience (including an arena beautifully decorated for Christmas) in her stride winning her Intro test with nearly 70% and getting 2nd in her Prelim with 65%. Wow, she only left the stud 13 weeks ago! Meanwhile the Ginge was having a moment about not being the centre of attention. She tried to climb out of the lorry, hung herself in the haynet and got one leg stuck over the breast-strap. When eventually freed (thankyou to those that helped) and tied up outside, she deliberately broke loose and she and yours truly were seen running around the carpark like something in a Benny Hill sketch. She never did settle, I’m sure she thought she should be hunting or something. Martin rode a very tactful first test for 72% but in the second test it all rather bubbled over with Lily adding some airs above the ground for artistic flavour….as groom I was quite pleased to have them loaded back in the truck and be heading home!

Coming up hopefully Lily will get a jumping outing, there are 24 keen riders coming to the January Bedgebury jumping clinic, and Ehren will try out Merrist Wood as a Regional venue. Onwards into 2014 we go!

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