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Swing low sweet chariot

So what have we been up to? Well Jasmine has continued to improve over the eight weeks she has been with us. She has been for her first solo hack and her first session jumping under saddle was particularly impressive. She was totally unfazed and very bold but also showed a super natural technique. I would say what a clever pony but I think we will hold on the Mensa application….once she settled in she quickly earned the status of ‘nice but dim’. Just recently she has started using her water bucket as a foot spa, regularly standing with her backside in the corner of the stable and one leg in the bucket. Albert Einstein she is not!

On the subject of jumping I have started to jump Ehren again. This is in no way impressive as she is not at all bold. However, I do believe it is good for her!

The dressage divas have been on top form….Sue and Percy from the yard and Stacey and Queenie headed to Eaglesfield. Both scorched into the 70% club in their Prelim and were 3rd and 2nd respectively in a class of 29! That same day Hadlow BD was on and Mark and Harvey had their first run as fully fledged BD members and came 2nd in the Prelim. Morgan was there too with Henry and Smurf in the Elementary, getting a 5th with Henry and a 2nd with Smurf and another 70% club score. Wowsers!

Lily and Martin had their first flatwork lesson with Damian. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go and watch but it sounds like she was a superstar and didn’t put a hoof out of place (proud mummy!). Damian said she was really nice, moves really well and has an amazing hind leg and hock action. The plan of action is to now teach her to be better balanced. Yesterday she was attacked by a dog whilst on a hack. It ran at her from about 100m, leapt up at her and tried grabbing her saddle cloth and flanks. She reared and span, Martin fell off but managed to keep hold of her, and on her first attempt and without pausing to think she then booted it in the head and kicked it into the distance as if she’d run out at Twickenham and had a thing or two to show Jonny Wilkinson. Martin was horrified as it appeared to be dead. He said it dropped like a stone and was laying on the floor for a good 3 or 4 minutes before it moved. Fortunately it had a muzzle on so hadn’t hurt her and she was totally unfazed standing there half asleep watching it regain consciousness. Thank goodness it got up and trotted away looking OK. I appreciate the dog was totally in the wrong but I don’t think we need to add ‘Killer of Dogs’ to Lily’s ever growing CV! Never a dull moment eh….

A week or so ago I took the opportunity of a spare hour and some dry weather to do some loading practise with Jasmine. She was very good, not at all worried. With this done she is threatening a trip to the next Bedgebury jumping clinic and some dressage after Christmas.

Talking of dressage, Ehren and I went to Oldencraig BD for more practise indoors and her first Elementary. Not long after we unloaded her someone walked up the carpark with a pushchair, fair enough you would think. Luckily for my father I had just taken her off him when she totally lost the plot and bronced around the carpark with me clinging to the end of the leadrope! Everyone else seemed to be staring like time had stood still! It didn’t get much better in the warm-up with reasons for silliness everywhere, and her Novice test started with a 3 and a 4…..thankfully she settled more for the Elementary and did a calm, if rather fragile test to win her section with 66.2%. A day of ups and downs but I can’t complain about her first attempt at Elementary! Also at Oldencraig were Jasmine (the person) and Debbie. I was particularly chuffed for Jasmine; she and Kevin got their best score to date in their Medium with 64% – this combination were struggling at Prelim and Novice a few years back. They have had some journey!

Little Lexi looks like a little black furrball so has had her first junior haircut so that work can begin. I have just started lunging her in the last week or so…..will get some pictures of the new girl starting work for next time….

On Saturday I was at the BD National Convention with Adelinde Cornelissen as host. I find it a long day driving up to Hartpury but always worth it. This year Adelinde’s message was very straightforward and easy to understand. One of the things she focussed on was the rider’s responsibility to the horse; being fitter both mentally and physically. We expect if from our steeds yet so often it is lacking from our side. Oh dear, am I soon to be found watching the telly balanced on my knees on a pilates ball, juggling cheese and biscuits whilst trying not to spill my wine?!

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