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Lessons in the dark

So going back about a month I had my lesson with Char in the pouring rain. Hideous weather it was! You’d think in such circumstances she might cut me a little slack? Not so…..on asking me to go into sitting trot I got “oh dear it looks like I have my work cut out here!” and later after many requests and in desperation she asked “is your contact soft?” to which Ehren shook her head…..hey, you two! So I came up with a wicked plan, next lesson booked so that it would be dark. It worked wonders, she even said I was sitting better, hah!

Morgan has been out with both boys and done her first BD Elementaries at Hadlow. She put up a good show getting a 2nd with Smurf and a 5th with Henry. Onwards and upwards!

I hate clipping more than anything in the world so the lovely Sharon Richardson comes and does Ehren’s haircut. Looking far more like a dressage diva we headed off to Oldencraig BD for the first time to see what she would make of a busier venue. She was spooky and a little worried, particularly indoors but held it together better than before and did me proud gaining 67.4% indoors and 70.32% in the outdoor test for a 3rd place and a win. Not only that, but in two outings Ehren has qualified for the Winter Regionals. What a girl!

Martin is continuing work with Jasmine. I think the concept originally came as a bit of a shock and every now and again she challenged the system just in case going home and living in a field doing nothing was an option after all. We are now five weeks in and she is looking quite smart in walk and trot. She has a very natural way of carrying herself and quite a big movement; you could imagine her holding her own in a serious show ring. She has also been lunged twice over a fence and is really picking things up….watch this space!

Laura Reeves has been working hard to improve her mum’s pony Harley on the flat. I have been called in occasionally to administer homework (and always a great excuse to pop in and see my favourite pony Ivy!). I was absolutely thrilled to hear they got an amazing score of 72.5% and a second place at the Riding Club Area 10 winter qualifier. Wow!

We had a great Bedgebury jumping clinic today. One of those days when so many people did so well, it is so rewarding to see the regulars improve over the months. As a rule we don’t practise jumping round courses often enough and it makes such a difference. Yet again Lily jumped like a star with Martin and is looking so much more confident, fingers and toes crossed.

Coming up Ehren has another Char lesson, a haircut, and trips to Step Aside and Oldencraig to practise more indoors and maybe try some easier Elementaries. Hopefully Little Lexi is going to start to do some work in hand, then she and Jasmine will be doing some loading practise (groan!). The fact that the BD National Convention is coming up fills me with fear because I can remember a few years ago it was -7 degrees! So best laid plans and all that….

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