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No retiring the old man!

On the dressage front Debbie and Jasmine have been plugging away at their BD Mediums in order to get qualified for the Area Festivals. We more commonly see Tina and Percy at the jumping clinics but Percy’s sharer Sue has done her first few dressage outings and recently won her Prelim with 66.1% at Speedgate. This is a fantastic result and put a big smile on my face. Taking our time and having a system in place has really reaped its rewards. Competitions were banned for months and months, and now they are ready and really having fun.

We took a small group including Lily and Tinka to Lodge Farm for a XC school. Emma, Sarah and Jules joined us with Jules specifically wanting to get a better idea of the BE90 pace. Tinka looked much improved, Lily however had another ginger hormonal tantrum. I hadn’t realised but it was three weeks since Lucy’s school fence got a kicking. This time, and I kid you not, she hurled herself off the bank at Lodge Farm backwards. Martin just sat there. Lily you have no idea how stubborn he is. Seriously, give it up girl!

Fantastic news from Tinka; following her great run at Brightling it was Iping BE100 last weekend. Not a favourite venue of mine (although Martin loves it) and everything she has been struggling with. I walked the course and thought what a huge test it would be for her; hilly, twisty, spooky, ditchy and almost impossible to make the time. So on a scorching Sunday afternoon she stormed around it, was totally confident and fairly close to the time to WIN! Hoo-hah!! A win! Crikey, they don’t come along very often. As a one-horse working amateur rider getting a win is a serious achievement. We can count them on one hand in all Martin’s many (sorry Martin but I haven’t got over the commentator at South of England saying you first competed there in 1979!) years of eventing – there was a brilliant win in the Poplar Park Novice 2006 on a seven year old Lexie, again on Lexie at Eridge in the Pre Novice 2004, and ten years ago to the day on Debbie Garland’s Mannie at Iping in the Pre Novice 2003. So no retiring the old man, he has promised to carry on kicking!

In all this heat I have a rather overweight but otherwise lovely Connemara in for two weeks intensive schooling called Rolo. I think the poor fellow is wondering what on earth happened (as are my legs!). He is a friend of my favourite little man Dylan, and Dylan had better watch out as I am working on making Rolo a fellow Chelsham and Bromley Riding Club dressage contender! Another schooler ‘Dita’ has just posted her first win; it’s all getting rather competitive!

I have entered Ehren for the Addington Regionals. They are the last one this year, giving her eye the longest possible time to clear up. It does look better but is slow progress and the oedema is still there, albeit smaller. I have started to ride her this week in her fly mask. Quite the fashion aficionada she is…..I do feel for her in this heat though, it must be SO itchy.

Coming up Tinka has Chilham BE100, Ehren may or may not have the Regionals, and we have jumping clinics at Adds Farm, White House and Carmen Court. Dita is coming back to Carmen Court for a month and we have the added challenge of introducing her to some jumping, I have camps at Adds Farm and Ardingly, and I think it will be nice to squeeze in a few days off for Hickstead and Edenbridge. Ah the madness of summer!

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