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Shiver me timbers!

Martin has been keeping busy with Lily and Tinka. They both went to Lodge Farm a while back for a XC school. Lily is still showing her inexperience but is making steady progress and behaved really well. Tinka and Martin were still trying to resolve their communication problems but he felt happier and entered Eridge BE90 in the hope of giving her a confidence boosting run.

Two recent schooling liveries Dita and Dylan have been out for their debut dressage outings. Dita and Terri were 2nd in their first outing with 62.17%, and Dylan and Michelle won their first class with 64.78% and were 4th in their second class with 65.41% I am so pleased and proud of all four, what a great start. I think Michelle has the bit between her teeth now and was out again getting a 2nd and 5th in big prelim classes with 66% and 64% and comments from judge Helen Webber “there is real potential here”.  Love the little man, he is so cute!

Martin then took Lily to Lucy Thompson’s for her first jumping lesson. Now that we are happy Lily is more comfortable it’s time to start doing a bit more. Lucy couldn’t believe how different the two girls are; Lily being more like a little nervy racehorse and Tinka an over confident bullock! However, although Lily and Tinka both share attitude, Lily also has a temper and was feeling a little hormonal that day…… she is your archetypal ginger, and regrettably the vet didn’t remove any of her character when she cut out bits of her back! When everything is going Lily’s way she is the sweetest pony…..on this occasion Pigtails was on parade. Lucy’s school fence is now totally trashed and laying in bits on the floor! I am no animal communicator but as Lily stood by the lorry afterwards steaming and dripping in sweat, the look on her screwed up little ginger face said “I HATE YOU BOTH”. Bless.

Tinka then went to Eridge for the BE90. She was beside herself with excitement and a little tricky in the dressage waving her under-carriage in the final halt at the judge for bonus marks. She had a pole SJ, to be fair she wasn’t really taking enough notice of the fences as it’s the smallest she has jumped in a long while. Then on the XC it happened again. Martin took a pull, made a turn and phtt, she halted. Argh! Maybe I need that animal communicator after all……

While we were at Eridge it was great to see Jules and Libby jump a double clear in the BE90. These guys are going great guns, Jules has never evented before and I am so chuffed when I look back to their first baby jumping clinic a few years back!

XC schooling is very popular at the moment and I had two more groups at Bonfleur in the sunshine, it was absolutely lovely and all the horses went really well. I had to laugh, when Emma told her friend Sarah that she was coming out with me the first thing Sarah said was “you do know that she will make you jump a ditch?” I didn’t realise I had a reputation for being such a meanie! So…not only did Emma jump the ditch but the whole rail ditch rail combo…. hah!

Last Friday was a Pony Club standard setting day at Crockstead covering E to A tests. I have to say it was another lovely day in the sunshine and one of the better courses I have been on. It was hosted by William Blane FBHS and Chairman of Pony Club training. A month or so back I felt strongly enough about a UKCC level 3 pilot course they are running that I sent him an email. It was lovely to put a face to the name, but he did look at Martin as if you say ‘you’ve got your hands full there mate’ and promptly gave me a clip-board and made me a team-leader for the day! I guess I had that coming….

Now ever the pessimist, when things are going well I start to get nervous. When Ehren got her great score at Speedgate, her little write-up in Horse and Hound and qualified for the Regionals I thought ‘Brace yourself Lamy, there’s something bad about to happen around the corner.’ Groan, sometimes I hate being right. We have a problem with Ehren’s eye, the one that already has some damage to it. We are not yet sure what the cause of it is but it’s been very inflamed and after a week still has a blue haze over the cornea. She has had a drug that dilates the pupil so is permanently in a fly mask with a gaffer tape patch over the left eye so that the sunshine isn’t painful. As you can imagine it’s all rather worrying as we aren’t sure what has caused it and after a week it hasn’t really gone away. Martin of course has a constant supply of pirate jokes. Poor Ehren.

Martin had a really interesting lesson with Francis Whittington this week and has been given lots of homework to encourage her to slow down and think. I am indeed honoured as I was allowed to suggest a few exercises earlier in the week for exactly the same reason. Now that I have been vindicated I shall step away slowly and go back into the shadows! Francis must have hit the nail on the head as Tinka jumped a double clear at Brightling BE100 yesterday. Martin was delighted and said she felt the best she has all year. Hurrah!

So Tinka is off to Iping next week, whether Ehren makes it to the Regionals I can’t predict but she certainly won’t be getting a practise run anywhere…..everyone please cross everything!

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