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Dressage Divas!

So after three months left to our own devices Ehren and I had a long overdue Char lesson. Back in November she had got very tight in her back after all her teeth problems so I hadn’t booked another lesson giving me time to do all the usual vet checks, chiro, massage and even a new saddle (ouch!). She has felt much better for a while so I was very much hoping for a thumbs up. Big smile, apparently it’s time to crack on! Really pleased but most pleasing was that without resorting to thumb screws or kneecapping she said……out loud….. that my hands were better! Woooooooo!

We then had another busy Bedgebury jumping clinic and Tinka and Martin went to the pre-season Combined Training at Munstead. This is a great opportunity to ride on grass before the eventing season starts and knock off the rust. Usually you leave reminded of how not to ride!

Tinka and Martin warm up in the mud Tweseldown BE100Next up was Tweseldown BE100. The internet was full of horror stories about how wet it was on the Friday but fortunately for us Tinka is not at all fazed by a bit of mud (and there was quite a bit!) and Martin has hunted enough not to give a monkeys either. The Tweseldown organisers made an amazing effort moving the SJ warm-up, SJ arena and some of the XC fences. She was an absolute superstar finishing on her dressage score of 35.5 and getting a third place. Top start to the season!

Over the last few weeks we have been making an effort to ride Lily again. This has not been plain sailing and Lily has made not very gentle suggestions that she would rather not. I have to admit that I have bailed out and Martin has taken over, but with her being so unhappy I decided to take her down to see the chiropractor and vet Jose Gomez-Garcia for his opinion. Lily it appears, had a few reasons to be upset. Following 9 months of rehabilitation, regular physio and osteo, Jose still had his work cut out. Fingers crossed for the little ginger one that he can work some kind of magic….

I am so chuffed….in two separate outings Jasmine and Kevin have gained their first point and first win at BD Medium. This is a huge achievement; only something like 12% of all registered horses have Medium points but when you take into account that just over two years ago they were struggling at Novice this is a real wow moment. Kevin is a lovely chap but not entirely straight forward to train and Jas has made a huge difference to his way of going. Onwards and upwards!

Talking of dressage divas, Morgan went to Hadlow BD with both boys; won the Prelim with little Henry on 70.4% and won the Novice with Smurf. Then today she was strutting her stuff at Bedgebury BD winning the Prelim and Novice on Smurf with both scores in the 70% club – what superstars!!

Also out today was Sue from Louisa’s yard on Tina’s Percy who they share. Only their second outing but a win at Stilebridge in a Prelim, great stuff and most importantly Sue is starting to enjoy her competing. The psychological side of things is something we regularly work on. With me being ever so touchy feely and patient it often starts with “For God’s sake Sue, what on earth are you thinking?!”

Ehren - Bedgebury BDI too have been trotting circles with Ehren at Bedgebury BD today in the freezing cold. I was really pleased that she was much more relaxed than her last outing with Tinka, not quite off the aids but a nice day out was what we needed and that’s exactly what we got. She was second in both classes and I am hoping I will be able to ask for a little more next time. A day for building blocks!

Unfortunately Munstead BE100 has been cancelled tomorrow so no run for Tinka until South of England in a few weeks. Ehren has another Char lesson and some more dressage outings planned to see if we can get her more confident in the arena. If you remember the little welshie Dylan, he is coming for two weeks schooling again for his Easter holidays, so cool to have a pony to play with!

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