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A slow start

Hah! Who would have thought it….who is the first person to be sporting a bit of bling in the Lamy-Wright household?! Is it Janine with her flouncy warmblood? Or is it that big ‘Dressage Queen-in Disguise’ Martin and the Stinka?! Oh I think you all know the answer to that….and to think he was brought up with plain hunter tack….Valerie Joliffe will be spinning in her grave!

We are hoping that the family dressage challenge will take place at Stilebridge on the 22nd February. So….whose side are you on? Time to show your true colours and decide who you are supporting! I suggest those supporting Martin bring pom-poms and have a song and dance routine at the ready, and those supporting me stand really really still…..Louisa is so worried of the outcome she would rather go to the dentist!

We’ve not been up to much. On the Thursday after Christmas Tinka went to Bedgebury BD. Unfortunately she had an altercation with a gate a week or so beforehand and suffered a big knee as a result. This meant a rather underworked horse but she still did pretty well to score 65% and 68% in the Novices for a few ribbons. Old grumpy wasn’t particularly happy with his scores but then he had a cold…oh sorry, he doesn’t get colds…..all that huffing, puffing and sniffing must have been down to some nasty allergy, silly me! They also did their first JAS at Merrist Wood last weekend. Tinka boinged through the SJ with her eyes closed and then couldn’t quite get to grips with the XC bit. This class is going to be ideal for getting her to listen, start looking and think a bit more so they will be back there in February.

Feb 2012 v Jan 2013 (Ehren)Ehren is feeling much more her normal self. In fact she is feeling so well she has nearly had me eating sand on several occasions with her ridiculous spooking. Feels like it is only a matter of time before she gets me, but I am really pleased she is getting back to form.  She has also really changed shape since we bought her a year ago (see photo!) so I have indulged her with a new saddle too…

Lauren at BedgeburyThe Bedgebury jumping clinic was as busy and fun as ever. We have another packed day planned for February, by which time I was hoping to have had the first XC school of the year but this weather means that is now looking a little unlikely. I have the usual Bedgebury camp planned for June but have just finalised dates for another two camps at Adds Farm (www.holidayswithyourhorse.co.uk) – these ones are a mixture of flatwork and jumping in the arena and hacking in the Ashdown Forest. The dates are on my clinics page.

What happens next is rather up to the weather but I have a planned session on a mechanical horse to check my straightness, XC schooling at Munstead, the next Bedgebury jump clinic, and Ehren’s first party in four months!

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