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Starting with the not-so-good; Lily is not progressing as we had hoped. Last trip to the osteopath didn’t get a great report and attempts to ride her (in walk) show that she is still uncomfortable. So we are trialling her on painkillers for a few weeks but may be forced to turn her away to see if giving her more time to heal makes the difference.

It’s that time of year when you can look back at where you started and see how far you have come. The jumping clinics often give me moments like that as there are so many regulars. This weekend Tina (from Louisa’s) took her new horse Percy to Duckhurst and jumped three clear rounds in their first competitive outing together. Yee-hah! Absolutely brilliant and I know there will be a whole host of jumping clinic and camp regulars with a big grin on hearing this.

Then a few weeks back I got a text from Karen Dangerfield telling me that she had been to Cobham Manor with her horse Nina and won their Intro dressage test. I can’t begin to explain what a transformation has taken place here and what an amazing job Karen and her daughter Sian have done. All credit to them, they have been so patient and put a huge amount of work in when others would have given up. I have always liked Nina but I suspect 18 months ago when I first met her I was one of few people to be positive! She was seriously uptight and stressy but those Dangerfield Girls have really worked their magic and this is now a much happier horsey. Top job girls!

So what news from the rest of the home team? Ehren was entered for Eaglesfield BD and as I knew she would find it really spooky I popped up there to school her a few days beforehand and tried to mop her fevered brow. There were monsters living at the C end, you could even hear them scraping in one of the stables next door! When the day came she also had white boards and a big brightly lit judge’s box to deal with, so I knew we were in for a messy ride. In the warm-up for both classes she felt super but as expected the tests were a mixture of spooking, tension and some nice work at the A end! She still earned 68.70% in the Prelim and 65% in the Novice qualifier. The judge said some lovely things about the good bits and gave her 4s for the bad bits, so I was really pleased. I do believe she is getting a little fan club, fluttering her eyelashes and nuzzling everyone that says hello.

Morgan has also been out on behalf of the dressage divas and won the Prelim at Bedgebury BD in style with a cracking 72.60% on the diminutive Henry – what superstars!

Then last week I had a lesson with Char. I thought if I had it in the dark under the lights and wore black she would struggle to give me the grilling I got last time. WRONG! Oh dear, my arms are still all wrong, I am pulling when I should be kicking, and my recent scores (which I thought were OK) are not nearly good enough. Crikey. Back in my later Shell days I had a reputation for demanding a certain  standard, to the point that they nicknamed me Cerberus (is it normal for work colleagues to liken you to a vicious three headed beast?!). Here I am eight years later staring at my toes promising to do better!

Oh well, I have a temporary excuse for not being able to sit to her canter; my hips don’t move. This also explains the constant back ache. Having failed to make any difference with an osteopath, chiropractor, or pilates coach I am onto the NHS physio (can’t help but feel I did this in the wrong order). And if you find me walking in circles it is because I am now wandering around with one heel raised….there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Coming up we have a full clinic day jumping at Bedgebury on Saturday, Martin and Tinka are off to Duckhurst BS on Sunday, Ehren has Bedgebury and Eaglesfield BD outings before having the bone chip removed from her gum, and I am off to Hartpury to pick some tips up at the National Convention.

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