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Daft englische Dame

What mixed weather we have been having.

The girls have all said ‘arhhh’ to dentist Nick Coles. I spoke to Rob Pascoe about the bone sticking out of Ehren’s gum and he thinks it best if he cuts it out….so we will be organising that at some point. Lily has been back to the vets for her 15 week post surgery examination and x-rays. Great news, everything looked OK.  She then saw a physio for a thorough assessment and treatment of some sore spots, and on Thursday and Saturday this week I sat on her for the first time since January and went for a little walk around the school. Tomorrow she sees her osteopath and we can discuss the best way to move forwards….eek!

Tinka has been to Little Downham for another BE Novice but Martin pulled her up on the XC. She just isn’t looking, thinking and locking on to the next question so lots of homework through the winter for her. That’s fair enough, they all struggle at some point and there is a big difference between BE100 and Novice. All to look forward to next year.

On Thursday last week I went to HOYS to watch Morgan and Smurf in the Search for a Star Working Hunter class. I have read lots about how security has been tightened up, and how frustrating it can be getting passes. I didn’t have a ‘back-stage’ pass (an extra £75), but I found covering your wrists up, walking with confidence and smiling at the security guards worked wonders! I got into the collecting ring, walked the course with Morgan and even found a way to get to the stables. Hah, still have the old Lamy magic then! Now it is generally accepted that women can multi-task and men cannot. Smurf proved this to be true and rolled a pole because he was doing a poo. So they were not placed but what an amazing experience for them both. It was lovely for me to be there to watch them, but all my pre-conceived ideas of showing were confirmed. I think I even persuaded Morgan that eventing is the way forward!

Jules was also at HOYS but Libby had a warm-up crash and banged her leg. Of all the times for this to happen did it need to be here?! Anyway, all was well again by Sunday when they completed their first ever BE 80 at Pulborough. How exciting!

On Tuesday this week Ehren and I had a lesson with Char. I may have tamed my shoulders but am still doing something very odd with the contact. She is the sweetest horse yet I seem to have her in a death-grip. More homework! Ehren also feels rather under-powered at the moment, maybe she doesn’t do well when changing coats/seasons but I am also going to try taking her off the haylage and back onto hay as she seems a little out of sorts…..

On Wednesday we dusted off our dancing shoes and headed to Bedgebury BD for two Novices. On the one hand she felt rather too quiet, but on the other hand she was a total pleasure to have out and didn’t put a hoof out of place all day. We made a few mistakes in both tests but came home with red and blue ribbons, winning the Novice Qualifier. What a good pony! Mum and dad came to support their youngest grand-daughter, kindly bringing her with no teeth a hard apple…hmmm…..mum’s answer to this was to put it in a muddy puddle and stamp on it. Ehren looked on in disbelief, rolled her eyes, “Daft englische Dame”. I rescued the poor bruised thing covered in stones, neatly cut it into pieces with one arm of the scissors and whispered into Ehren’s ear “care in the community”…..

As for other dressage results, Jasmine’s Elementaries with Kevin have been getting more consistent with a few blue ribbons in recent outings….not managed the elusive red yet, come on Jasmine! Then Morgan and the little Henry were out yesterday at the BD Area Festival in the Prelim. They did really well to come home with a 7th and Smurf was there today bringing home a 6th in the Novice. In Morgan’s first year of affiliated dressage these are fantastic achievements. After very little riding and preparation due to her bad back Debbie and Jazz are also there tomorrow for the Medium Area Festival, let’s hope he tries his best too…

Yesterday we were lucky to be under a roof at Bedgebury for our first winter jumping clinic. Horrible weather! We had a really great day, starting with some babies jumping their first ever course and ending with some regulars showing just how much they have come on over the years. We had lots of new faces and the November date already has over 20 people interested.

Coming up Ehren has the new experience of Eaglesfield BD and I get another much needed grilling from Char!

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