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Loaf and Spurt

Having been mean to Morgan last time, I can admit to being proud of her now. She passed both her B Test Care and Riding this summer. It was the Care that was giving me kittens, but it turns out Morgan is a crammer. I wouldn’t admit it whilst training the girls but my history of preparation for exams is very ‘Loaf and Spurt’. I recall two winter holidays in the sun on the beach reading up for my Shipbroking exams because I had not yet opened the books and had eight weeks to cram in eight months work. Always worked for me, I find it helps you focus!

We have been away on holiday. Firstly we camped at Blenheim in the sunshine, then it was off to Norfolk for some doggy walks and pub lunches. While we were away Tinka had the snots and splutters but appears OK on our return. She went to Lucy’s for a jumping lesson and was on fine form. The jumps have got bigger and ‘The Ego’ was there to show how easy it was.

Just before heading off to Blenheim I went up to Groomsbridge Stud to see Lexie and Millie. Millie has really grown and filled out, and was more confident with these strangers with their cameras. There is a lot of Lily and Tinka in her face, I am not sure you would know that she is related to Lexie at the moment. She’s a right little chunky monkey!

First day back at work we had a Carmen Court jumping clinic in the sunshine. As always a lovely relaxed day with the regulars and some new faces. It was hard to believe that it was the last one, but now the weather has changed I am very pleased to be moving to Bedgebury clinics under cover! I have the dates on my clinics page all the way through to the end of 2013, including the date of camp.

While we were away Tinka-cam arrived in the post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIzhl5x0hZs&feature=g-upl. Her owner Sally had asked me at Firle if I missed jumping and I honestly said that whilst I had an enormous amount of fun with Harry I actually wasn’t that bothered about not jumping at the moment. That was until I saw Tinka-cam! (Martin wears a hat-cam from 3 mins 50 ish). I watched it, watched the lines he took, the super flow and rhythm they had and thought ‘God I miss that’. Suddenly I was reminiscing about Harry and everything that goes into preparing them for an event. I even found myself looking at Irish Geldings in that weeks Horse and Hound…..

Lily is now working pretty hard on the lunge and over poles. She goes back to the vets for her post-surgery check-up in a week or so. Fingers crossed. Ehren had the full two weeks of our holiday off. She is only five, has just recently had her teeth out and I felt would benefit from the break. I hope to get her back on form and head to Bedgebury for some dressage in a few weeks. There is a bit of left-over tooth sticking out of her gum, let’s hope that doesn’t cause me a problem…

While I was away Jasmine has been working with Kevin’s flying changes, something we had just introduced before I left, and to his credit he seems to understand. He went to Oldencraig BD this week and scored a much improved 65% in his Elementary for a blue ribbon. His improvement has been a gradual process but he certainly is going much better at the moment. Jas is thinking of getting some help from Jane Lavington and doing some dressage to music with him. Surely he will trot down the centre line to a James Bond theme tune?!

We took the big step and entered Tinka for the Novice at South of England BE. She did the worst dressage test I have ever seen. She cantered. And cantered. And cantered. She came last. She then jumped a super clear round SJ and had an educational trip in not great light around the long routes on a pretty stiff XC. Three quarters of the way round she had gone a bit green and Martin pulled her up. She will be all the better for the experience we hope and looking forwards to the next one.

Coming up Tinka has Little Downham and Pulborough Novices, Ehren is back to work, Lily is back to the vets and I will have hit the big 40. You hear people say that they feel just the same as when they were twenty. Absolutely! Apart from the incontinence, the whiskers and the need to sit down more often!

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