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Naughty Brown Pony

OK, let’s start with my little ginger friend….Lily went into Bell Equine for her Kissing Spine surgery three weeks ago now. As it turns out there was a right mess in there. A huge amount of new bone growth with the DSPs almost fused. Liz said it was hard to see where one ended and the other began, plus there was also a lot of lateral growth which obviously you can’t see on the x-rays. So no surprise she wasn’t responding to medical treatment or physio, surgery really was her only chance. She has been the perfect patient and is very much enjoying being mummy’s pet. She is a real sweetie and not at all bothered by being in on her own on box rest. The staples came out ten days ago, and we are patiently waiting for the holes to heal….

It seems like ages ago but the day Lily was being cut up I popped to Groomsbridge to meet the young Millie. She wasn’t particularly interested in meeting us but I did manage to get some photos. She looks like a right cheeky monkey, and I have no doubt the next Naughty Brown Pony following in the footsteps of Granny Ivy and Auntie Tinka!

Bonnie went to Hastingwood BD after a fairly long break from competing and was third in her first Elementary and won her second test. Great effort and I was especially pleased as he is always so tense when he hasn’t been out for a while. Onwards and upwards!

Debbie has been off with a neck injury but is starting to ride again, her aim this year being the Area Festivals at both Elementary and Medium. Watch this space!

We have had two near misses just recently. A friend had a feeling her lorry floor might not be quite right, took the rubber up and her dog promptly fell straight through it! Her dog!! Her big heavy giant of a horse was in it the day before. Gulp. Then a client’s horse went through the field boundary fence at night, down the bank and onto the main Tilbury dock road. She pursued this route for several miles, causing an accident but somehow escaping without a scratch. Double gulp.

The second day of Rackham BE was abandoned so no party again for Tinka. We were hoping that Brightling would be on today but the weather put pay to that too. What an absolute nightmare of a year. I keep telling Lily she isn’t missing anything…..

I had a fun day at Judd Wood teaching at Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt’s ‘senile’ camp. My group was the ‘old hunting boys’. It was really good fun and hopefully they all took something away….for Mike it was the cracked rib, and for Alex it was the gash to his arm…whoops!

We had a Carmen Court jumping clinic last week with quite a few new faces. We were very lucky with the weather and escaped with a bit of drizzle. The morning started with a novice group including one pony jumping for the first time around a course, and finished with Jules and Libby jumping around a 1m track. It made me feel quite proud as a year ago Libby was the green baby. Jules is doing a great job.

Then yesterday  I took Twinkle Toes to Stilebridge BD for her second trip out. She had been a total fruit-loop on Thursday having a meltdown at a wheel clamp outside the school at home where a trailer usually lives. Crazy Girl! Anyway, due to her exploits the day before she was a little tired which seemed to work in our favour in the Prelim as she was pretty rideable and did a nice test, especially considering it was only her second time out. Then in the Novice she was a little too tired and on her forehand. I didn’t really think she was ready for this level but was really pleased with how we held it together. So……roll on the drums please…..a new record for me, a whopping 75.45% in the Prelim to win the class, and a very respectable 68.28% in the Novice for second place. Party on! What a superstar!

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