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Introducing Millie

Crikey, where to start?! Well at 8am on Bank Holiday Monday I had my Char lesson. Several problems with that…..firstly Ehren is a creature of routine and at 8am she should be in her field, secondly she won’t be left in her stable by herself, and the third issue was the weather. The Groomsbridge Girls were absolutely delighted to be the babysitters. They had to stay in and watch the German Girl’s lesson, and Tinka was particularly patient, uhum. I don’t think Char was impressed with our efforts either but I was really pleased with how she coped. As usual there was plenty for me to think about, particularly the straightness and not holding her up. Always good to be reminded, and worthwhile to practise in that situation as she was tense like she would be away from home…

Tiny was loaned to Claire Carter for the Dartford and District Riding Club team at the Milton Keynes old format Three Day Event. She finished up 7th individually and also as a team. She looked like she was having the best time! More recently she won a Prelim test with her normal sharer Carly, then her Novice test with Clare with the most amazing score of 84%. Go girls!

Morgan Schive was in the prizes at Bedgebury BD last week. Henry took 2nd in his Prelim and Smurf won his Prelim with a stonking 73% and took 3rd in the Novice. Great effort but totally overshadowed by qualifying for HOYS this weekend! They won the Search for a Star Working Hunter qualifier and were second in the Ridden Hunter qualifier. Having qualified for both classes Morgan had to choose one and chose the workers. I am very proud of them jumping one of only two clear rounds from twenty starters over a pretty meaty 1.10m track. They have worked really hard and come a long way. Huge Lamy grin!

Lily saw her osteopath two weeks ago and the news wasn’t good. He thought her back was much the same as before. Last week she saw the vet and she agreed there was no improvement….oh plop! With very mixed feelings she is off to hospital for Kissing Spine surgery tomorrow. I can’t believe that seven months after saying goodbye to Harry we are cutting chunks out of Lily. My poor little girl. However I am fortunate that she is insured and this at least gives her the chance of recovery.

Somewhere in the middle of all this we had a Carmen Court jumping clinic. The sun popped out to see us, we ate cake, made friends and jumped a bit! It was particularly good to see Tina’s huge smile after jumping her new horse Percy. He’s a right dude!

Martin and Tinka had another session with Damian. We have progress! Last time we had ‘God that mare is full of hot air’. This time they reached the dizzy heights of ‘that almost looks like dressage!’

Then on Tuesday last week Lexie gave birth to a rather large bruiser of a filly. Lexie had been causing the stud some stress for a few days as they knew she wasn’t right. They were monitoring the unborn foal very closely with foetal heart rate scans and suspected a high risk foaling. Sure enough she was a red bag delivery and upside down to boot. Thank God she wasn’t at home! Sally did a fantastic job and Millie was born fifteen days early. I have already received news of her learning to buck and bullying her mother. Enough said!

Then came camp this weekend at Bedgebury….crikey, the stories I could tell! Once again we had an amazing fun time, full of laughter. As always the facilities at Bedgebury make everything easier but we were also very lucky with the weather. We had tears of laughter Friday; Lena Pearson-Wood’s posture session with the peanut ball will be legendary in years to come. Beccy laughed so much she cried. Just as well she enjoyed Friday because her big donut of a horse George attempted suicide in the lorry on Sunday, kicking Martin in the head while he tried to save him. And talking of banging your head, I believe I fell out of bed off the Luton in the horsebox Saturday night….although I am not sure. One minute I was in bed, and the next I was on the floor with the mattress and bed clothes on top of me. All I can remember is that I couldn’t stand up. I was in a right state shivering, sweating, shaking and was on a mission to get to the cottage toilet as I felt so sick. So every five strides or so en route I had a little lay down. Next time you walk up the lane at Bedgebury you can imagine me in the puddles at 3am! Suffice to say Martin didn’t notice I was missing.

Aside from the fun and laughter everyone learnt loads and the improvement and achievements of some made it very worthwhile. Seeing riders doing things they never dreamt of, or growing in confidence over the three days is what it’s all about.

While we were away Jasmine and Reggie had a great day at the Hickstead Dressage Masters Semi-Finals, just missing out on the places. Ivy was in the ribbons in her Novice dressage at Redlands, and Mark Powell was also there winning his Combined Training class. All in all a pretty rewarding weekend.

Bring it on!

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