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Groundhog Day!

Crikey the weather goes from one extreme to the other. Rain….roasting sun….and now rain again! I’m sure everywhere is the same, Louisa’s fields are suddenly full of green lush grass up to your knees. I’ve never seen them like it.

It’s been a while since I last wrote so going back to mid May we had a Bedgebury jumping clinic where it was nice to meet a few new faces, and I have continued to do lots of clinics in various yards and for Riding Clubs. I am really enjoying these.

Martin and Tinka had a dressage lesson with Damian Hallam. I had a sneaky feeling The Stinka would tell Damian what she thought of dressage divas and was not disappointed! She made it clear that flatwork was performed on her terms. She didn’t want to slow down. She didn’t want to speed up. She didn’t want to stop and start again. HE needed to listen to HER. Fortunately the boys just shook their heads, laughed and kept on with it until she compromised…..let’s just say that the next lesson started half an hour later than planned!

Then the four of us (me, Martin and dogs) disappeared for a family holiday to Blakeney in North Norfolk. We stayed in a lovely cottage and really enjoyed a relaxed time up there. It was a horrid shock to come home!

Almost the day we got back we received some bad news from Rosie. She gave birth to a beautiful bay colt but sadly he didn’t survive. I am being put off breeding forever but this baby was for her loan parents who were understandably devastated.

Lexie is looking fantastic (well, a bit like someone’s plain old hunter actually but she is fat which is good). She is due at the end of the month. I am sticking my head firmly in the sand, I have my hands over my ears ‘la la la, Lexie who?!’

Positive news from Jasmine and Reggie, who quite definitely are ‘Divas of the Month’. Not happy with qualifying for the Novice they have now qualified for the Elementary Regionals too. Wowee! Move over Carl and Charlotte, a new pair are in town!

Tinka and Martin then headed off to Borde Hill in the heat last Sunday. Damian obviously is a genius as Tinka was only one mark behind the leader after the dressage and she joined the 70% club. Who’d have thought it, the Stinka in the club?! However she didn’t really jump with her usual va-va-voom (maybe the lack of which explains the good dressage!). She had a pole SJ and a silly stop XC. Further investigations by her chiropractor showed her to be very tight in her back so we are double checking the saddle and will hopefully be out at Rackham next.

Ehren’s gum got all swollen and horrid again…..so I booked a trip back to the vets…..so it promptly disappeared again and I had to cancel the appointment. Jeez, it’s like Groundhog Day!!

A week or so ago I was moaning about my watch being broken and what a nightmare it was teaching without one….the lovely people from Essex took pity and lent me a watch for the week. This really got me thinking. You know it really is a nightmare not having the horses on full livery, not having a purpose built training yard with indoor school, not having sponsorship for feed, bedding and riding clothes……anyone listening?!

Coming up Ehren and I have a flatwork lesson with Char, Lily goes back to the osteopath and the vet, we have a Carmen Court jumping clinic, the Stinka and Damian have another Mexican Standoff, and then there is our weekend camp at Bedgebury…..

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