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Sehr gut!

So I updated you on Lily’s diagnosis. Poor little girl. She has had steroid injections and the first two of three shockwave treatments and is working in the pessoa. She will be reassessed after 7 weeks to discuss whether we can up her workload or whether surgery is the better option. While I was there we did discuss the merits of me taking up a different hobby…

I have been doing lots of jumping clinics at various yards which really seems to be working. Everyone is having fun and I can see far more people at one time. This seems to be the way forward on the jumping side as I am so busy from April through to November. I am really pleased to be hearing good reports from those going out to their first competitions after working on things through the winter. This is great and what it’s all about for me. We are very lucky to have the use of the facilities at Bedgebury.

Talking of rewarding parts of the job; Jasmine and Reggie have qualified for the Novice Summer Regionals with 69% at Oldencraig BD, then while on a roll she won the Elementary overall with 67% which was 4% ahead of anyone else! We have been working so hard on improving their scores, I am absolutely thrilled for her.

Both Ivy and Tiny have been out and about with their loanees. Ivy was placed 3rd in her novice dressage test at Speedgate despite throwing in a buck in the medium canter. You would think at 21 years old she would know better! Tiny has also been in the ribbons winning her novice test at Warrigal Farm just recently. It is lovely for us to know that they are so well looked after, and still out there having fun. Rosie looks absolutely enormous and must be about to produce a foal any minute, I will keep you posted.

Ehren has also been to the vets, twice! She had xrays and was blasted with antibiotics for two weeks and then returned (with my frequent visitor pass!) for more xrays in the hope that it remedies the abscess and we don’t need to extract a front tooth. Anyway the gum got nasty but by the time we went back to the vets it had vanished again! We are hoping (could you all join in please!) that she has something in her gum, and that there is no reason to whip her tooth out.

She doesn’t like you touching it when it is sore (fair enough!) but is otherwise utterly unconcerned so I took her to Bedgebury to school in the arena again as we had a debut planned! It was rather windy and she was a little bit of a handful spooking and leaping at things. I know that I’m a weirdo but I rather like that she has something about her. I wasn’t sure about her goody-two-shoes impression.

Unfortunately Nurstead BE was cancelled with all the rain so we have had no party for Tinka. We are hoping that Borde Hill will run at the end of the month but at the moment it looks unlikely.

And then it arrived! Ehren’s big day out! I have to admit to questioning my sanity as the alarm went off at ten minutes past four, however I shouldn’t have worried as the girl was a total star. We headed off to Bedgebury BD for two Prelims. She astounded me with how she coped with everything winning her first test with 72%, and although rather tired she still got 67% in the next test and came second. Wooooooo!

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