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I told you my back hurt

Some months ago I sent a photo of Lily to an animal communicator with one question ‘do you hurt anywhere?’ Partly this act of madness was out of frustration but also because it wasn’t expensive and I was jolly curious. I also got Louisa to do the same for Strider so we could compare notes. I knew it would not be hard to find information for Lily and I on the web, but just between us Strider is not computer literate…

So the first thing that came back was that Lily was refusing point blank to talk to the lady. I had forgotten to include her name with the pictures and Lily was not going to talk to a stranger who didn’t know her name. End of discussion! Lesley the communicator advised that this wasn’t entirely normal and that Lily certainly seemed to know her mind. Uhum! Personally I prefer to think that my sweet little Lily has been brought up not to talk to strangers…

Anyway, eventually Lily agreed to chat. She had rather a lot to say compared to Strider who in comparison was the strong silent type (although he did refer to himself as ‘Louisa’s Wonder Horse’… snigger snigger….).

So typical Lily, she wanted to get the whole thing over and done with as quickly as possible – “I felt very much that I must read for Lily quickly as she wants you to know what is going on so that you can stop worrying about her! She is a wonderful intelligent mare, obviously respects you as an owner and rider but her whole reading was to ‘let you know what is going on so that we can get back to work!’”

Then some stuff about how a one-to-one relationship suits her best – “The first thing that I get when I look at the photos is that you have a very unique relationship. ‘I feel as if you rescued me from a way of life that did not suit me!’ Lily is very confident to talk to you Janine, but I feel that when you first got her she was not this way. It feels actually as if she didn’t appear to care and really didn’t want to be around humans much, only for food and occasional support. A horse that has retreated inside herself in order to cope.”

A very clever ‘get out of jail free’ card?! – “I think it would be reasonable to say that she is sensitive and that on many occasions her reactions are her way of saying ‘I cannot cope, I cannot cope’ rather than at any time being naughty as she is the world’s best tryer and she tries FOR YOU. This is the unique relationship that she has, I really do feel that it would be difficult to sell her as she would only want to be with you and she tells me ‘she only trusts you!'”

This part came with a very detailed diagram – “This makes the next bit all the harder to say, but at the moment ‘yes, she is in pain’ and I feel it is through her back, but believe me she has tried and tried to ‘keep going’ and ‘get over it’ but it feels that rest is what she needs for now. She tells me ‘she is not using her body properly’ and that is because she is ‘keeping going’ when really her body is telling her to stop.”

“She also tells me that I must say to you ‘it is NOT in any way your fault’ and that even vets and physios might not ‘pick it up precisely’ as she is VERY good at covering things up.”

I am slightly amused by this mixture of self-confidence and insecurity – “Janine this reading is very much about her current health situation and very little about her as an amazing athlete (which she clearly is) and that she has an injury which she has tried to keep hidden, but is beginning to ‘be unable to hide from you!’ She wishes most of all that you ‘treat her the same as you always have’ and she ‘just wants to get on with her job’ as soon as you see improvement. She loves work and it would be the worst thing in the world for her to be ‘out of a job’. She doesn’t want you to ‘worry about her or feel that she is less capable, as she ensures me she is VERY capable!’”


So there we have it. When Lily comes back into work we can discuss my understanding of ‘respect’ but I know my girl, she is a tryer, and she absolutely is ‘my horse’ and noticeably trusts me more than others. It took me a while to register. She is sharp but this isn’t her; something is wrong.

On Monday Lily went to the vets. She passed all the tests, no response to palpation, trotted up sound after flexion, and lunged like a star saying “I’m fine!” (good at covering things up huh?). Her osteopath and vet had discussed her case in the morning and so it was agreed to start with back x-rays. Gavin had been unhappy with the thoracic area of her spine and right enough Lily was diagnosed with ‘Kissing Spines’. Six of the dorsal spinal processes are touching and overlapping, and many show changes.

Everything makes sense. Poor Lily. If only she could talk…..

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