Janine Lamy

Oil or velcro?

Well firstly the boil thing on Ehren’s gum disappeared so I cancelled the trip to the vets thinking I was saving myself some money. You know what comes next….it came back. So we have an x-ray booked for Monday.

I can report that since I have been wearing the Bioflow wristband I can now stand up straight away when I get out of bed in the morning. Wonders will never cease! And since starting my two exercises there have been several days when I have been able to touch my toes – good grief, you have no idea what an achievement this is!

We had a very busy day with 17 people XC schooling at Bonfleur. I was dragged around the course by a rather excited Jazz in the morning with the first group, then two more groups with me on foot through the day. The weather was amazing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Bonfleur is a great place to school mixed groups.

Ehren doesn’t seem bothered by her gum so I have carried on riding her and I had another lesson with Char on Good Friday. I am happy to report that although there is obviously plenty to work on I did get moaned at slightly less than the previous lesson. However, I can see very clearly from Louisa’s photos that try as I might I am still not sitting on my bum in the canter. I either need to oil my hips or resort to Velcro!

On Saturday last week we had the first Carmen Court jumping clinic of the year, a pretty quiet affair with it being Easter weekend. Several of the horses in the first group were new to me and generally the group was really spooky. This was a perfect opportunity to get them out seeing new fillers and practising our line and rhythm. The second group was full of regulars, always nice to catch up and see how combinations are progressing.

That night we popped up to Groomsbridge Stud near Newmarket to see our friends Sally and Tom Forster, and of course Lexie. Groomsbridge moved to a new base in February and very smart it is too. We met the lovely stallion Sambertino who I have been following and very much like the look of. I have been really impressed with his super smart but trainable offspring. He is such a happy friendly boy in person too. The girls had better not stand still for too long! We also saw two lovely smart three year olds and Sally’s stunning young stallion-to-be Morris but catch of the day was Lily’s little black baby brother. He came to tell me how despicable they have been to him and how he would love to come home with me. All whispered in my ear whilst resting his chin on my shoulder….cute!

I think my mum would say my Groomsbridge friends are a bad influence….uh-oh, Lamy getting in with the wrong crowd again! Martin has set the car engine to cut out within a 15 mile radius of Newmarket and has hidden the lorry keys. Seems a little harsh. I wonder if they do mail order?!

Yesterday we were at South of England with Tinka for the BE100. She was beside herself with excitement from the moment we arrived at the yard in the morning but did us proud to record her third double clear of the year and finished up 9th. It is a real credit to her that with very limited preparation she goes out there and does the job so well. She knows she’s good!

This week Ehren has the trip to the vets, but the following week it is Lily’s turn. Everything crossed for some answers….

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