Janine Lamy

Smartie Pants

Crikey, it’s been a while.

Where to start? Well Lily is off work. She’s not a happy soldier. I have dragged her to the vets twice, and much to her shock she’s had an arm up her backside and a tube up her nose. No problem with either her stomach or her ovaries….shame she can’t talk, she could have saved me the vet bills! I am determined to solve the jigsaw puzzle that is Lily.

The osteopath felt that her pelvis was out and probably had been since we had her. We wait to see if he can work some magic or if we need to investigate things further. I may need to get bar work!

In the meantime I am really really bored. The weather isn’t helping but with no pony to ride I found myself looking at Irish geldings for sale on the internet….then decided to be sensible, I can’t afford all the costs. A few days later I am googling ‘Dressage horses for sale’, they must be cheaper to run right? Crikey they are expensive to buy though! Another couple of days pass and I find myself trawling the pages for ‘Lurcher puppies for sale’. Step away from the computer Janine!

We had a brilliant full clinic day at Bedgebury back in January. These clinics are going really well and I love doing them. We are hoping to be back there on Saturday, weather permitting. I have 14 riders with their names down but many won’t get out of their yards with all this ice. How disappointing.

Bonnie was delighted to get a mention in Horse and Hound for her 74% score and win at Bedgebury BD. Smartie Pants got four nines, including one for her riding. Just when she was in my good books she gives me my Christmas present….uhum? Who do we know that wears a red baseball cap?

We are supposed to be XC schooling at Munstead on Sunday, but with everything frozen and snow still sitting on the floor I can’t see it happening. Fingers crossed for our second date at LMEQ on the 25th Feb, or worst case scenario Bonfleur on 1st April. I have 21 names on the list for Bonfleur. Do you think everyone is having a laugh and I will be the April Fool sat there on my own?!

I have some new clinic dates at a venue nr Crowborough, Adds Farm. We will work through different exercises here and see how they take off. See clinic page for dates.

Morgan is now registered with BD and has the bit between her teeth. They headed back to Bedgebury BD in January, won the Prelim with Smurf 70.45% and came second on the little guy, 12.2 Henry, with 66.82%. She then went on to win the Novice on Smurf with 67.41% Even more pleasing, the judge stopped in the car park on her way out to tell Morgan how nicely she rides. They will now be trying for Regional qualification before their busy side-saddle season starts…how exciting!

Someone needs to do a sun dance, and soon!

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