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Hold in the fart!

Well Happy New Year to everyone, I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas, it seems like ages ago now.

Going back to before Christmas Lily went to Bedgebury to school around the SJ course. She was starting to get a little keen but jumped very well and has certainly gained in confidence, which is really pleasing. On Christmas Day we had a lovely pub lunch in the George and Dragon in Ightham with Martin’s father. We probably didn’t need to eat again for a few days but on Boxing Day we saw the Old Surrey and West Kent Hunt off from Chiddingstone Castle, and it seemed only fair to follow it up with a few beers and another pub lunch with friends….

Bright and early on the Tuesday morning Lily went to Duckhurst to jump around the Clear Round. I am making an effort to keep getting her out and about. She is so quick and clever, just a little on the opinionated side sometimes! The more I can get her out the better I think, it’s just fitting it all in. Since then she has also been on a Regumate trial to see if we can tame the hormones, but so far not a huge success so we are wondering if there is also an underlying soreness somewhere given our year of one step forwards and one back in 2011…

The dressage divas were out in force at Bedgebury BD on the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year, and what a fab job they all did! Martin and Tinka made their debut in the two Prelims with a win and a second in their sections. Morgan and Smurf were also making their debut, winning their Prelim overall and being placed in their Novice with just under 70% in both tests. Then not to be outdone Bonnie came over from Essex and trashed everyone with 74% winning the first Novice overall and then got over 70% for a third in the second Novice. Wowee, 74% – you don’t see amateurs getting scores like that very often. With that Oliver is now out of Novice points so it’s Elementaries from now on. I am hoping they will be ready to contest a Medium later this year. What a fantastic day for me, three winners in the first three classes! Hoo-hah!! Not a bad way to end the year. We rushed home for Christmas dinner with those who must be obeyed (aka the biddies) and my brother and his family. I can’t tell you how many times my young nephews joked about the bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey. Seemed to be the cause of much hilarity!

By the Friday before New Year’s Eve I had a charming cold but found the energy to catch up with our friends Gail and Reg for more beer and food. I was starting to grow a squidgy lump over the waistband, not a good look….by New Year’s Eve I felt all partied out but lasted in the pub until about 12.30am when I almost ran the five yards home and crashed into bed! I must be getting old….

On New Year’s day we had (another) lunch with Tina and Laura Reeves, and popped in to see the wonderful Ivy. She looks amazing, you wouldn’t believe she is 21 this year. Still just as humorous as ever!

Then eventually Tuesday 3rd January arrived and the eating out and drinking stopped! Apart from anything Martin was moaning about the huge dent in his bank balance. Grumpy old man.

So starting the new year as we mean to go on we took Lily to the vets for a quick palpation and scan of the ovaries to make sure everything is normal, and it is. We decided to take her off the Regumate until she has seen an osteopath in the hope that he will see the full picture. However this meant that she was on a Regumate ‘come-down’ at Martin’s Coakham meet at Nurstead. Possibly not the best idea! She was fairly feisty at the meet, having not been out for two months, but jumped well on the first hunt. Then before the second hunt started Martin took her up a footpath to wait with one of the whips, and she must have thought that she was missing out because Little Miss Hothead lost the plot and when they did move off she dragged him round Camer Park with her head up his nose and had an epic tantrum in front of everyone after they stopped. Pigtails was well and truly in the house, and embarrassingly had flipped her lid in front of everyone. I then spent the whole of the third hunt worrying. As it turned out she hunted up the front and although strong, was much better behaved and jumped really well. Phew.  Martin ended up with a grazed face, his chin is black and blue, and I have to admit he wasn’t very impressed! I too did not escape unscathed despite only being a spectator. Whilst washing her off she spooked at something, went several feet up and came down on my toes. Yeouch! The following day it became obvious that she had a very sore mouth, I know that plastic bits can cause friction but I have never seen anything like it. It looks quite nasty. So that explains the tantrum at least, out of proportion as usual but justified. Now about my foot….

Now I’ve been wondering what you think……During a recent flatwork lesson and after some discussion with the client, I heard myself say ‘sit up, brace your groin and hold in that fart’. I wonder if anyone reading has the faintest idea of what we were doing?!  It worked a treat. Maybe I should copyright the fart technique…I could write an article and sell it to the BHS!

Coming up Lily sees the osteopath so I expect a quiet few weeks for her, and we have the next Bedgebury jumping clinic which is full again. The 2012 Carmen Court and Bedgebury clinic dates are all updated on this website, and I shall be organising February pre-season XC schooling soon….

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