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Mr Twinkle Toes

The dressage divas have been at it again. Morgan Schive held the flag up for Team Lamy at Eaglesfield winning both her novice dressage classes with 72.5% and 72.15%. You can rest assured I have continued to nag this combination to affiliate and I do believe a debut is on the cards soon….watch this space!

I hear from Janet Crumbie that Drummer has qualified for the BD Novice Music Regionals, not bad for a coloured Irish lad in his first year at Novice! He has had a cracking year and made so much progress. Elementary next year….who’d have thought it, Mr Twinkle Toes!

Then it was Lily’s turn to be a diva, just not the way I wanted. I was supposed to be going to Eaglesfield BD but hadn’t taken her hormones into account. Foolishly I had hoped she wouldn’t still be cycling in the frosts of December, silly mummy! She felt a little odd on the Sunday during a hack (‘Mummy I don’t feel well, please be gentle with me, swish, swish’), but on the Monday Pigtails was in the house (‘I TOLD YOU YESTERDAY, WHY DON’T YOU EVER LISTEN TO ME, I HATE YOU!’)  So we withdrew…

However, Jasmine and Reggie were there and….roll on the drums…..they won their novice and joined the 70% club too!! Top banana and very well deserved. She has the Konigs, Reggie has the bling…now they are getting the results, I must be in for one hell of a Christmas bonus!! 

On the Friday we went to pay Rosie a visit at her new home. Son of Rosie (Liberator UK aka Luke) looks like he is going to be a right cheeky monkey and Rosie is as fat as a house looking very content in her new role. I watch her family grow with interest!

This week we took Lily to Duckhurst to school around the course. It is only fair that I say Lily jumped like a star, her mother on the other hand needs to practise what she preaches. After our initial warm-up I cantered to my first fence. Lily was in a bit of a dolly-day-dream and the fence rather took her by surprise. I was caught in front of the movement and it can certainly be said that I jumped first (uhum) so found myself hanging round her neck while there was a momentary pause before Lily said ‘oh, well if you’re gonna jump I had better jump’. So she popped the fence, pushing me further up her neck and by the time she landed I was on her ears. She flicked her head up, I somehow avoided eating sand (and let’s be fair the surface at Duckhurst doesn’t look like it tastes nice) and clung on for dear life as she cantered off around the arena. I managed to wriggle back down her neck, get hold of the reins and eventually get myself back in the saddle with Lily saying ‘which fence next mummy?!’ Two laps of Duckhurst later I pulled her up. It was quite a while later before my heart beat returned to normal.

On Friday Martin took Tinka to Lucy’s for a jumping lesson. It must be about eight months since Lucy has seen her and she thought she looked like a different horse, was really impressed with how she jumped and loved her attitude. Top marks for Tinka!

With ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ the moral of the day we headed off to Bedgebury today for another busy clinic day…it was FREEZING and three people didn’t make it because they couldn’t get their lorries to start. The joy of lorries in the cold! I don’t think Louisa will thaw for a while…brrr…

Coming up Lily has the saddler and possibly some more SJ practise. We have a pub lunch organised for Xmas day, and shall see the hunt off and more pub lunch on Boxing day. Then Tinka has her BD debut (is capriole necessary at prelim?)…

So the only thing left to do is wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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