Janine Lamy

Cronovone Bay (2004 – 2011)

Harry joined the team as a rather raw gangly four year old with a bit of an attitude. Only when I put him on the lorry did I realise that he was about a hand bigger than advertised! A cheap purchase, the dealer wrote ‘This horse is coltish and unpredictable to handle and ride’ on the receipt – he was not wrong!

He may have been an angry young man but it quickly became apparent that he showed a real aptitude across country. His early schooling sessions proving him to be exceptionally brave and bold. It was no surprise that he went on to love his hunting, jumping whatever he was pointed at. He would have made a super Master’s horse.

He had a serious dislike of the school, something that never changed, but by cajoling him along his flatwork went from strength to strength. In four BD outings he gained 29 points, several times scoring over 70% and leading his section at Tweseldown this spring with 22.5. Away from home he always tried his best.

His showjumping too saw a major turnaround. In the early days I wondered if he would ever get it – he has taught me such a lot. I have enjoyed the last three years so much, my big quirky dark haired bad boy has been a very rewarding horse to work with. Underneath all his bluster he was such a good boy and I trusted him totally. He was so easy to have out, and we had come such a long way.

Yes he could be foul in his stable, but there was also his sense of humour and schoolboy antics. Despite his huge distrust of people he tolerated his mother and allowed me to be the ‘senior partner’. We had so much fun together. He will be very much missed.

My big grumpy teddy bear.

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