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Hunting or dressage?

It was great to be back at Bedgebury for our first winter jumping clinic of the year. They continue to make huge improvements there and the new surface rode really well. You should see the new horsewalker – wowee! We had quite a few new faces which is always great, as usual the small ponies and children showing us adults how it should be done!  It was a lovely afternoon, everyone seeming to enjoy it and take away their homework. The November date is full already – fingers crossed no nasty white stuff stops play this year!

Lily was given the choice; she could go hunting with daddy or do some dressage with mummy…..so off they headed to Montague for the St Hubert’s day meet with the Coakham Bloodhounds! I had been worrying. On St. Hubert’s day a local priest always comes to bless this year’s hounds. I had this vision; mid-prayer, heads bowed, hats off, Pigtails does ‘Crazy Frog’. Thankfully she was very quiet, well until the hounds moved off that is. As is usually the case on the third or fourth day out, Lily was pretty full on, quite the feisty ginger pony having a total ball. How could mummy have even suggested dressage as an alternative?! I have no need to worry what this wild partying in the mud will be doing for Lily’s dressage prospects as Martin tells me that she has a spanking medium trot. This was after he told me about the race that his point to point friend Paul was trying to get him to sign up to. Uhum. I can see that I am going to have to split those two lads up!

I did go to Stilebridge BD the following day, but on foot to support Louisa and Strider. Only their second or third affiliated novice outing and he scored a very respectable 67% and a 2nd place – what a good boy!

On Tuesday Harry went back to the vets to be assessed after eight weeks of walking, lungeing, trotting poles and regular dates with the chiropractor. He now looks like an old man. He is very stiff and sore, still unrideable, and looks very uncomfortable. The vet and I made the decision that we have done all we can. We brought him home but at some point in the near future he will be put to sleep. Poor Harry, he is only seven, we had made such progress and had so much more fun to have.

On a lighter note Lily had a lovely day out with Martin hunting at Attwood Farm with Coakham again yesterday. A really busy day with 55 out, I thought she might be really feisty again. She looked a bit like a greyhound when she got off the lorry but was as quiet as a lamb at the meet standing watching everything go on around her. Martin said she was much better behaved, and much more rideable. In her keeness I think she was a little disrespectful of some of the timber fences (well OK, he said she hurdled a couple!) but generally jumped really well, especially the hedges, including a rather large drop hedge. I hunted Harry a few times at the same age and he was pretty scary. A big uneducated young horse dragging his small jockey around the countryside like a rag doll seemingly totally unaware of where his legs were. At least Lily is quick and clever. I’d want danger money to do that again!  We firmly believe in hunting them though, they learn so much.

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